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July 20, 2012


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Hi Jim!

You wrote

"I ll try to find a better answer with words

The best answer is listening to the Sound and the DOER is forgiven

But this is not the best forum to proclaim that
What might appeal to some is that realizing YOU are the Anahabad Shabd Sound
ITSELF and while listening you know all complaints towards your self are melting away

Even in that Situ and realizing you could really change the destinations of all


With words it's so difficult - Mystics use words but it's between the words that we find Truth AND in their Gaze ( Dhyan )-Also the 5 wonderful words are powerstations; not words

Here is also the importance and superbness of a Master, ° ° ° say somebody fully and constantly ( though I don't know for sure - it(s complicated )
He is there for people like me, - to lazy , to undiciplined , can only be good in vegetarism wow& hihi, . . . but seeing the Master in physical or otherwise - HE GIVES CADEAUX ALL THE TIME
and even that , I cannot explain

My own phrase I like so much on this subject of the erring God
"HE is just an eternal Love Generator "
Tesla would have liked

If It could be explained with mind IQ words, . . . It would not exist

I have no more at the moment"
As Master said, Joy makes us believers.

There is no way to explain it.

Personally, when I cease to exist, things are great. So who is left to place blame then? I don't see myself as the cause of anything, so how can there be guilt, at that higher level?

And at this level it is only rational to deal with what is under my own responsibility and control.

Blaming someone else certainly makes no functional sense, least of all someone unknown to me.

But it's entirely correct to say that in concept the creator is certainly responsible. If people misbehave he made them with that proclivity.

When we go within the is only joy, and companionship and kindness, so all that wet towel thinking evaporates.

To Spencer, Well i had a lot of very bad things that happened in my life not to believe. Peace.

Any why did God that filthy scumbag punish us good innocent people for? What the hell did we ever do wrong to begin with anyway? And God should be punishing the real rotten low life loser people out there that are causing so much crime and hurting other people for no reason at all. Those garbage people should be destroyed by God which then we would have justice. Explain that one for me if you can.

The way that i look at it is that God is a very evil scumbag for punishing many of us very good innocent people for No Reason at all when he should really be punishing the very evil low life piece of shit people that commit so much crime and hurt other innocent people. Those people should are the ones that really deserve to be punished very severely. Don't you think? Well i would certainly say so which i am very sure that Most other people out there will Agree with me as well.

Hi Reality Check!

You wrote:
"To Spencer, Well i had a lot of very bad things that happened in my life not to believe. Peace."

The question is, how to cope best?
It really doesn't matter what you believe in, unless belief and well being are connected. Then, find a belief, or system of living, that gives you the most peace and happiness. No system prevents the events that happen that we cannot predict nor control. But a good system of belief / practice / exercise can help. Think of a good hobby. One that fits your schedule and gives you joy. One that helps balance life.

This whole life was a hobby that got out of control. So many bad things. And many of them out of our control. Those, I find, easier to deal with psychologically, than the ones I caused. Those grieve me greatly. But what can we do but attempt to learn and make better choices?

My son has disabilities and has since birth. Yet, the greatest joy of my life was stroking his hair when his head was in my lap, awaiting his medicine to alleviate the excruciating pain that tortmented him.

He was much stronger than I. I was praying, and swearing. But my son, who was suffering, said to me , "It's OK Dad. It's just karma. I'll get through it."

In that moment he changed my life. My son was the teacher and I the student.

You can call it Karma, you can just call it pure character. Call it whatever you like.

But if you find it, hold tightly to it.

That will save you.

Jim sutherland wrote (24 aug)

"Charan Singh's Radiant Form appearing to me, looking exactly as he did in his later years before he died, occurred 26 years after his physical death!

It also indicates that Master Charan Singh has not yet, reincarnated, nor left his Astral Form completely, because he came to me while I was in the Void of Samadhi, not even contemplating on his form!
It never happened in my brain. It happened in the Astral Plane."

If this is actually true, it makes a mockery of the teachings because it means even Charan has not reached Sach Khand and is instead
wandering around the astral.

All these inner visions are not real - they are a projection of your own desires.

Yous visions are not real - you create them - like Faqir Chand verified

To Osho: you wrote,..."If this is actually true, it makes a mockery of the teachings because it means even Charan has not reached Sach Khand and is instead
wandering around the astral.

All these inner visions are not real - they are a projection of your own desires."

Jim answers: PLMs operate from Sach Khand, but travel to any other Plane they choose to, in order to manifest to their Desciples. They manifest in physical bodies, which is material, that is a cage or garment, to encapsolate their Soul, which is knotted wirh Mind, Causal Body" , which is further insulated from the physical body by their Astral body, ( Condom of the Soul) in order to allow the physical body to be able to house the knotted soul/mind with out being fried, by the Electrical/Magnetic Spiritual Current.

Astral Bodies retain the most recent Form of the physical bodies they used to manifest in, after the physicsl body dies. Astral bodies are able to shape shift, or increase, or decrease in size, stretch like a Condom, or shrink, and even manifest in any age or form they took while being a physical body.

Astral forms in the Astral Plane usually appear at their peak age of 30 earth years, when seen by other Out of Body souls, during dreaming or Meditation, when the OBErs are seeking to meet them.

But, when they are NOT specifically seeking to see them, or when the Astral body of the PLM or any other Astral body of a deceased physical body decides to manifest to another living soul, then, they will manifest in the Form most familiar to that person.

In my case, Charan used the form of his older Astral body to manifest to me, along with his audable accented Voice, that could not be mistaken for another pseudo mischievous spirit.

I am not a Sant Mat Fundamentslist blindly bound to only what is in Sant Mat Literature, but I corraborate their Teachings with other Scriptures, Holy Writings, Spiritist and Metaphysical Teachings and Philosophy, as well as Theology.

I know what I know, by experience, and I am easily able to separate fact from fiction, or Faith from Knowledge.

You may continue your unbelief, or continue to believe a donkey is pulling my cart, but I KNOW a Horse is pulling my cart. ( Charan's example)

I know the difference between concentrating on a photo, and the image manifesting at the Third Eye like when looking at a light bulb, then closing your eyes and seeing that image.

