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September 13, 2012


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The only good reason for not ridiculing and mocking religious nuttery is practical: it drives the nutters bonkers and they go berserk. It has nothing to do with respect for their right to believe nonsense, but for their tendency to behave badly.

"When is it OK to trash-talk a religion?"

When is it OK to poke a hornet's nest with a stick?

You are bringing up the most important
in life.

And, I believe it is the only true reason
for living life.

To help future generations by telling them
the truth. Give them true facts.

Once given true facts they can make an informed decision.

Families and children of people you will
never meet will be helped by any true facts
you can pass on.

A problem, however, is that many people quite honestly pass on false "facts" erroneously thinking them to be "true."

One can be "informed" by falsehoods as much as by truth. The problem persists.

Robert Paul Howard


Good point, the true could just be the false. I tend to enjoy raw data, before it is converted into a fact. I hate it when I think I can make up my own mind.

Who was the person I am describing below ?

Avid animal rights



That person was Adolph Hitler.

Facts are facts.

The problem with Radhasoami Beas history
is omission. The problem with religion
is omission. The problem with politics
is omission.

Omission is the keyword in fraud.

Buyer beware.

The purpose of life is to pass unknown
facts to the public, so future generations do not get hurt.

Cold hard facts.

Hell comes out to stop the truthteller.

But, a Genie cannot be put back in the bottle.

On the chance of anyone's interest:


Robert Paul Howard

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