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August 11, 2012


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"God" says:

I only am as all beings,
I only exist as all appearances.

I am only experienced as all sentience,
I am only cognised as all knowing.

Only visible as all that is seen,
Every concept is a concept of what I am.

All that seems to be is my being,
For what I am is not any thing.

Being whatever is phenomenal,
Whatever can be conceived as appearing,
I who am conceiving cannot be conceived.

Since only I conceive,
How could I conceive what is conceiving?

What I am is what I conceive;
Is that not enough for me to be?

When could I have been born,
I who am the conceiver of time itself?

Where could I live,
I who conceive the space wherein all things extend?

How could I die,
I who conceive the birth, life, and death of all things,
I who, conceiving, cannot be conceived?

I am being, unaware of being,
But my being is all being.

I neither think nor feel nor do,
But your thinking, feeling, doing, is mine only.

I am life, but it is my objects that live,
For your living is my living.

Transcending all appearance,
I am immanent therein,
For all that is - I am,
And I am no thing.

--Unknown (of course)

"Instead of the directions just mentioned, say a different sighted person directed someone to take four steps, turn left for seventeen more steps and right for six more steps to get to the same door."

I don't know if this was the best way for him to make his point because different configurations of steps could lead to the same place.

If sighted people can't always be trusted to give good directions to the blind, the blind are better off feeling their way around.

"So feel free to have your feelings about God"

But you don't really mean that because it's those feelings that drive and direct so much irrational and destructive behavior. Better to live in a society that treats religion as a disease to be treated and recovered from.

Some days ago I asked a guy that comes from a very poor family and he himself lacks of what we commonly agree is mainstream knowledge about what is his position about the matter, if he is a believer or not, he answered pointing to the steak he was eating and saying: "I believe in this", meaning he believes in having something to eat, nothing else, because what keeps him aƱive is eating, he therefore believes in what is real and what he can eat or can provode him with something to eat. I think that was a great answer and the conversation about beliefs was finished in that very moment, it was like having a zen moment in which you realize that you need to see the real things, not the fairytales out there.

"I just know..." or "I just feel..." argument...

I have never been able to feel, or know
God. In fact I am an atheist.

But, there is another possibility.

Something Else that trumps all logic.
Something Else that is only here and now.
Something Else, that meerly by touching
answers the great riddle of the universe.

At which point, there is nothing else left to do.

"So is I feel Him (not relevant)"

Really ? Why not ?
I am about to teach you something. I am
about to give you an analogy why deduction
can be wrong, even when scientifically
based on fact.

I am going to tell you that you can start
a fire with water and a piece of paper any day you may wish to try in only 3 seconds.

Again, on any day you may wish to try, you
can start a fire on a piece of paper in
less then 3 seconds (instantly) with nothing else then regular tap water.

You will say that's absolutely impossible
scientifically. You say that's impossible
using your keen deduction.

Now watch this 3 minute video.


Now I am going to tell you that you can
contact the Ultimate Something Else in
the universe instantly, right here and
right now.

A state even the highest Godman has not achieved.

Now I am going to tell you I am stuck on a huge
grassy field, like a golf course, in
the middle of a 120 degree day and every day
is 120 degrees. I cannot move to stand up.

All I have is a platic bowl and it never rains.

Now I am going to tell you that for the rest
of my life I never need to stand up, or
move around to drink all the fresh crystal
clear water I will ever need in my life.

You say this is scientifically impossible.

Really ? Watch this.


Now I am going to tell you that you can
contact the Ultimate Something Else in
the universe instantly, right here and
right now.

A state even the highest Godman has not achieved.

"Mike, good to see you back!"

Yeah, when did they let him out?

"Yeah, when did they let (Mike Williams) out"
quote cc

The truth is cc, they did not let me out.
I melted the padlock on my door with a mirror and escaped.


God is going to punish the lot of you for your insolence. Just wait and see.

"God is going to punish the lot of you for your insolence. Just wait and see"

Don't get your hopes up. I have it on good authority that God approves of Mike's Macgyver character.

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