If Charan's appearing to me in a Form I would recognize him most, along with his accented voice, giving me explicit personal alerts to some thing my body needed in order to retain my knotted soul/mind awile longer, than if that is not within the scope of Sant Mat Philosophy, than, I fully accept my heresy as a valid Teaching, for me personally.

You have not been able to access to my " Kingdom Within." You have discarded the Key of Knowledge that unlocks that Kingdom.

You may choose to continue in your unbelief, and join Chand and his desciples, or, you might consider reexamining where you veared off the Path and went astray from your First Love of The Master.

According to Gurinder Singh's teaching, in one of RSSB's latest Books, " Concepts & Illusions", you could even return to a lower specie and not be given another human body because you refuse to meditate and have turned away from what you promised to do when you were initiated . Gurinder Singh says the 4 lives teaching by former Masters have been misunderstood. He said Initation in to Sant Mat does NOT guarentee that you will not transmigrate back to a lower specie if you refuse to meditate and follow the instructions you were given at initation

So, you may be absolutely right about Gurnder changing the Teachings .

We each must decide for our selves,what to accept or reject.

As for me, my Horse knows exactly how to get my Wagon to Sach Khand where Charan Singh is operaring from.

Your donkey might lead your astray, OSHO. You might consider up grading to a Horse.

Everything wrong with the world is his fault so you can take the blame for it I'm not fronting your stupid fight anymore you created all you can fix it and he knows he can he hates himself he's an insane fool the entire University is sanity and stupidity it's all contradicting itself as we speak and I know this will get to him so here it is. I hate you and your worthless son he was nothing but a con artist ever since you made me trip and break my big toe I hated you harder for that I hope they activate CERN to completely destroy you from existence. Also I might even sell my soul one day so f*** you even harder and you stupid son I never cared about that mother f***** I'm glad he's dead and I'm glad he's gone now let me blasting the vile name of Jesus f*** Virgin Mary eat s*** and die you f****** w**** I wish you would have raped that child before he was born

Yeah completely f***** my toe up to I'm not done with you yet I'm going to keep blaspheming you until you finally show yourself you're a bastard who was born from a w**** I hate you and hate you hard you're nobody sick of your stupid people preaching your stupid lies and your stupid book I'm sick of you when you come back again I'm going to choke you while you're still young and break your young Neck and piss all over your rotting corpse.

You said all this to yourself
cause You are That


Realize that , next change what can be done better


Dear Azzan

The world and the lord are not your responsibility.

Your anger is a different matter. She lives in your house. You tell her to leave but every day you feed her all the food you have, even the food meant for you.

That's on you.

Woaauuuw Spencer
Pity we have no "like" system here

So true you said



Well for a very good man like me that really was hoping to meet a good woman to settle down with to have a family which i can certainly blame God for this since i just hate to still be single and all alone today which wasn't my choice at all to begin with. God does punish many people in different ways but why the hell this? It really hurts me to see so many millions and millions of other men and women out there that were so very blessed to find real love with one another and have their families as well which really makes their life very much complete. But since God really has no control at all over the very rotten low life piece of shit pathetic loser women that we have out there now really adds to the problem altogether as well. Women today unfortunately really have changed from the good old days when finding love back then was certainly much easier to find for the men in those days that were really looking for it since they never had any trouble at all either. Women back then were the very complete opposite of what they're now which is a real shame how they really changed for the worst of all today. And now with so many women that have their Careers which they're the worst of all as well since they're now so very high maintenance, independent, selfish, spoiled, greedy, picky, narcissists, and very money hungry as well. These very pathetic women nowadays will just want the very best of all and will never settle for less either which you can see how very horrible that they have become these days. They will never go with any of us good innocent men that make much less money than they make since today most of these women are going for the Rich Type Of Men anyway. And when many of us men will try to start a simple normal conversation with a woman that we really are hoping to meet which she will be so very Nasty with us men and walk away. Quite a few times i even had women Curse at me for No Reason at all which other friends that i know had the very same thing happened to them as well too unfortunately. What in the world happened to these women today that became so very Evil like this now? Even God can't do anything about this now since they're very much out of control today altogether. So in a way i really can't blame God at all like i did mentioned in the beginning of my comment since God will never be able to control these women at all since he gave them the free will to do what they want since Most of these women now are a real Disaster and are certainly beyond help now unfortunately. Why couldn't God make women like the old days when Most of them were very Normal at the time?

A wall of text nobody in their right mind would ever read.

As a child...growing up catholic...with nuns, priests, parents who always told me GOD HEARS YOUR PRAYERS...but as a child being bullied for being overweight, not pretty, we were the 'weird kids" who werr eating organic and healthy foods in the 70's when no one else did. I prayed, and I prayed, and I prayed so hard that god would take the torture of being the "FAT KIDS" away, that he'd heal me from the very obesity that the priest preached from the pulpit that "being over weight was a sin". My mother starved us...she gave us the very minimum of food, she made sure there was no snacks whatsoever, not a box of serial, not a single bag of chips, ketchup was evil, and for breakfast if we were lucky we'd have ONE egg with a piece of thin toast OR half a protein drink with a half cup of coffee mixed in which we both HATED..but there was nothing else to eat so we drank it. We had "diet bread" for a simple sandwich of thinly sliced Leo's meat package chopped, pressed and formed and divided between 4 kids those very thin slices of Hollywood bread...with barely a smear of margarine. With that we were "blessed" with one very small apple. ....after school we were allowed one piece of fruit..which was supposed to hold us until dinner. Dinner was a small piece of chicken, a wafer thin pork chop or a very tough piece of chop steak, a vegetable and a small salad. ALMOST NEVER DESSERT--unless it was an extremely special occasion....how in the world did we ever become fat...to this day...my brother and I are still asking the question....as we battle the stigma, the incomprehensible fact that unless you have lived it...you will never understand it...

I know that i made my comment over six weeks ago but with all the suffering that we have in this world now, how can many of us have faith in God anyway? Look at all the people that are dying from starvation, especially poor innocent children. Is that what God really does? It is very upsetting to see that since we also have all these diseases and sicknesses nowadays that are killing many of us very good innocent people as well too. Peace.



