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December 10, 2012


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Dear Brian,

Everything is a miracle..maybe??

I would say that, if miracles (in a dogmatic and religious way) are real, they would then be part of our everyday life, I have never seen any miracle happen, and I personally start to believe that they simply do not exist in that context, maybe we are just confusing miracles with the embodiment of our own hopes? Don't know but, if miracles exist, why don't they happen when needed the most? It seems that it is all too subjective, a lot.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Photos of the victims of the Connecticut school shooting.


You being allowed to post nasty about RSSB is itself a proof of miracle ... A miracle by RSSB Guru, you poor old chap.

You wrote in this essay "religiosity blinds people".

BBC did a special on Sai Baba in 2004 which I just finished watching on YouTube. I believe everyone who has ever believed in the notion of "God in Human Form" needs to watch this. The capacity of humans for utter denial in protecting their "faith" is horrifying....they have the capacity to betray their own children.


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