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August 05, 2012


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"Wow. I really liked that line. I make more mistakes because I make more decisions."

But she doesn't "make more decisions". She just decides to take more risk than others decide to. We're all constantly making decisions, but our decisions are determined by whatever ethos the decider decides to live by.

"Most religions ... like boxiness."

Most people like boxiness. Unable to think logically, they feel or guess the answers. In critical areas they are often wrong, since they prefer the simple to the subtle.

It's easier to believe in an ever changing 'Jesus' that fits their preconceptions (and says what they want) than to look at the facts and find out he's as much of a myth as the Angel Moroni.

Since getting kicked out of a monastery and struggling with the lack of validation for my life by the official religious profession, I'm finally ready to: Be my own person.

So hard to break free of society's rules and stop being normal.


This is what I believe is happenning.

(keep in mind I am an atheist, but do
believe in Something Else that is completely unknown)

My concern has really never been Beas. All
they do is steal your money, break up your
family and screw your mind up.

My concern has always been something I have
been very hesitant to speak of in public.

Demonic possession. In fact, my concern are
the Kirpal based groups.

In my book


You will note a secret letter by Thakar Singh
speaking of demons at Kirpal's own ashram
and that he, Thakar has been possessed.
Extraordinary things happenned around Thakar. Not to mention remarkable initiations.

My great concern is possession and the spread of it. It is my belief when you
sign an agreement to take an initiation
in most Kirpal based groups, you are
signing your life away to Lucifer.

There are very large numbers of possessed
people in Kirpal groups.

They don't understand what is happenning
to them.

There is a club called Radhasoami Studies.

I believe it has turned into a gathering
of demons.

Mostly all Kirpal based people.

Only one Beas person ( whom lives in Sweden, England, whom I believe is in danger of death by this force).

These people have absolutely no way out
of their delimna.

They must first acknowledge they are
possessed. They must renounce their initiations. They must tell the entities
they are no longer welcome and to leave them.


(Remember, I am an atheist)

"The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus. Red Ice Creations Interview with Joseph Atwill"


Hi Mike,

Glad you are back....

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