I don t remember any occasion in my life
that made me SO SICK , including sea sickness
This was long before I heard of the Master

Next One year before I heard of HIM, i did Pranayama breath exercises
which made me go IN stanta pede
and gave horrible inner experiences
I described them 4 years ago in this group

HE has always protected me
which started in around 1850 and of course before

Don't give up - It's Wonderful


Why would pranayama give bad experiences...pranayama is great.
I really dont understand why people have against pranayam,, and mostly they dont even have a clue what they are talking about. Once i told a satsangi that Charan did pranayam for his whole life i thought he would suffocate me ....aka he was pissed as helll...so i stopped conversation.... Pranayam for healt is great!

Hi 777, thanks for the reply.

Your blissful experiences are interesting.

The reason I ask about mind altering drugs is because my brother used to smoke Marijuana (also known as Cannabis) and he travelled to India in the sixties and was initiated by Maharaj Ji. I remember him telling me about how he experienced having a vision of Charan beforehand when he was high.

From the article I posted previously "The Neurochemicals of Happiness" talks about "Endocannabinoids: “The Bliss Molecule” Endocannabinoids are self-produced cannabis that work on the CB-1 and CB-2 receptors of the cannabinoid system. Anandamide (from the Sanskrit “Ananda” meaning Bliss) is the most well known endocannabinoid. Interestingly, at least 85 different cannabinoids have been isolated from the Cannabis plant. The assumption is that each of these acts like a key that slips into a different lock of the cannabinoid system and alters perceptions and states of consciousness in various ways."

"" he cannabinoid system and alters perceptions and states of consciousness in various ways

But first about Pranayama
It is great to develop th 5TH Chakra
which is a High Place and we can perform miracles even
the 6 siddhis , and even combined with proper ascese become One with
Brahm , next even ParaBrahm, the power generator
of the second spiritual region (consciousness_conditions again )

Pranayama is also fabulous for health
and I advise everybody to start BUT UNDER GUIDANCE
but not as a main direction if u want the Crown Chakra via the Third Eye )

If there is no guidance your jeeva can visit high "conditions"and also Dante s inferno
places ( time_space_spheres of your own consciousness )

Like in Sant Mat for the 7th place , in Pranayama the best is if you find a teacher
who is already there

Yes Charan did it - He told me

In my case , I had a false "jump start" doing things completely UN-guided
but (found out later) directed by my future Master Charan and my former Masters Sawan and
Seth Shiv Dayal Ji

All lower Chakras can be influenced/ energize by many chemicals
Even simple music does it via Dopamine/Serotonine nanogram fluctuations

Results vary from happiness to sadness and here also guidance is needed
to prevent disasters
LSD and DMT etc can give great peace of mind, .... they ended the Vietnam war even !!!

The reason a satsangi can't use them is cause the waves that may be produced artificially
are not under your control
Even becoming satsangi after periods of 'use'
certain "mêmes", habits/conditions in the individual time_space_consciousness_mind
must first be corrected
If not, .... a rebirth EVEN might be necessary, which is to my humble opinion not a bad thing if the enchanting Anahabaded Shabd will speedily accompany you

HE is really regulating every nanosecond of your life
in case of every rssb disciple

It is such a wonderful and delicious ( Sound ) system

Wishing U_all the best of it


Ok 777 cool.

Why did God make so many dumb women these days? Most of these very pathetic women are very busy sleeping around with different men all the time unfortunately. And most of the women today just can't commit at all to only one man since these idiots just don't know the meaning of commitment.

Quote 777 :

(...) Charan did pranayam for his whole life (...)

(...) Yes Charan did it - He told me (...)

That's a remarkable piece of information.

That would mean that although RSSB practices do not (as far as I have been able to make out) in any way directly take the support of pran-ic practices, nevertheless pranayam does directly give benefits (if only health-related benefits) that RSSB practices don't ; and what is more, this is conclusive proof (conclusive within the RSSB paradigm, that is) that pranayam does not impede RSSB meditation.

Thanks for sharing this, 777.

If there is anything further about this aspect that you can share with us, that will be appreciated too. For instance, why exactly did Charan Singh do his pranayam exercises, for what kind of specific benefits? Did he get into that kind of detail with you?

Hi Sweet Appreciative Reader

It's the same as ( when he did this in the Amritsar Airport Waiting room ) rubbing HIS Eyes, my wife saying : " that must be quite a job > giving Darshan, all the time "
HE : Yes : and I cannot always using Sunglasses because they beg me not to do so.

So I compared pranayama vs Crown Chakra
as this rubbing for relief is not really intervening with the sweet ever present Sound

I think he also took an aspirin once in a while

If we ( rssb ) stay at the Throat Chakra to much however, . .
we don't go higher

Also : For those accepted in 7/7 all these spheres below are fully integrated

There is a handicap with this Sound :
When you dive in it and are fully(?°) Benefitting, enjoying
you literally "cannot" look down

In a Masters case this is true also, except when HE is commanded to do so by The Mauj ! (Order)

Like :
Sawan doing his daily walk had a certain pain
A disciple seeing a plant and is inside ( à la Saint Francis ) informed tea from it s flowers would diminish Sawans pain

Sais Sawan : Thank You So much , I certainly will make the tea of it
Thanks a lot

An hour later
Disciple : But You are the Master : You hadn"t have seen that Yourself

Sawan : So Sorry, I was so absorbed in the sweet Sound
(I paraphrased this )


Dear 777,

Thanks for recounting that rather intimate discussion that your wife and you were so fortunate to have had with Charan Singh!

True, rubbing the eyes in that unmistakable, peculiar fashion (after first blowing on the palms and rubbing them together) is definitely a practice rooted within systems that use pranayam (as well as other pran-ic visualization practices). Many tantric rituals/meditations end with that particular act.

But was that the full extent of Charan Singh’s pran-ic practice (just an occasional rubbing of the eyes to refresh them), or did he have a more detailed regimen? Would you know? If you know more about this, I would be very eager to hear from you about it.

I ask this, because generally most systems of meditation insist that practicing other systems impedes accrual of the full benefits from their own particular system. The systems that I am personally closely acquainted with (and practice regularly) also say this. However, my personal experience has been that assiduous practice of other systems not only doesn’t impede progress, but actually assists overall progress across all systems (provided you have the discipline to give full attention to all of them, as prescribed). On the other hand, this “progress” I speak of is merely my wholly mundane assessment, and made without any pretense at supra-normal understanding. I try, in the course of my practice, to steadfastly rely fully and wholly on my first-hand perceptions alone, eschewing doctrinaire mumbo jumbo, nevertheless there are times of weakness when I find myself doubting the wisdom of my eclectic approach.

