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July 20, 2012


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Thanks for keeping the sanity. Even Obama invoked God in his speech on the theater tragedy. The truth is immense majority of the current populace are unable to stand up without a crutch--their self-defined personal God.


"An 11 year old boy from Christina Lake was killed Friday after being crushed by trees that fell during a storm.

RCMP say the boy was attending the Pines Bible Camp in Grand Forks."

God or not god?

Yes, absolutely! Good post.

Wonder if God likes Obama or Romney. Houston gets Lin-mania because God like Jeremy Lin. But if God doesn't like Denver's new quarterback (temporary memory lapse), then that other Christian guy is screwed. Right?

Drop kick me, Jesus, through the goal post of life. Wasn't there a song with words to that effect?
I wonder if, at the Last Judgment, God (whom I refer to as "the fucking douchebag", will allow me to express my opinions to the stupendous throng assembled for the purpose of either titillation or ultimate embarrassment, before I am consigned to the everlasting torment promised by the fucking douchebag.
My guess is that it will not happen - and that's just typical of a fucking douchebag, don't you think?
God is Love. And, hopefully, he/she/it is impervious to the various monikers attached to the being.

Don't you just love it???

Willie R, here's Christian theology in five words. And set to music.:

God will fuck you up.

I've given up trying to figure stuff like this out. Bizarre shit happens - and will continue. Just part of life. What else can be said about it. And, it's very sad, nonetheless.

an appropriate time to revisit the Monty Python lyrics to

All Things Dull and Ugly

All things dull and ugly,
all creatures short and squat.
All things rude and nasty,
the Lord God made the lot.

Each little snake that poisons,
each little wasp that stings.
He made their brutish venum,
he made their horrid wings.

All things sick and cancerous
All evil great and small.
All things foul and dangerous,
the Lord God made them all.

Each nasty little hornet,
each beastly little squid,
Who made the spiny urchin?
Who made the sharks? He did!!

All things scabbed and ulcerous,
all pox both great and small.
Putrid foul and gangrenous,
the Lord God made them all.


Zinnia Jones offers a quite comparable analysis and comment:


(For video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLXQwxqQbg8&list=UUamaea05bOJ0q42F9iyaFMA&index=1&feature=plcp .)

Robert Paul Howard

people need to understand,God allows pain and suffering to prove that he is God,because he sent his own son to die on the cross for our sins,and we have to suffer for our sins,and america needs to confess its sins or this type of suffering will continue until God says so.

Fuck me running! It's about time someone speaks the truth about all this biblical bullshit!

To think that we need to do good acts for "God" to reward us is just childish. I believe there is a god but i have no faith in him beacuse where the hell was he when people throughout history have been raped and murdered. The fact the God is selective about who he "saves" is just a sickening principle. And if he knows everything that has happened is happening and will happen, then we the fuck would he let adam and eve roam around the garden as if they werebt going to eat from the tree. He knew that he was going to have tp kick them put of eden, do why even play the sick game and lead them on like that. What kind of sick twisted god do we all believe in. Also fuck that saying god doesnt give you things you cant handle. If that were to happen why do people commit suicide because of bullying and relationships.

God is a dbag. He's no better than the nazis' picking who gets to live or die. I fucking hate god if I could I would choke him out myself.

The following article could throw some light...


peace be upon you.
I happened to be reading this when I typed - "why god fucks you up and down?" on google.

I had come to a phase where I say this freely - FUCK YOU GOD! WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?

I am a God fearing person, I do everything to please Him...although I dont know what is the thing that pleases Him most.

I agree with you...God of the Old Testament made much more sense...kill em all!!!

I am a Muslim but I do not follow those Imams and those sheikh...they can fucking drop dead.

I read Bible and I read everything that is related to God...

I just dont know what the fuck He wants with me?


you know what??

after I curse God and be mad at Him 150% - He came down to me and kick my ass!

Even though I dont know what the fuck did God want with me...I ignored Him and moved on...

