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August 14, 2012


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A 2006 report from the U.N. Food and Agricultural Organization, Livestock's Long Shadow, which says the livestock industry accounts for "18 percent of greenhouse gas emissions measured in CO2 equivalent," a higher share than caused by transportation. Livestock flatulence and excrement produce large amounts of the greenhouse gases methane and nitrous oxide, according to the report. Forests are leveled and burned so the land can be converted to grazing areas. Herds of cattle can degrade the land they use. The FAO also asserts that pollution of precious water resources results from "animal wastes, antibiotics and hormones, chemicals from tanneries, fertilizers and the pesticides used to spray crops."


Where do the missing people we see on milk cartons go ?
Why are tens of thousands of people gone missing every year ?


There are over 1 milion Santeria in the USA and 100 million
on the earth. The religion came from the African slave trade
into the new world. This Luciferian Cult often is masked by
Catholic Saints, who actually represent African god men and women.

They perform rituals which imbibe the spirits of the dead and
of demons. Their rituals are successful. The high priest kills
animals and people and they eat parts of their bodies raw.

The Palo Mayombe are the most secret cult on the earth and the
deadliest. They are here in America and even in the big cities
of Los Angeles. I go to an old graveyard where they practice
their terrible rituals. At 6 AM in the morning I investigate
that nights prior activities. I dismantle the ritual site and
gather the dead bodies of the animals, which all have their heads
cut off.

If you are caught dismanteling a ritual site, they will kill you.
But, in the daytime, this defunct cemetary has no visitors. It contains
mostly the remains of white people who died and or, were born, in the 1800's.
This cemetary contains a vast number of Freemasons, another Luciferian

Start the below video below 8 minutes in and watch it to the end.
But, first watch the above video.


Rajinder the Snake

The old Kirpal group is the most rotten
and infested Radhasoami Group on the

It is extremely common to see reps of
this group that are possessed by demons.

They are the most low class, deceitful,
cunning and vicious humans one can imagine.

They are 100% self centered, like babies.

They will screw anyone and their sociopathic
behaviour would impress the most depraved
aspects of humanity.

They know they are doomed to hell. They know
there is no way out for them.

They depend on Lucifer's protection thinking
themselves immune.

That is their big mistake.

There is another Force in this world.

A Force that takes little demons and grinds
them under foot. Their lives are typically
a complete disaster. They are tortured on
this earth and after in the death fields.

The greatest sin is stopping anyone who
is telling the truth.

For these poor souls, there is no mercy.

Neither here, nor hereafter.

Self Hypnotic Spell in Sant Mat

Always think of your master.
Alays repeat certain magical words.
Identify with your group and master.
Believe you will be saved.
Believe you will be rewarded.
Believe God is good and loves you.
Believe the master is God.

Operant Conditioning Summary

Looking at B. F. Skinner's classic studies on pigeons’
behavior we can identify some of the major assumptions
of behaviorists approach.

• Psychology should be seen as a science, to be studied
in a scientific manner. Skinner's study of behavior in
rats was conducted under carefully controlled laboratory

• behaviorism is primarily concerned with observable
behavior, as opposed to internal events like thinking
and emotion. Note that Skinner did not say that the
rats learnt to press a lever because they wanted food.
He instead concentrated on describing the easily
observed behavior that the rats acquired.

• The major influence on human behavior is learning
from our environment. In the Skinner study, because
food followed a particular behavior the rats learned
to repeat that behavior, e.g. classical and operant

• There is little difference between the learning
that takes place in humans and that in other animals.


You know its a funny thing when you try to
help other human beings. My whole life I have
spent more time helping others then myself.

And, each time the people I help are
not only ungrateful, but cause me a lot
of problems.

And, each time I ask myself why I am so
intent on helping the world. These people
don't deserve help. In fact, no one should help
them, as they really don't want to change the
habits that created the problems for themselves.

For example, in late 2005 and early 2006 I was
spending a great deal of time blogging telling
everyone the housing market was going to
collaspe. I was contacting editors trying
to get them to print what was happenning.
No one believed it.

And, I asked myself the question, why I am I trying
to help these people ? The people I am helping could
be worse then the ones I am not helping.

Same problem when I tried to help the Radhasoamis.
I thought to myself, the exsatsangis could be even
worse then the satsangis. Why am I trying to
help these people ?

My whole life I have gotten people jobs, bailed them
out of jail, given them money and a place to live.
Even sat with them while they were dying.
And, every time they make my life miserable and act
like I was a fool to help them.

So, now I have just turned 60 years old. And, I am
still trying to help people. This time preparing people
for a world fiat currency collaspe a few years down
the road. I am also studying a horrible cult that
is killing people and working with others to stop them
behind the scenes.

I don't get more then a few hours sleep each day.