Which is why I am so very curious to know more about your account of Charan Singh’s lifelong practice of Pranayam, because it seemed to indicate that even at the very apex of one particular system (in this particular case, the RSSB surat shabd yog system, which is decidedly un-pranic in its methods) there is no perception of impediment on account of the effects of Pranayam. But of course, a simple rubbing of the eyes to generally refresh them, that is just a token and not very significant practice from Pranayam, and I wouldn’t really be justified in reading too much into it.

Given that background, 777, can you shed any more light (basis either your own discussions with Charan Singh, perhaps at that time when you were with him at that airport, or else on some other occasion/s, or else even basis second- or third-hand accounts of other Satsangis that you may have heard or read and which ring true to you) on what kind of Pranayam exercises Charan Singh actually practiced?

Thanks again, and my best wishes!
-- Appreciative Reader.

Appreciative Reader Charan did a few asanas and a few pran exercises for health... And in those three books with his questions and a..he firstly answers the same rssb retoric abot pranayam to a person but later when questioner insist with questions Charan says pranayam and asanas are great...which you can find out by your own self. I am searching and learning from different books and schools cause i dont trust in any teacher cause i learned that every school is different and everybody has his own feelings and experiences. When i studied Satyananda of Bihar i got to know he was no different than me or anybody. Being on the fast he had same strugles as me with that difference that he broke the fasting and i did not. So...but i am going slow...

Thank you, moongoes. That was helpful. Much obliged.

It appears from how you phrase your comment that you’ve based your observation about Charan Singh’s practice of Yoga and Pranayam not just on “those three books” but other sources as well. Am I correct in inferring that from what you say in your comment? And if so, would you please elaborate further, about what (else) you base that observation on?

Also, would you be able to tell me which specific book you’re referring to in your comment? I’ll be happy to go check that bit up for myself if you can do that. (Afraid I’m nowhere near as well-read in RSSB literature as many of you here, and have no clue which “those three books” you refer to might be!)

Thing is, what you say (and what 777 had said earlier) ties in neatly with my own instincts and with the personal philosophy behind my eclectic practice. It is precisely because this bolsters up my own position up so very well, that I’d like to make doubly sure that I’m not taking the easy way out and feeding my bias by embracing soothing but illusory supports. That is why I’d like to make as sure of this factoid as possible before actually accepting it.

Oh sorry AR yes yes...these are three books full of questions and answers.

what kind of god would make me go through hell to be able to even type this email? Thats how fucked up all has been lately ! F this and F HIM/ Her/ Whatever the F it PRETENDS TO BE!!!!!

Brought up christian.... i was of the kindest people youd ever meet........ I truly am...was! F this and F whatever it is the fuckin fortunate lucky fucks are thanking! Im sick of being the kindest and getting shit on!!!!! F THIS HIM HER IT WHATEVER IT CLAIMS TO BE!!!! F YOU!!!!!

Why does it matter you are showing yourself through these emails with your different monikers, have some love towards yourself otherwise your own anger will eat you up.

Why would anyone believe in God that filthy no good cock sucking faggot pig in the first place? The way that he punishes most of us good innocent people that never did anything wrong in the first place to begin with, which really amazes me how God the filthy scumbag would let this happen to us anyway. That piece of shit should be punishing the very rotten no good scum sucking other people out there that are really destroying this fucking rotten earth in the first place since they are very evil as it is. These low life losers already have caused so much damage as it is which is a real shame that we really have no justice at all in this world that unfortunately is going down the toilet very fast. Innocent lives are being loss for no reason at all and this is a very disgusting world altogether now more than ever. How many more people have to die from God's stupidity which a real God would have never done this at all in the first place to begin with.

Fuck You God, you are obviously not an atheist then. There is still hope for you.

I SOOO agree with you!

God is a fucking ugly filthy jew bastard piece of shit and should burn in hell with Satan where the scumbag belongs for punishing many of us very innocent good people that haven't done anything wrong in the first place. That fucking retard God should be going after the very rotten piece of shit very evil other people that have caused a lot of pain and misery to us innocent people already since they are real fucking losers to begin with with no life at all. What did we ever do wrong God you filthy low life scum sucking pig? This world is contaminated enough as it is already. And what is up with so many innocent people dying from Cancer and other sicknesses for no reason at all? God you're just one very evil low life loser yourself altogether for letting this shit happen since the other low life piece of garbage people should be the ones that need to be tortured, especially the ones that hurt innocent children. Wake the fuck up God you retarded scumbag.

God sent his reply..

"Hi 'And that is the very sad truth!'
Interesting name. I'm sure you took a little teasing growing up with that one. May I call you 'sad'? I owe you an apology for that.

I get the gist of your complaint. Your in good company. Job and Ecclesiastes had pretty much the same. Job insisted on seeing me face to face. And why? All his wealth and family destroyed, and him, completely consumed with disease, covered in weeping sores. OK, I got a little carried away.

But I do take exception to some of what you called me.

"fucking ugly filthy jew bastard"

This is just an insult to sex, Judaism, ugly people (that's hurtful).

And then you wrote

"That fucking retard God"

Please, sad. Perhaps you meant cognitively impaired or emotionally challenged?

Do not insult those, please.

Then you called me a "pig".

Pigs are beautiful creatures. This is insulting to them.

I get you are angry, But honestly I feed, clothe, protect, heal and house billions upon billions of people and creatures every day rain or shine. McDonald's has nothing on me.

I just can't cover everybody. I can't. I need your help. That's why I gave people intelligence. But they are just as imperfect as I am, so this is what you get.

Still trying to pull it together.... with your help?



