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August 18, 2012


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Babble means to talk trivially, often incessantly. I don't believe I was doing that. I would never say thank you to that, especially when it concerns such an important aspect of all our lives. This word was inappropriately used and seconded by you, the host of this blob, adding insult to injury.

Like I requested of you earlier, please remove all my posts from this blog. I would rather you do this, than be apologetic or offer justification for the use of this word "blabbing" which was and continues to be offensive because it has been used in the wrong context - its not a baby babbling but an adult who has had many decades to chew on the experience.

Janya, I don't feel like deleting your comments. If someone leaves a single comment and almost immediately asks me to delete it, no problem.

But your comments stimulated other comments. And those other commenters (including me) put time and energy into their own side of the "comment conversation." So it wouldn't be fair to them to delete your side, since then the whole conversation wouldn't make much sense.

Have confidence in yourself. Stick by what you said. Don't worry about being perfect, or if other people criticize you. That's life. We can't please everybody.

You've got your opinion about what life is all about. They have theirs. Embrace the diversity. No one knows what ultimate reality is. Heck, it's difficult enough to know what limited reality is.

Tara - I have not failed at Santh Math/Radha Saomi, I was lucky enough to find something better that illuminates better what Santh Math/Radha Saomi imparts. This was known to Charan Singh Ji, and Sawan Singh ji, both whom I love and respect to this day. Sometimes, seekers gather fruit from many orchards, like bees on different flowers.

I have not failed at all in any of my spiritual endeavors, if that is what you are referring to. Maybe delays, because of the "bee gathering necter analogy." None of what I wrote or who I am has anything to do with failure. But having said this, I do appreciate your support and yes it is indeed all a learning experience. Thank you very much for your kind words.

I am not sore. I was objecting to trivialization of a very important topic. That is all.

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