And, often I think this world would be better off
without human beings. I think that if all humans
were gone, what a happy life the animals would live.

Without mankind there is no evil.

So, why bother to help anyone ?

No one ever says thankyou, even when you literally
save their lives.

Everyone tells me I am a fool for helping people.

But, I love animals. My will is made out to the SPCA.

And, now that I am 60 years old, I realize I am a fool.

I should not have tried to help humans. I should have
done more to help poor animals.

I think I may have wasted my life in vain.

David Icke talks about how he would confront George
H.W. Bush on his paedophilia. Icke
has interviewed many of his victims and
the CIA has been all over him for years
trying to discredit him by attributing bizarre teachings to him.

Start 2 minutes in.


People are aware of the large numbers of
Catholic priests who are paedophiles.

People don't realize the Freemason's
have their own problems. Both Bush's members
of Skull and Bones 322 chapter of Freemasons.
Luciferian philosophy is
taught and at higher levels they imbibe
the spirit of Lucifer in ritual.

Such people as George Washington, Benjamin
Franklin, Harry Truman, both Roosevelt's,
Stalin, Rothschilds, on and on. A fantastic

number of America's greatest people were
and, or, are Freemasons.
The highest levels of corporate management
and governments around the world are dominated by them.

They control the financial systems of the world. They are the bankers for the Vatican.
They own most the central banks of the world, including the Federal Reserve Bank
of the United States. They control the gold.

They control what we are taught in school.

When Bush Junior ran against John Kerry in
the presidential election, Russert of NBC
asked them why they were both members of

the ultra secret society of Skull and Bones.

Mitt Romney is believed to be a 33rd degree Mason and Mormons have an extremely close tie to Freemasonary.

Jeb Bush is Knight of Columbus Freemason.

Freemasons are sworn never to prosecute
another Freemason. They are sworn to kill any one who exposes them. There is actually a federal law a policeman cannot enter a Freemason temple without their permission.

"No matter who you vote for, you always
vote for one of us."
Joseph Stalin


A Prominent Jew warns America it is being
taken over. A must read !







David Icke is schizophrenic. Don't pay attention to his insane rants.


You are a fool.

The reason you aint sleeping proper is cos u cooked upstairs. Look after numero uno, forget the humans or other animals - aint you learnt anything in your 60 years?

PS: Stop taking it all so seriously. They aren't out to get you, neither the freemaons nor the fiat's, noone is horrifically evil, just products of a fkd up universe - for all the bad there also some very good things, which is what you should focus on.

The whole thing is a spectacular joke - here's the only thing to remember:



all you need is love (lennon)

those pommies wiser than any guru.

Mike, I watched the video.

I have read that there are black magicians not only in the physical world but also in the astral. And schools of training as well. The universe is a very active place!:(

The "Thuggies" of India were, are? known for murdering innocent people on annual forays. During the rest of the year, they held normal everyday jobs and looked and behaved like normal people.

I had a curse placed on me by a woman in India. Its a long story but she was a tantric. I had interfered and got someone out of her clutches. But GOD rescued me.

Best to ask Ultimate Reality/GOD / LOGOS and the HOLY SPIRIT, even BRAHMA ji for help and not this and that spirit and rituals.

May GOD protect you always. :)

Satyam Gyanam Anantham Brahma

George, I don't think these exposures are jokes! I looked at all these videos that Mike posted here and this type of stuff is happening all around the world, at even mundane levels, like orphanages in India that provide children to politicians as well as foreign pedophiles.

Who can we ask for help except GOD/Ultimate Reality? The evil is everywhere, but is this something new? Hasn't the world been this way since its creation?

Hi Janya,
Real experience with occult groups is much
different from books.

I do not believe the astral, causal, super causal, Bhanwar Gupha, etc., exist. I do not believe kundalini, nor chakras exist.

But, other dimensions, yes. And, beings live on those other dimensions, yes.

So, what people mostly talk about on the internet is a complete fabrication. To
speak of real demons and possession is foreign to the novice investigator.

It is extremely rare that anyone talks about
a positive power.

The negative and positive factors, are rarely spoken about by anyone.

They simply have not been involved with enough groups to see the reality.

Reality completely contradicts the philosophers. They are simply parrots
without a clue regarding the real occult.

I think I know what you mean. Hanging out with philosophers is eh, sort of safe, lot safer than being out there in the field! Who can forget the movie Exorcist or the Shining!

We (I) need to know more about the positive power that you are referring to. How may we learn about it? Although I am certain that most people already do have at-least an inkling of it, and precisely because its the Positive Power. Santh Math literature speaks of the "positive power" as well could this the same one you are referring to? Nah, that one you say is Luciferic.