From now onwards...I am ignoring the Alpha and the Omega of mankind...let Him figure out his conflict of interest Himself...I dont care...he doesnt because He had another 6.8 billions of lives He could messed with.

Well, I know he sure has fucked up our company. We've been praying for years but all God's done for us is drop his drawers and shit all over us. Sadistic son of a bitch.

That filthy Fucked up jew bastard homo never gave me a wife and family that i always wanted.

You can't hate God if God doesn't exist. Never mind, I know you will argue that.

All i ever wanted from God was for him to Bless me with a wife and family that i still Don't have today as i speak which so many others have been Blessed with that.Then again, with so many women that are very high maintenance, independent, selfish, spoiled, and very greedy, really speaks for itself as to why many of us good men are still single today as i speak which it is Not our fault at all.

God is fucked up he tell to respect your parents, then fuck you up, if you don't do his will he cry. His existence is fucked if you kill someone your a murder, yet if people get away with mass murder from leaving school I went in to full-time education and went self employed, but god didn't want that because he some fucked up bastard. Look at the story of job, Satan say to god you always bless job, ok he un your power but you not allowed to kill his so Satan kill his family. So who to blame Satan or god god why for allowing Satan to do that. I go self employed god stop me why for his selfish need. God need to look at the world he made why for he fucked up.

My point is in my existence I've been discrimination, because of his test, I'm living in a dead world, job spoke about it what the point of being born when god test goes too far god has endanger my life for his existence, I was a man who went self employed, 8 years later I find someone has put it on the net saying I was the finding director, that good that someone respect my work, but all in all god fucked up this morning I near had a fight, in one way it ok for people to fight with me but on the other hand god has to test me to see if I'd kill someone. A judge respected me for following law, but everything god does is for his need what is the point of life if god can discriminate a person. Job wish he'd never been born because of god and his lies I feel the same. He lies for his need not mine wish id never even thought of his existence or life.

The story of job is show god wickedness that god bless job, but allowed Satan to afflict him with suffering, just like myself but the difference between me and job is job suffered for god needs I suffered because of god for doing good to the people of my community. I've missed an existence because of good and his test. Could have done good in the world will never get that chance again. His test are stupid and dangerous, dangerous to myself and other, Moses made 1 mistake and look what happened god stop him going in to the promise land. Like I said in all heart and soul god needs to look at the world. It's like Cain and Abel Cain killed Abel because of what god favour Abel because of 1 sacrifice to god god should had spent time with Cain and show him love. The point is god does some evil things for his need

God is a bad ass with a heart full of a love you don't have a clue about. He kills, he makes alive. He pisses you off, and me, too, ha ha, puny fucking man and woman, what do you know? Hardly a thing, and yet we have the attitude that we do know how things should be, could be, would be. Fuck you people, for uttering shit you can't back up. In fact God can do anything he wants with anything he wants and you can't know the reason because you say he can't do anything. Ha, fuck us arrogant little pukes, but wait....we live and still we talk on, eat on, wander on, and barely know but still we can tell people the way it is. Folly

That is why he is such a douchebag.

Then again since he made so many women nowadays that are very high maintenance,independent, selfish, spoiled, and very greedy,is a very good reason why many of us good men are still single today which it is certainly no fault of ours. And most of the good old fashioned women years ago were the best.

Why have faith in a god who f's things up?

That'z what Lucifer asked.

As for HonestlySpeaking's weird comment --
"high maintenance, selfish, spoiled, greedy, and also vain... " also this is the definition of the new MetroMale...or Metrosexual.

Gdam there a lot of cry babies around.

Boo hoo hoo.

Sad to say that there are so many Dumb people on this topic. God please help us.

To Teddy, yes it is true your a Loser like the rest of them.

Totally agree with you. Most of my life I have lived by the being "good" standard and have felt shame and guilt if I judged someone for hurting me. I know I am not perfect but if there is one thing that has been proven to me - there is no such being as god. Selfishness is the way to live, not as giver but as a taker. Do what you want.