You know it’s funny listening to the shit back-and-forth there’s a God there’s not a God but you know what it’s all bullshit if there’s no God everything is meaningless if there is a God why is it meaningless why is it hard I’ve been good on my life and caring I’ve tried to take care of everything and everyone that I could, if there is a God then why did he let my stepson rape My three-year-old daughter why did he let my stepdaughter flipped out about what he did and then destroy the marriage that I have with my wife while she tried to destroy her dad and stepmom’s marriage also. I don’t want I could the best that I could I tried to hold my family together I tried to protect my family but the shit just didn’t matter! Now one hand God supposed to be all knowing and all powerful and omnipotent, As a child I was an altar boy I thought it was the greatest thing in the world to do I was happy doing it but it didn’t start my father from trying to beat me to death, but I moved on Continue to try to be a good person because that’s what I was taught to believe. Belief and faith huh? After a little fucker raped my daughter The wife got suicidal stepdaughter went spastic and hated every male and manipulated wife while she was suicidal to believe everything that she wanted and that she couldn’t be around any males. So tell me anyone I was at God’s love and God’s caring God knowing everything about everyone and being this loving caring God they gave his son for us, my ass. What it comes down to if there is a God is just watching the show doesn’t give a flying fuck for anything and anyone and if you can prove me otherwise bring it on. There’s a movie that said god is nothing but a mean little kid with a magnifying glass over an ant hill. If God is sad when he sees these things that are going on why doesn’t he do anything about it if he so powerful. That is unless God just wants the standby wit’s fucking bag of popcorn And watch the show how sadistic is that pot but a church saying free will means giving up your free will to allow God to set the course of your life. Yeah so that’s one my life that shit does he decide hey let’s fuck with this person let’s see if we can really fuck him over and drive him nuts. I’ve tried to live my life as a decent caring person but how can you keep on doing it over and over again and stop your shit upon. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. I’ve had it!

Hi Michael:

Very sad to read your story. My heart breaks for your family. How does your stepson go on with his life when he finally realizes what he has done? How will your daughter move on when she realizes what has happened??

And yet, the world is filled wth tragedy.

Whether there is a God or not, you are faced with the necessity of what to do with the rest of your life.

And how to help those around you move forward.

Entire towns of innocent people wiped out in a single wave of the ocean, called a Tsunami.

That you can mark as "nature".

We attribute things all the time, and there is nothing wrong with that, so long as it gives you purpose.

There is no purpose to God except that we find that purpose.

For many here, the purpose is just the one they pick.

For others, such as myself, I depend upon a higher power to function each day. I cannot function without that.

You might say it is just a means of focusing on what we need to do, and away from the painful events around us.

But even as a means of focus, there is benefit.

Find what you love. Find what you think is important. If your daughter and stepson, even your ex-wife are important, if helping others is important, make that your religion.

And if you need strength, it's there within you. Prayer isn't just a means to connect to a God. It is a means to connect with the power within yourself. Maybe those are one and the same.

But in either case, that power to focus, to overcome, to triumph over tragedy is within you.

And each act of kindness you can commit each day, each act of helping someone else is a victory over the darkness. You could call that darkness the emptiness of a creation without a God. Or you could call it "satan". Name it anything you like.

The triumph of will over your own tragedy is God, whatever God is. So if you need God, if you seek God, if you must have a higher power, it is there inside you.

And if the idea of an all - powerful God who could let such tragedy happen is intolerable for you, still, the power to overcome, the power of will is within you, even if it is buried deep and you must work hard to uncover and develop it.

Grieve, go through all the stages of anger, denial, bargaining, sadness, exhaustion, and then re-emergence. That can take months. It can take years. But every moment you move through it you are moving in victory over it. What you leave behind you have triumphed over.

Make your victory, and the victory you help your step son and daughter achieve, a victory for all that is good, regardless of what you call it.

You ask if there is a God. I can ask "what is it to be a man?" with the understanding that "man" is from the sanskrit "mind" or thinking being. What is it to be a human being? This is it. To overcome, to draw from what is within us and overcome, and having stood up, to reach back for your son and daughter and ex-wife or anyone who needs a hand and offer your hand in assistance.

Same answer.

Just look at all of us innocent good people that are suffering in this world today that are dying of sickness and cancer for no reason at all, especially when so many fucking evil people are getting away with everything unfortunately which they're the ones that need to be punished so very viciously. God is a very fucking scumbag piece of shit for letting this happen in the first place, and a real God would've never did this in the first place to begin with. This so called God that we have is more like Satan now which is a real shame how this world is being destroyed with all the evil that is going on these days which makes it very disgusting. The honest real truth has been said.

Bottom line If God doesn’t exist lucky for him. But if he does, which I don’t believe, and he had the balls to come down here and face me, which he doesn’t because I’ve invited him numerous times, He would be forced to his knees where he would begin vigorously sucking my dick while begging for my forgiveness which she will never get. If this worthless piece of shit actually does exist my best analogy for him would be the wizard of oz. scared petty little man hiding behind a 2000-year-old curtain of lies hoping he can still make you fear him. Pathetic little pussy boy. Now for the true story of why Judas; aka the devil, was cast out of God‘s kingdom. Bottom line the devil just couldn’t fuck God in his ass the way he liked. didn’t give him the common courtesy of a reach around, didn’t fondle his balls when he sucked his dick, so god cast him out with 40 angels. Said go practice on these 40 asses for a while and see if you can’t get it right. Apparently he never did because he’s not allowed back in. So now on to Jesus. Jesus on the other hand apparently sucked daddy’s Dick just the way he liked, fuck daddy in his ass just the way he liked and he got to stay in god’s Kingdom as the chosen one. What a pathetic fucking family. No wonder the Catholics fuck little boys. Now let’s talk about the dumbest son of a bitch ever to be born.......... Joseph. What husband today would believe that his wife didn’t cheat on him with a human being, no no it was God that fucked me honey. This is god’s Son, we’re so lucky. Biggest whore ever born and the biggest sucker ever born. Perfect for each other. The whole fairytale is a big fucking joke.

The whole fairytale is a big fucking joke.

I must indeed say that the time these stories were invented the IQ was not
really developed

Don't forget the replacement of Eva's Steak by an apple
She tells Adam: That tastes good, . . . Please kill another one
But first threw poor, innocent and lovely Lilith out of the place

Then my dear brother KAIN, who was a vegetarian
but pushed too hard on the killer of the Lambs

Hé Judas, why you believe such nonsense -Correct them !


