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November 10, 2012


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You'd get much more support from a much larger proportion of the electorate if you remained conservative on economic issues, and became more liberal on social issues.

But the reactionaries fail on the economy. There are charts showing that under Republican rule the government becomes bigger, the debt is increased and unemployment rises.

They just claim they won't do these things.

"They just claim they won't do these things."

--I think this is true, but that is not the fault of conservative ideas on fiscal and foreign policies. Rather, it is the fault of the sold-out people who claim to support them but then, in practice, do not.

I agree with Blogger B that in order for conservative proponents to get the people behind them they are going to have to distance themselves from religious-based ideas on social issues like abortion, gays and drugs.

But I still don't want to pay for Sandra's birth control because her sexual proclivities are her choice to participate in or not. If she were were to acquire a broken arm or the flu that would not be her choice and I would support insurance coverage for that.

If I engage in martial arts I do not expect insurance to pay for my mouthguard or my helmet if I ride horses. However, I think it is fair for insurance to pay for my injuries as long as I am willing to pay higher premims because I participate in a high risk activity.

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