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August 27, 2012


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"...when I start to be carried away by a wave of righteous indignation..."

The civilized mind can't avoid this "wave" because, when its entitlement to civil rights is questioned or denied, it can't help but rise up. So if it is going to feel its "psychological center return to a place of balance behind that emotional energy", it must understand deeply how superficial civilization is.

In Untethered Soul, Michael Singer wrote "you must die to be reborn. You must be willing to let go of your personal self, your psychological self, in order to be who you are." That is echoed in my free ebook on comparative mysticism:

"Contemporary mystics sometimes speak of being born again. After absorption in oneness, they view existence from a broader perspective. The universal essence, which had engulfed them, is later felt as background to everything they experience. Living has greater purpose, even if they cannot explain it in words. Their feeling, thinking and actions become for the soul, the whole and all, not for “I, me” and “my.” Their sense of being reaches beyond limited personal concerns."

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