The only one I can safely relate to is what Plotinus refers to as " supreme, totally transcendent "One" and "The first emanation is Nous (Divine Mind, logos or order, Thought, Reason), identified metaphorically with the Demiurge in Plato's Timaeus. It is the first Will toward Good." Ref: Wikipedia

Take Care.

Hi Janya,

The Positive Power is the Holy Grail of life. But,
it is not great Gurus, or masters
whom find it.

There is nothing that can be said about the
Positive Power. It can't be called any of
the superlatives people throw at God.

No religion can be created around it. It
cannot be worshipped, nor is there a path
to it.

There is no sound , nor light, nor stages.

It is so competent, all one needs to do is
touch it.

It only happens here and now.... and is
a come as you are affair.

Only the truly humble and the children
know of its existance.



Sorry big fella, but my bullshit detector has just gone into overdrive - when i started reading about your black magicians in the "astral" world and a curse placed on you by a "tantric". sounds like your wee fella suffered some blunt trauma more like.

what you ppl worried about paedophiles, and fiats, and freemasons, demons, positive power, demiurges, fairies or evil clan-lords.

Tolerance, live and let live, forget the astral planes, you busy living in the earthly one. aint your hippy days taught you anything?

True vs. Pseudo Mysticism (as always its only my opinion)

Is it possible that there is such a thing as the resurrected material-spiritual body? That there are some advanced people who can manifest in a physical form at will, even if they have become the so-called dead?

I am going to go out on a limb and recommend this evocative and beautiful Hindi Movie. Its got English subtitles.


By George you might be right George! It could all be B.S, you know its for entertainment purposes, what? You prefer the Circus?

But never-the-less its called "awareness" of whats going on in the environment. As to its veracity, only those who have lived it know.

Helen Keller was both blind and deaf, but even she could see. But there are people, who have both eyes and ears but can neither hear nor see.

"If ever there was an angel in fur, it was Kamikaze. I know I shall never feel quite the same tenderness for any other pet. The Akita dog has all the qualities that appeal to me – he is gentle, companionable and trusty." Helen Keller

But by George! there are humans who who haven't even reached a dog's level.

. . . oh by the way George, there is a style of writing called "Reporting." Just because a report is made on what one has READ, doesn't mean that what is being written about is the Reporter's belief.

Additionally, you might benefit by taking some writing classes so that you can learn how to get your ideas across in a socially acceptable manner.

You might also want to expand your knowledge by reading Moby Dick.

It's not me whose ready to but and fear sant mat, paedophiles and freemasons - so don't come talk to me about compassionate ppl who are unable to recognise that fido os actually an angel.

What is good or evil - you tell me?

Jesus did not preach love only the trusting or obedient - the Buddha did not teach burn the paedophiles, ghandhi did not teach crucify sant mat.

Perhaps it is all you 'enlightened' souls that are actually the height of hypocracy who are the most blind and have the most too learn?

But here's tge fundamental problem with mysticism and all your in-bickering, which is that it's completely subjective so there is absolutely no way of ascertaining what is true or not, tge difference between jnanis or gurus or those who believe in demons and demiurges vs those who believe in angel-dogs, black magicians, tantrics, astral fairies or whatever.

You almost hold this nonsense out as tho it somehow makes you special and different from everone else because you can see figments of your imagination - it's total crap - you special alright.

Has it ever occurred to you that fido is loyal and attached to you because you are his food source and he is by his evolutionsry nature a social pack animal. Of course his obedient, and by your definition an angel, that is precisely how his DNA is encoded if you tear him away from his mother at childbirth and are his substitute for tge pack - but fido is not a compassionate angel, he is a dog, and like all dogs they are designed to eat meat to be healthy since they are descended from wolves.

Would you call a great White shark a compassionate angel?

Gdam these open-threads are educational, god bless.

Now that is a very deep and intelligent question: What is good and what is evil. I will answer it, even though you didn't say please.

It cannot be explained in a few sentences - it also depends on what point of view one is looking at it from: from the point of view of a law (like in the 10 commandment)where we are told whats good and whats evil, or from personal morality or lack thereof, like conscience or lack there of. You can certainly obtain a nice overview of both from Wikipedia to begin with.


I also did not understand what you meant by fearing the things you listed. Its not about Fear of these things but recognizing there existence and standing up against them when they are clearly wrong, like Pedophilia.

Personally, I don't find that much wrong with Santh Math actual. Whats wrong with going through the vortexes (chakras), conquering them and going up all the way to the crown chakra, if one feels strong enough and so inclined? And Santh Math does not even start at the lower Chakras but at the Spirit ones, which all begin in the head area. The Teachers may be less than optimum but the system is an age old Yogic system.

About Free Masonry you can know for yourself, as much as can be openly revealed - so nothing to fear at the shall I say exoteric level?


You can also learn up on Manly P Hall who was a 33 degree Mason - loads of his lectures can be found on youtube.