So glad you used no abbarations like the "N-word" etc
Now we know what you ment

the three causes to human misery are:
the devil for misleading us
the stupidity of human
the god for creating the devil and making us a stupid creature.

We shalt wipe out the stupidity from ourselves as its the only thing we could do.
may god bless all of us. Ende

(my grammatical errors would be appreciated to be told)

God sucks dick and Lucifer rocks.


God is a real cum eating faggot.

God and Jesus both need to burn in hell which would be real justice. And innocent very good people like us just keep getting punished all the time unfortunately. What did we do wrong anyway?

Amerika suffers from a sickness called christianity. It is vile filth that creates mental illness in many humans.
These worthless predators come here to speak on a dead mans words but nobody cares and i tell you why.

Because jesus is a piece of shit and everyone hates christians. That is why so many forigen nations want to kill them off.
Well good fucking bye christian bitches. Lol god must be a complete handicap who loves watching catholic child porn.

God is a filthy diseased infested piece of shit that should be burning in hell with Satan.

There is no fucking God.

You lot are all sick in the head. Clear the pathway to hell for all these fuck wits.

GOD IS LOVE AND WILL SAVE ALL WHO BELIEVE IN HIM. ( Except you fucking retards )

We will never understand God, the Creator tells us this (His Ways Are Not Our Ways, His Thoughts Are Not Our Thoughts and vise versa, God gave us Free Will to choose, maybe our good or bad choices causes negative catastrophes around the world, look how the world is today we have more of a personal relationship with our cell phones than the Creator himself, but when bad things affects our family, friends or ourselves then we pray to our Superior Force (God,Creator) for healing or help. God wants a daily relationship with us and loves us so much that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. Creations should give praises, prayers and respect to God, also respect one another (Sons and Daughters)(Brother's and Sisters) it is very sad and unfair to hear that bad things happens to good people from around the world, we all feel the Hurt but to blaspheme our God and Creator will not help things get better. People will always blame God for bad times but the blame I think rest on the Enemy who hates God creations, wants to kill, entice and destroy as many of us as they can. But is anyone blaming and cursing the evil force! Ying Yang.

Why would i believe in that filthy scumbag they call God anyway? Of course not, since he makes so many of us suffering all the time for no reason at all. Look at all the people that are dying from cancer and other types of sicknesses as well. Other people are dying from crimes that are being committed in this world for no reason at all, and the ones that kill and hurt other innocent people are just going to jail for it, which they really are the ones that should be executed for that instead of wasting all the taxpayers hard earned money to keep these low life pathetic losers alive after what they did. Doesn't make any sense at all. And a real God would have never did this at all to begin with, since he would have definitely destroyed these low life pieces of garbage people already. This so called God that we have out there today is a very fucking evil low life piece of shit altogether. I rest my case.

Even though the context is a tragic one but the way you fucked up the holy fuck-Up the heaven is hilarious with reason and logic. I couldn't stop laughing , the holy piece of shit needs an ass whooping though

People post here because they are hurting if not emotionally destroyed. They feel like they've been betrayed by something that shouldn't have a hint of a lie or malice. I know the revelation of these awful feelings. They unfolded gradually and insidiously over a large stretch of time. I am truly rife with despair.

I was always naïve but wanted certain things. I never got them but now am less naïve.

Those who recklessly chime in on their religious high horse are nothing but "...fools with a parable in their mouth..." You people are deluding yourself if you think you are doing God's work or are in right standing with Him. You can't possibly understand the pain the people have here unless you've been through their hell. You aren't shining any light here, just taking the opportunity to foment their pain. Good devils.

So, from the bottom of the pit, I ask God to help us all let go of our wrong thinking; to mercifully take some us quickly and build up the rest to minister to people just like us. Amen

Nice post "the end" but I disagree with first sentence.

"People post here because they are hurting if not emotionally destroyed"

I more or less feel dumb for ever believing in something so obviously unreal. It's like meeting a chick at the nightclub who you've seen at every other bar already, being her partner for a few days and feeling hurt when she's gone and making the rounds again.

Sometimes we lie to ourselves to feel good. These cults are bound to disappoint and your beloved party girl is in another man's bedroom right now doing unspeakable things.

When I'm feeling down and depressed I look up quotes that make sense to me and help to lift my spirits. Sometimes I think "I hate this world and I hate people" and then I have a conversation with myself and ask why? What's the big deal. Everyone is suffering in some kind of way. Yes, people can be nasty and annoying and life can sometimes be very difficult, but what are we anyway? Are we simply here on this earth to learn something? What can I learn?

Helpful Quotes:

"When you hit rock bottom and SURVIVE nothing can scare you."
"You're not defined by your past; you're prepared by it. You're stronger, more experienced, and you have greater confidence."

Silly quotes:

"Life is not a fairy tale.
If you lose your shoe at midnight,
You're drunk."
"I walk around like everything is fine,
but deep down,
inside my shoe,
my sock is sliding off."
Some days I amaze myself.
Other days I put my keys in the fridge.
You don't get smarter as you get older.
There is just less stupid stuff left
that you haven't already done.

The god of which you speak is nothing more than a gravitational power that effects the carbon of your being, the water and iron in your blood.
The thoughts which drive you are merely dogmatic response.

The trouble and strife of life is defined in Newton's laws.
(Depending on your view of "matter").

What separates us as humans from animals is the knowledge of our presence and that someday we will die.

In the animal kingdom, that is perceived as instinct. There's no way in hell that we can get a young wildebeest to relax on a shrink's couch and share it's thoughts about lions tearing it to shreds!

We are the only earthly spawn to contemplate our own demise.

Dolphin have a pleasurable and free sex life yet they will strand themselves on a beach in response to their instinct.

Yet, we yearn for a god.

He's laughing, playing cards, joking it up with Mary Magdalene and feeding him self upon the anguish of the human dream of salvation!

There's your answer kids.



God is a brainless bastard altogether.

I was raised in a protestant holy rollers church to believe in god and jesus Christ. But I am now 67 years old and not once in my life has they ever answered even one prayer for me. So I say they don't exist and if by that one in a billion chance they do; FUCK THEM. The bible says god has predetermined those people he will love which is a very sick concept. I wish I could gain the power to make all religions disappear from the face of the Earth.