Atheism makes no sense. Brian doesn't seem to even know or understand if God even exists, so when he says God fucks up, where does his reasoning originate from? Is he claiming to know more than God? And if he isn't, why is his complaint falling on deaf ears?

Does Brian actually believe that his goodness comes from a God that has no goodness whatsoever? Does Brian believe that he is personally more moral than the reality that birthed him? Does Brian know? And if Brian knows there is no God, do you also agree with him?

Is Brian God? Where did his sense of goodness come from?

If Brian's morality does not come from God, is Brian superior to God?

david r, there's a lot of evidence that animals also have a sense of morality. Just Google "animal morality," or check out one of the numerous books on Amazon written on this subject.

Humans, along with other social animals, have a natural instinct to get along with our fellows. Groups of animals, including humans, that cooperate with each other have an evolutionary advantage over groups that bicker, fight, kill each other.

So there's no need to bring in God to explain morality. In fact, the notion of God confuses things. You and I and everybody else are part of the natural reality that brought us into being through natural causes and effects.

Most of your questions assume there is a God. Since there is no demonstrable evidence for God, why do you make this assumption? It makes more sense to explore naturalistic explanations for morality (and everything else) that jump to a conclusion that a supernatural explanation is needed.

It was said :
""" Selfishness is the way to live, not as giver but as a taker. Do what you want. """

The planet is actually firmly demonstrating what to throw from its back
evolution has culminated in a peak of Love through these climate circumstances to come
The possibilities for compassion are never so huge
and compassion opens the sound current above your eyes

Selfishness goes just the opposite from realizing amazing Love


Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say somethin

I hate god. All I ever wanted was boyfriend back. The things that upset him could have been fixed. I have done tried for 4 months to get him back. I know he loved me and God took him away from me. I can't sleep, can't eat, and can't function. I suffer from multiple things and I just keep getting more and more problems that cause more suffering. I can't believe he would let this happen to cause never endless suffering.

Renae, you're hurting now, but remember, this too shall pass. You won't feel bad forever. You'll meet someone new, and be happier than you were before. Often a seemingly bad situation leads to something better.

We learn from every difficult event. Sometimes we need help, though, in getting through tough times. So you might want to talk with a counselor, or a trusted friend about how you're feeling.

Lastly, because I don't believe in god, I don't think god was responsible for you losing your boyfriend. Still, I may be wrong. I just think the chances are slim that god is directing your life. Actually, you are.

For Renae: Love is blind. Once you live to be as old as most of us old timers, you will know that,.....Love starts with a big swelling around the heart,....and eventually ends with a big pain in the Butt. All men are dogs. Men offer love for sex, where women offer sex for love. Once we are experienced in love and sex , we eventually discover there is a big difference between Lust and Love. Once lust is exposed,....most of us settle for companionship and tolerance. Tears won't bring back exhausted love, but Cheers may discover new and lasting Companionship.
Happy Hunting!

The Family Research Council, the 700 Club, and the Church of Scientology are the three bastions of theistic fanaticism. Every time medical science comes through with a new breakthrough to cure the ailing and the terminally ill, at least the first two of these three organizations come running into the public eye to denounce such discoveries as Satanic worship. It's interesting how they like pain and suffering so much so long as it is not their own. However, if one of them were dying of A.I.D.S. and a cure were to be discovered tomorrow, they would concoct some ludicrous story of how the ghost of Jesus appeared before them and told them that it was okay to let medical science prosper in the cure of such a deadly disease. These Bibletards want to control domestic policy and yet not pay one cent of tax money. Moreover, they're just sick puppies. The much notorious pervert in the public eye, Josh Duggar, even occupied the high ranks of the Family Research Council. Yet these assholes find a way to pass judgment on those less fortunate than them. They need their own country, period. And the Church of Scientology? They don't even have any god that they worship and yet they benefit from the same tax exemption laws as other looney tune religious institutions do. They are the worst among the three. They eat their own.
I'm beginning to believe that religion is mostly fairy tale nonsense rather than factual.