Here's one

Doesn't sound scary to me.

Jesus did not preach love? Only to trust and Obey? Better go back to the Bible and read it again and again.

John 13:34

John 15:13

Ephesians 5:25

Matthew 22:37

I don't understand the thing about Fido -Why is FIDO in this conversation?

As far as opposing or not opposing evil, that is a personal choice. Correcting someone when they are clearly wrong from a sincere concern is not bickering but compassion.

Everything in life is SUBJECTIVE. Consciousness presupposes subjectivity. Objectivity is in fact an illusion. There is practically no one who is able to see things as they truly are.

The only way to ascertain the truth is to educate yourself and to let intuition and facts be your guide. And, actually hardly is there any absolute Truth in the realms of illusions in which we all exist. Just when you thought you got it, some other facts or truths come in to your awareness and you then have to either discard what you thought was true or add to it.

Why can't you tell the difference between people who believe in Demons or those who believe in Demiurges? Why don't you just ask them? Simple. And for those who have reached understandings within themselves because they have spent a lot of time with this stuff, they are past the belief level and now Know.

Just because you are having trouble understanding all these conflicting ideas and integrating them into your belief system (cognitive dissonance), should not become the occasion for belittling others.

I don't think I even met Manly P Hall till 1980. He seemed very old then.

Ironically, we talked about the Sufi symbology in the Gurdjieff and Ouspensky
group and their cosmology.

The Theosophical Society was started long
ago under the Lucifer Trust and later
became the Lucas Publishing Co.

Jiddo Krishnamurti broke away from the Theosophical Society as he became
aware it was Luciferian based.

Jidoo was to be proclaimed the New Christ from the East. The Star of the East. He didn't believe he was any such thing. His brother and he were given to Annie Besant's theosophical group school/day care type set up in Madras, India. There they were isolated and taught exclusively into the system - not what Blavatsky had been engendering -but Annie Besan't direction, which in turn was being controlled by certain British groups having to do with the potential freedom of India from the British Raj and other things. To this day, the Common Wealth Countries, including India are still in a way under the auspices of the Queen.

Blavatsky was an amazing women. Much has been written about her.

Manly P. Hall died, I believe in 1990. Gosh, he had a very slow type of old fashioned voice, as heard on Youtube videos, quite boring at times.

The problem with the so-called Lucifer is that hardly anyone truly understands what this thing is. That is not really the name of this thing/being/force. It is one amongst other forces which permeate all existence on Earth, in the Universe, in and out of Man, in events etc. There are forces in physics - forces that are expansive and forces that are contracting. The so-called Lucifer is of the expansive type. Holder of cosmic wisdom, of cosmic evolution, of history and much more, fly a away, away from Earth concerns type of orientation. (which has its place when we are dead, but when on Earth in this incarnation, we have Earth Reality to understand and live, therefore, too much of Mr. Lucifer is not a good thinge because it effects the character and nature and well being of the individual who becomes luciferized. But some is useful. Its like the consumption of anything. Eat too much you get ill, eat too little you starve. So its about maintaining equilibrium -the see saw analogy - one side the Lucifer thing, the other side the Devil thing (contracting, hard, angry, give me an accounting, pay the bills somehow, and worse forces), in the center of the see-saw is the fulcrum. This is the balance maintaining force. The balance between opposites. We are the see-saw.


Its a rhetorical question, i certainly dont think you know the answer or can shed light on it, and i already know the basic arguments presented by wikipedia.

I don't believe in the chakra crap either. Complete bolloks. I thought Sant Mat was based on a type of yoga involving meditation, but i'm certainly no expert there.

As for Freemasons, who gives a crap, conspiracy theory deluxe, catnip for every new-age nutjob and spiritual transcendentalist. Do you honestly think anyone with a semblance of common sense is going to even click on those links?

As for the lecturing, enough crap already - what sort of person presumes to know more than someone they dont know anything about. Just because I dont believe the crap you spout, does not make it true, in fact there is absolutely no evidence in support of any of it at all - no wonder you all such bloody experts.

You like a babbling stream of crap - we going to need a gdam snow-plough to clear all this crap off this open thread. In short, could I ask you pretty please, to shut the fuck up?!

Thank you kindly.

George, you are welcome to your opinions. I don't claim to know anything about you, except from what I have learned about you and from what has become obvious from your writings. You appear to be a very angry person.

I am a bubbling spring of clarity, which your anger obscures.

Also please explain, what you mean by "We?" will have to clear off this open thread?"

I don't think Brian minds it being here, else he would not have posted it to begin with, am I right Brian?

If you were a gentleman, which I can tell you are not, or even a civil person,it might be worth continuing to engage you, but since you are neither, please do not read my posts or comment on them. Why don't you simply shut the eyes up?

Thank you janya

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