The Bible has some good stuff in it but most of it is flat out weird or just plain wrong.

My biggest hang up with churches (and any spiritual path for that matter) has always been the self righteous factor. Whenever you do something just for the sake of being “good” without any regard to how your actions affect others is pure self righteousness. Self righteousness is the most loathsome thing. It turns people away from faith. And rightfully so. Ridiculous to think a living God has “chosen” souls. Actually, it’s an asinine concept.

There are both sincere and self righteous people in all faiths and belief systems from Christian to Buddhist to Atheist and everything in between. My husband is a satsangi and although I don’t agree with all of the teachings, he isn’t self-righteous. He’s not preachy (although he is an Aquarian know-it-all—and he knows it :)) and he meditates, doesn’t do drugs or drink, and is vegan. None of those things hurt me. Those vows are actually good. And because he’s considerate enough it makes him a better person.

IMO whatever you believe in—and we all believe in something (Atheism is also a belief system) you just have to own it. Sometimes it takes a lifetime or more to find truth.

Sorry, just realized that sounds preachy... 😄

God is a very filthy diseased infested pig.

God is a filthy scumbag for keeping a good man like me single today when i should've never been.

@Why me?

If you were married you might be asking “Why me?” as well.

Like Chris Rock says, “Single and lonely, or married and miserable” 😂

Your circumstances can change... getting married is relatively easy compared to staying happy while you’re married. Like they say, be the best version of yourself and you will attract the best person for you. 🙂

I hate the motherfucker if he exists. He supposedly knows us millions of years prior to our existence, knows every choice we'll make. Then he judges us in the end based on choices he already knew we would make. So we are basically a computer program running just like we should. Yet this prick judges us for moves we make that he created us to make. That seems really fair. I'm sure if heaven and hell are real, I'll be going to hell. And if so, I don't care how long it takes, but I'll amass a huge army over ions if needed. Once my force is great enough, I'll attack and kill the motherfucker and all his worthless sidekicks. Assholes just sitting up there, watching suffering every which way,. But Karen believes god blesses her with her first son while done kid in Syria watches as her family gets slaughtered. Yeah, great dude

Ps. Fuck you Mr almighty


You’re not going to hell. This world kind of sucks. There’s so much pain and suffering. God doesn’t judge. We personify God. It’s a source. A source that most people just call love.

I’m sorry you’re going through such a difficult time. I don’t know what your situation is and I can’t pretend to know what you’re going through but I do hope things get a little better. Maybe a little better day by day. One day at a time.


Most honest chapter is this
Once my force is great enough, I'll attack and kill motherfucker and all his worthless sidekicks.

. . . next. what rest. is. YoU, . . hero,




From Rmi
Searching 4God , I found Me,
Searching 4me , I found God


God never gave me a good wife and family to share my life with, which gives me a real excellent reason to hate him. Why did he give other men out there the luck to have that gift of life that i certainly would've wanted as well?

Hi Jim
You wrote
"God never gave me a good wife and family to share my life with, which gives me a real excellent reason to hate him. Why did he give other men out there the luck to have that gift of life that i certainly would've wanted as well?"

You wanted or want a good wife?
You ask why others got what you didn't.
So that is the hole in your life.
You want the gift of life?

You are alive, Jim! You have the gift. Awaken it!

I think there are holes in everyone's life, Jim. Human life is not a very good bargain in terms of getting good stuff. It's a mixed bag filled with chance. Some get, some don't. Some are better, some worse. Good things happen to bad people, bad things happen to good people.

Is it too late? Put it out of your mind then. Why torture yourself?

What can you do right now, what's your next real step? Pray for that. Pray for the strength to love yourself, and to be happy with the infinite capacity for love inside you. Built in! There now!

Pray to the God who is right inside you to help you take that next step. And just accept that things are actually fine as they are. They are what they are. You are what life meant you to be. You were meant to be a hero. So, go do good. Say good, or write something heroic. Fulfill your destiny. All heroes have periods of loneliness. Periods of introspection. Dark periods of utter loss and devastation. Periods of prayer, of deep Mindfulness, because no one else can understand. And these become periods of acceptance. Of peace. That's where the power starts to awaken. That is the time their magic powers awaken.

God is a real total fuck up altogether since he never gave a good single man like me a good wife and family that he gave to so many others today. Then again, just look at the very horrible women that he created these days unfortunately. At least he was smart enough back in the old days which he created most women at that time that were real ladies, and the very complete opposite of today that made love very easy to find back then. Women back then really made this world grow in population over the years, thanks to them. These women nowadays which you can really forget about it. No wonder why so many of us good men are still single today.


There is no God, and this is real hell. Especially with this Covid-19 Rotten Virus going around today. We need a real God to get rid of this garbage today. But where the hell is he?

People, at least give a chance and take a look at some of the videos at this channel:


The One True God exist but He isn't the one that currently running the whole world.

The "God" of this world now is the Devil, that's the reason why we're in our shitty conditions right now. Everything's messed up!

The One True God will manifest in His own appointed time in the future and will ended this temporary wicked world that being governed by the Devil. And God will reconcile everything from one phase to another as the New Covenant revealed.

In the meantime, no matter how hopeless you feel, please continue to endure this shitty life we're in and if possible, aligned to what is good even though we're far from it and struggling. I know life sucks and many circumstances challenging us to a point prevented us to become or continue to be a good person.

Throughout all these years, as many times as much that I angered (and pretty sure going to be at it again as many times in the future) at God because He created me with many disadvantage attributes which contributes greatly to my weaknesses, incompetent and pathetic life (and why He bother to created me at all?), still, I can't abandoned God because I'm aware who is the real culprit that is reigning over us, that's the wannabe God who is Satan and also the fact that the One True God is going to fix everything (that's it if you choose to believe like I do).

Stay away from stupid teachings like eternal torture, permanent death, no mercy or no reconciliation after death because that kind of teachings from any so called "God" is really wicked, incompetent to save all or not willing to save because he/she/it is as stinks as a vile human or beast. This turdy type of "God" doesn't deserve to be worship and acknowledged. Only people who are wicked at heart or ignorant love that kind of despicable evil god.

