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November 14, 2012


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It goes both ways.

How religious fundamentalists are like dogmatic DEMOCRATS...

According to a certain liberal fundamentalist blogger I know, Romney wants:

a diseased planet
foul air
dirty water
flooded coastlines
the poor, sick and aged to starve in the streets.

Yes, it is BELIEVED in full faith that he actually WANTS those things.

Also, according to the fundamentalist Democrat Gospel, Romney..

-wants to eliminate social security and medicare for everyone.

-cares only for the rich and has little regard for the poor.

-is a ruthless, corrupt, capitalist pig.

-is against women's rights and is actively engaged in a war on women.

-is a murderer (because a woman lost her health insurance after Bain liquidated the bankrupt company she worked for)

-is insensitive to animals because he put his dog in a carrier on the roof of his car.

*I'm even worse. I used to haul horses in an open air trailer BEHIND my truck while my lowly dog had to ride tethered in the pick-up bed without a carrier. I guess I should have had them all in the truck cab with me.

I could go on and on about the fundamentalist Democrat dogma regarding Romney but by now you should get my drift..

or you never will.

to eliminate social security and welfare.

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