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July 20, 2012


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No no, absolutely. It is Jesus himself who is the patron saint of Incels. I mean, did Jesus even have a girlfriend, did he even get laid once, the poor man? His celibacy is as great a sacrifice, if not greater, than his crucifixion. He sacrificed the urgency of his libido so that women everywhere would learn a lesson, and would henceforth smilingly spread their legs for men, and thus fulfill their primary purpose in life. And yet, despite that sacrifice, women, sinners one and all, refuse to lay down when men want them to. What more indication do you need that apocalypse is at hand? This time the neo-Noah won't save the women, only men. (Although ... never mind, let's not overthink this! Overthinking -- in fact, thinking at all -- isn't what we do. .......Hallelujah! God save men! God bless all Incels!)

Hey Appreciative Reader, nice to see your comments again, I hope you and yours are keeping well :)

My only begotten son was a complex character who was varyingly interpreted, as this delightful commentator astutely observes:


As for all the all these other people complaining about Me on this blog, I'm taking notes.

All good, thanks. Although knock on wood, when one says that, one's atheism and would-be rationalism and general abhorrence of superstitions notwithstanding, in these times I mean to say!

Always a "delight", interacting with you! My good wishes, always.

I coldn t find the link
but I said many times
and now more clear

God is YOU, . . . yourself

He (YOU) found out the best way to generate Love
So you (S/HE) is dong it many times in many time_space_multiverses
doing the best possible with eternal existence ( Brian s word : EXISTENCE)

So people Scold your inner Self!

How it works with applying amnesia , I wrote many times but here is a copy:

🙏🌺🌈 🙏🌺🌈 Here is How it works :

What would an All Powerful Being, (God)

BEYOND TIME , Self Existing, Almighty
possessing everything , . . still need?

LOVE is the answer, one can never have enough of that.

So S/HE does anything imaginable & un-imaginable
and each resulting quantum or being will transform in LOVE
Via Karma(s) it may take long ( many many Big Bangs) or flashed ( in a nanosecond)
the result is fantastic
You ( Reader here ) are HIM / HER
Even if one Soul per Galaxy succeeds p. year ,.... this is a Giant Stream
and that's only for this little universe
of Love
Please ask the AI_20/800QUBIT IBM Quantum Computer - It will confirm.
Even a stone will transform in Love

There is just no other place to go!
Great concept for AI Devices !
🙏🌺🌈 🙏🌺🌈

If God wasn't a real fuck up, this world with all the tragedy that is going on today wouldn't had happened.

Wish all of creation would revolt and pull that asshole off his toilet and kill his ass and stuff his body in hell. Fuck a piece of shit god. Total fuck up asshole.

Wish all of creation would revolt and pull that asshole off his toilet and kill his ass and stuff his body in hell. Fuck a piece of shit god. Total fuck up asshole.
Posted by: God is a dick | May 07, 2021 at 11:32 AM

U happen to be that
cancerous Ass hole Motherfucker Dick piece of Shit
So do show all of Creation what U promised ! ! !


Satan is the real God. And not this asshole God we have now.

God was from the very beginning of time a real fuck up when he made this very horrible world to begin with, and he always will be a real fuck up until the very end of time.

God will always be a very rotten evil low life scumbag piece of shit for letting our America going to hell, especially with all these very pathetic foolish loser democrats that want to take over our America with their very horrible policies to begin with. Why doesn't that filthy scumbag God do something about it, and God is just a very severely fucking mentally retarded low life piece of garbage for letting this happen in the first place. We really need a real God to solve all these problems today that shouldn't be happening at all in the first place.

God is a complete fuck up and a real total low life loser altogether for punishing many of us good innocent people for no reason at all.

God is a complete fuck up and a real total low life loser altogether for punishing many of us good innocent people for no reason at all.

I completely agree and sympatise
Without You Anonymous
this bastard wouldn t exist



If there is a god out there of which Im not convinced,thats supposed to be all knowing all powerful then what is the purpose off all the shit thats happening in the world today.This supposed loving god blesses baby rapers and child killers with big fortunes and lavish lives only to keep the faithful person that goes to church everytime the door opens and lives a christian life in the gutter begging for food.How does that work.IF and thats a big if there is a god out there it does not care what is going on in the world today.Gods and religion are fairytales ment to keep mankind from killing one another off.Its nothing more then a tool to keep humanity acting civilized.Science can now explain the answers to all these questions that people from other generations didnt understand and attributed it to god.People were not created in gods image.If so then your god is a murdering child rapeist who steals and kills without remorse or reguard for anything.Humans do these things and if were in gods image then guess what your god does it to.Have faith in yourself amd the work you do.Putting faith in a fairytale mythical being is asking to be shit on your whole life.Were born we live life the best we can then we die.There is nothing out there after death.If you want something out of life go out and work to get it.Praying will get you nowhere.Your only speaking to yourself when praying..

God is getting butt fucked by Satan.

If God was so real like they say which i will never believe in that idiot anyway. How come he didn't stop 911 from happening if he is that powerful to begin with? A real God would've never ever made that happen at all, especially with all the other very horrible things that are happening in this very evil world today.

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