Please ignore these many so called tough but toxic person in the comment section (or in other sites) who give discouragements, they only care about themselves. Jesus Christ will rebuke them in the coming days of judgement because they are not willing to become weak for the weak ones.

Please spare some free time and look upon those videos exposing the wicked god contrast to the True One.

I’m amazed that comments to this particular post keep coming up. Whyyy??? How is the post showing up on the www that it is reaching so many random people?

Of course, everyone’s opinions are free to be expressed (thank 🇺🇸 for Free Speech). I just find it curious...

Not sure the Devil is roaming the earth. Pretty sure it’s roaming around in our minds.

God sucks, plain and simple.

Gotta love how people act like nothing they did was wrong and it was all some Divine Being who made them fail/not get what they want.

Case in point...some people are blaming God for not giving them a wife and family. DId it ever occur to you that you had to do some work as well towards that happening?

Same thing with jobs, income...practically your entire life. Free will means that you have the ability to make bad choices...but it also means that you are not going to be protected from the consequences of those bad choices.

FUCK GOD!!!!!!!!FUCK GOD!!!!!!!!FUCK GOD!!!!!!!!

God is a filthy scum sucking pig.

God almighty look at the sad sacks on this thread blaming something they say doesn’t exist for their own faults and lives.

Karma, karma, karma, karma, karma chameleon
You come and go, you come and go

Get some.

Why have faith in a God who fucks things up?
This thread posted July 20, 2012

2012 was an interesting time in that there was this meme that some kind of cataclysmic event was going to occur on 21 Dec: 21/12/12, an ancient Mayan prophecy.

Found this... "Is Doomsday in June 2020 instead of 2012. Here's how the Mayan Calendar works"


Well its July now so gotta laugh. How to make sense of this life?

Why do you exist? Don't look to the sky and gods for answers. It lies deeper.


The main reason bad things happen to us today is because its NOT God's Fault. Its our sinful actions that cause the problem. The Lord only allowed it to happen because WE made this choice and believed the wrong things. Listening to fake news, supporting Black Lives Matter, putting our trust in politicians, loving LGTBQ agenda, apostacy in the Church world and the Body of Christ is ALL our fault. We may say in condemnation that God will bitch us nasty BUT REALLY? We must say its the consequences of our evil actions where the evil sexy devil will lead us astray. We should stop blaming God for evil in response directly to our actions and repent to received Christ in God for salvation. From there we must go and follow Him to be blessed while we are in this world through good and evil times. God then will protect us when evil happenings befall us.

Yeah, Republican Christ.

Well, I’m not an atheist. But I also don’t believe that “God” is calling the shots. My definition of God is Love—an energy and collective consciousness that connects us all. We’re all connected to it consciously or not. It doesn’t control us though. If it did no one would suffer. There’s nothing controlling us in this world other than cause and effect and time and gravity.

I don’t believe “God” is separate from us. I don’t believe “God” is in Heaven deciding who gets what. I believe we all have access to love. And I don’t believe “Heaven” is some place far far away. Not in a physical sense. I think it’s more like a state of mind (or no mind—don’t want to pick a fight with the semantics experts).

In this life we experience a lot of pain. A great deal of what’s causing our current pain lies in the past. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a magic pill that could erase all those painful memories. Or maybe at least something that would allow one to recall something painful without the painful emotions attached.

I don’t believe that God is a consciousness separate from ourselves. I don’t believe that there is a God controlling us. I just believe in a form of super consciousness that encompasses everything and is the source of our true selves—love. But it’s not “deciding things”. And I think that’s what we return too. But “God” is not in control. Control is an illusion. It’s the greatest illusion of humankind.

Religion is the stick and god its carrot.

God is a filthy cocksucker and ass eater altogether. Satan is the real God.

When God judges me for all the small sins I have done, I’m gonna just piss all over his evil face.

Who the fucking hell is that asshole God anyway?

Who the hell is God?

That filthy scumbag God never gave a good single man like me a good wife and family to share my life with, which it would've been very normal to have just like most other men that have that today. And i never did anything wrong either to be punished this way.

I never believed in that very evil low life piece of shit God to begin with, and never will.

It's been 10 years since something happened that made me realize God is actually up there. I spent that decade communicating his message. Those 10 years have been the worst of my life by such a wide margin, and by such a statistically-impossible set of scenarios that it can only be described as a miracle, albeit a terrible one. I'm starting to rack-up so many unfulfilled promises, I'm questioning my understanding of his methods. Or, maybe, it's better to say he let this world become so filled with deceit, I don't think any security in this life through him is realistic to me anymore. I don't know a single (true) believer who's life (on earth) has improved for the better. I know he makes very few promises about this life, but he does make some. So far, I can't think of one that he's fulfilled (for me, at least). Do I have faith? Yes, I have faith that God is real. Do I have faith that he will deliver on those promises, or, at least, educate me on what I'm doing wrong? Not anymore. All I can say is that he's sucked the life out of me (or allowed it to happen), and I I don't have much hope in salvation anymore, simply because I'm losing faith in his words. There's a good chance I'll regret writing this in as little as 12 hours, but right now, I don't really give a fuck. Not even asking for prayers. Save them for people who think they work. Am I wrong? Of course I am. But, after 10 years, I'm done trying to figure it out. I'm at his total mercy. I'd be worried about him punishing me for saying all this, but honestly, there's not much else he can destroy or take away from me, that he hasn't already. If speaking these words causes me to lose his promised salvation, it wouldn't surprise me, either, so be it.

Dear Angry Sick Tired Believer,

Just lost a long answer..I had for you..
I hope you dońt let come fear into yourself!!
It is not nessesary because NOBODY can hurt you..!!
Really nobody!
I too have had lots of fears in the past because of the Santmat ´Believe System´
Forget about that please..do some mindfullness meditation,maybe it helps you
as much as it helped me.
Babaji can do no harm to you absolutely not..He has no power over you or anybody else..
You can help you,listen to your own heart without thinking just feel your own heart in your body without fear mongering thoughts..
I am a long time satsangi initiated by Maharaji Charan Singhji,Babaji made it easy to go and do everything my own way!!
Hope this helps you..

God is the filthy scum of the heavens. Oh by the way, God spell backwards means Dog. God is a fucking ugly Dog. Amen.


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