Jesus blows. From a guy who lost his business to a wealthy "Christian" landlord. Who since then has gone to church repeatedly in faith and hope of finding a new life. Who has been rewarded with pointless interviews and now is on food share. What a god, what a loving God!

Maybe it's a bit off-topic, but I have to add: The monotheistic god-concept sucks even more than the pantheistic god-concept and here is why I think so:

1.) IF a term, like "God" can not be defined anymore, like in the monotheistic religions are dealing in, other than "being everything and anything, whatsover", then that term has no meaning and no validity....whatsoever anymore.

2.) The pantheistic gods and godesess at least can be defined and do have attributes who seperate them from each other for the sake of getting to know "who is who and what is what." That, at least, makes things much easier to discern. Don't you think so too?

3.) What's the difference between "archetypes" incarnated and gods anyway?

As long as humanity needs god's or even "God", for what reasons ever, humanity is still in state of needing god-concepts to define itself. Why is that?

Brian, sorry for asking this in this context, but "God" made me do it!....(lol).

The filthy scum sucking pig jew never gave me a wife and family.

At GoFigure:

I don't know why some "gods" don't like happy people. But I guess it's because they are unhappy and therefore they deal in misery likes company.

I don't think jews are filthy scum sucking pigs. But their "god" may be a little bit off...to put it nicely.

I am a god fearing person but still I have to say this,I FUCKING HATE HIM,i want to believe he exist but considering the way he fucks up my life,it seems he doesn't want me to...I can really understand sometimes he doesn't answer my prayers but let me say this~

I have been suffering from acne breakouts all over my face,I cannot be social or feel at place among others,I feel embarrased going outdoors and when meeting girls on the way,i would face down and just stare on the road,I cannot be confident and get into panic and nervousness easily,I had never been this way before,I always feel like if this hasn't happened to me 4 years ago,then things could've been different and i could walk the road face up and confidently...i often get asked by stupid peoples on the road loudly why i'm like this,and the people around would stare at me,well,if I had known then my face would already be clean and smooth like any other

I know i am a decent looking guy,but with a face like this,no way I'm getting a girlfriend which i secretly long for,I have acne at the start of my teenage and now i have only 1 year before becomming adult and still haven't had a single girlfriend,i don't smoke,i don't drink and i don't do almost all the bad things that a teenage boy is expected to do,still i suffered from what seems to be undevoidable since its coming from a no good,self-centered God

All my friends at school are laughing with their girlfriends,getting drunk and smoking weed and enjoying life freely,while I suffer like this,its not like I'm gonna do bad things if I haven't got these acne,I am certain of that,even if God says oterwise,i can certainly prove him wrong.I have gone to many Skin Specialists and pray to God for 3 years every night,and whenever I had the chance,like when I'm alone at home,I would kneel on the floor asking him to save me from this sickened life with tears flowing from my eyes,but he turned a deaf ear to me the whole time
Why?Why does God let this happen?why do the good people always have to suffer while the bad live a very good life.Don't tell me were all the same in His eyes,is Mother Teresa the same as Hitler?Certainly not.

A nasty drunker got miraculously cured from his certain to die condition after having Jesus,while a devoted Christian could not be cured and have to say that it is God's will..if God is so omnipotent and know and planned everything thats happening and going to happen,like it stated on the Bible,then what's the need of Satan,even if a person do commit a sin,he is not to blame or even Satan,its God,he planned all this right?,in fact if the Bible is so true,then everyone going to hell are not because of their so called 'free will',its God's will,he planned it for the people who are banished to hell,its like they are born so just to go to hell and to fulfill God's plan

Now I hate God so much because he always fucks up my life,in many ways apart from my acne,its like he always wanted to pick me when something good is about to happen to me or when i am gonna be happy about something to happen,sometimes he makes me so mad,i would dearly love to punch him right square in the face with all my anger and hatred in my fist,you remember those people who said they met God while dead for a few moments or in their dreams?,well right now,if i happen to be one of them,then I would punch him in his face as hard as I could so that he will never show Himself around me again

I know the feeling god is selfish self centre and when he try getting us to do his will, human don't know him, who has every seen god, god can not play god with people life the reason Cain killed Abel, is because of God action.

