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September 27, 2012


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In this post there is the assumption that there is "someone" to be enlightened in the first place.

But the core of Buddhism holds that there is no such entity. Therefore, no such state.

So, how could one imaginary entity ascertain another imagined entity possesed that which does not exist?

But to contradict myself, if someone was "enlightened" then it would appear that "everyone" is enlightened whether they know it or not. Otherwise, everyone appears clueless.

Personally, I believe there are people who know. I myself do not know, I just believe the most likely thing I have heard, as follows: no one becomes enlightened, because the idea of being an individual is just an illusion, and enlightenment consists of the realisation that there really is no one to become enlightened.
We insist on regarding ourselves as individuals, and as long as we go on seeking for enlightenment it's never going to happen.

Sorry for "pouring from the empty into the void," as a certain well known person once said.

To all,

On the subject of enlightenment does anyone know if Mr Rajinder or supreme master of the highest highest highest order master Ching Hai is enlightended. They certainly are more flamboyant than the Beas Masters. Are they possibly "even more more" enlightened.
And any information on Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev would be most welcome.

I know that my sense of who I am, who others are, and the world in general is a necessary, though inaccurate illusion, so if I can't get it right, I reckon, I must get rid of the illusion altogether and live with things exactly as they are. But is this possible? I don't think so, but I'm open to any explanation as to how it might be.

cc, I also have no idea what living "with things exactly as they are" means. Our dogs certainly disagree with me about this.

On dog walks I keep saying "come on!" as they pause to obsessively sniff a patch of ground which OBVIOUSLY has nothing of interest in it. I can't smell anything, and my nose is working normally, so clearly the dogs are just pretending they're smelling something.

My attitude about this is homing in on relaxation/flowing. I can't get rid of how I see the world, or how the world is. But I can enjoy more fully how I see the world and how the world is through not resisting.

Example: I've taken up longboarding (non-tricky skateboarding) at the age of almost-64. I've discovered the joy of pushing with a stick, rather than my foot, which makes longboarding a lot more stable. Still, when I come to a bump in the path, or a cutout in a curb, there's a moment where I start to worry about getting over the mini-obstacle.

If I tense up, I make things worse. Then any jerkiness transmitted to the board gets transmitted directly to my body, and I get thrown a bit (or a lot) off balance. But if I bend my knees, relax, then I move with the longboard. No problem. Lots of activities, both mental and physical, are like this. Relaxing makes them go better.

So worrying about whether I'm fully in touch with life as it is strikes me as self-defeating. My worry becomes my biggest problem; tension about whether I'm enjoying life as much as I could be prevents me from enjoying life.

Dear Brian,

When you stated "I can't smell anything, and my nose is working normally, so clearly the dogs are just pretending they're smelling something" - I inferred that you were speaking ironically. I hope so at any rate. (So does Max, the dog.)

Please confirm that this is so.

Robert Paul Howard

Robert, I guess you could say I was being "ironic." But if so, this applies to a whole lot of other people also.

Like, everyone who claims that they had a personal spiritual experience which proves the existence of God. This is like me saying that since I can't smell what my dogs are smelling, they are deluded and I'm the only one in touch with reality.

All anyone knows is what their experiences allow them to know. If experiences can be corroborated, then we have a shared subjective experience. But that still isn't objective reality. There's no such thing as objective reality absent a consciousness aware of some aspect of reality.

Hi Peace,
Rajinder and Summa Ching Hai are not
enlightened. There are no Radhasoami
masters that are enlightened. They all
have scandals and are not good people.

The inner planes are not real, only


"enlightenment consists of the realisation that there
really is no one to become enlightened."
quote Malcolm

That is true, but there is more to it.

The realization that ones self cannot
be personalized is the key.

Depersonalization is the secret. Not one
idea at a time, but all at once.

We have no self except as a belief. If
you try to find your self, you cannot.

Our lives are dictated by a false belief
in our notion of our self. We take action
to wax this false image.

Sri Sant Maharaj Brian Blogger Sahib Ji,

I know you've answered these questions millions of times,but may I ask if you ever had a subjective experience in meditation that you found to be meaningful or that revealed something of value to you,personally? Not necessarily a RS meditation or any specific lights or sounds but just something that left you in a state of deeper self reverence or lasting tranquility.

Master Jesse

I'm done with the honorifics.It was funny to me momentarily.My apologies if it's annoying.

I'm enlightened when I realize the verifiable truth about something; when I can demonstrate the actuality or the impossibility of something. And by "demonstrate", I mean, not just to my satisfaction, but to anyone else who can acknowledge facts.

So if I'm enlightened in the way the Buddha supposedly was, my life demonstrates it. But who or what is to say it's a demonstration of enlightenment? Anyone doing better than I could be considered enlightened, so from my point of view, being enlightened is being one-up on me.

Perhaps life is just one enlighteneing realization after another until you're dead. The more realizations you have, the more enlightened you are until the ultimate enlightenment: realizing you're dead.

Jesse, not only did I reply to your question, I replied almost a thousand words worth. Which either amount to nothing, or something, or neither. See:


Thanks for the question. It was a good one.

i hate words..

Me, too! Words are useless!

I always like to say, "Those who speak do not know; those who know do not speak."

And, damn it, I'll keep on saying that until people realize how freaking enlightened I am!

If you have an idea of what "enlightened" means, you can believe that someone is the living embodiment of that idea, hang on his every word and devote yourself to him. Or, if you're highly suggestible, you can believe that you are enlightened. But ultimately, if enlightenment is anything, it is realizing what you are not, what you don't know, and how mistaken you can be.

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