Cain killed Abel, because god didn't show Cain love, love was what Cain needed if Cain was shown love then Cain wouldn't have killed Abel. God never blame himself for people action, he blames human, but my problem is this you gave use freewill so let us live our life's and you just judge people for what they do.

On the day of judgement god can judge me, but god can not hold me back in my working life, because that's a crime.

I have no human right because of god selfishness.

God can not stop people from living their life, but god can judge.

People especially belivers can't live with the idea that what ever happens in this world, it is in the hands of humans, living beings or nature...Absurd is to think there is a supernatural force who created cosmos and is similar to humans...Rather than that God gave humans to look like him, I rather believe that humans are those who wish that power that created cosmos and everything living is like a human...Sadly to say it is not like humans, it is a force of life, but it doesn't interact as humans, doesn't have feelings and it doesn't hear...That what happened in that shooting wasn't act of God, but it was act of one man who held a gun...And as much as it sound idiotic, that shows us how we are born free to do some things, but some times some people use their freedom and the power of technology to take other people freedom, weather is freedom in general or worst freedom of life...Also what is more idiotic is that that football player wasn't saved by God, he was saved by the cause of action that happened...He surely was not aimed by shooter and survived due to position of the bullet in his organism...

Oskar are you kokoska or putka or kura?

God is fucking Satan.

Plz Google
ssri medication + school shootings copilote
They kill ALL empathy at 100%


God is a piece of shit

Mike, which God?

I'm with most of you. Stop blaming god for fucking up your lives. It's your fault when shit happens to you. Just as it's your 'fault' when good things happen. I keep cursing god when in fact I should be cursing myself. God's involvement is bullshit.

God is a fuck up.

Well he certainly made so many Fucked Up women these days unlike years ago when Most of the Good old fashioned women were the Best of all and a hell of a lot Easier to meet with a very Good Personality as well. What the hell happened to these Losers today?

"it is safe to say that more and more neuroscientists are gradually coming to the conclusion that free will does not exist", writes Michio Kaku, a professor of theoretical physics based in New York,

scientists are realizing that free will does not exixts. everything happens as per the will of god. our anger should be directed towards god, if something bad happens in our life.

1. http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2016/06/theres-no-such-thing-as-free-will/480750/

2. https://www.samharris.org/free-will

3. http://www.science20.com/gerhard_adam/free_will_vs_free_choice-110514

4. http://www.humantruth.info/free_will.html

5. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/free-will-could-all-be-an-illusion-scientists-suggest-after-study-that-shows-choice-could-just-be-a7008181.html

6. http://blogs.scientificamerican.com/bering-in-mind/scientists-say-free-will-probably-doesnt-exist-but-urge-dont-stop-believing/

7. https://jaymans.wordpress.com/2013/09/25/no-you-dont-have-free-will-and-this-is-why/

8. http://io9.gizmodo.com/5975778/scientific-evidence-that-you-probably-dont-have-free-will

tetka are you from yugoslavia

And to think that all i ever wanted from God was to meet a Good Normal Woman to settle down with to have a family which Never happened for a Good Man like me that is Still Single today unfortunately.

Yes it is very true that God is a filthy Scumbag. Case closed.

I understand what just about everyone here is going through, and it is true that God is a sadist. Whenever I leave my bathroom, somehow a doorknob finds a way to bang into my right hand no matter how careful I am. If it only happened once in a blue moon, I would make no issue out of it. However, this time a hanger fell from my curtain rack into the bathtub and broke. And even when the doorknob only taps my right hand, I get this extremely painful, large bruise on it that takes forever to go away. It's as though God is up there waiting to stick his knives into me one by one when I least expect it, and I have done nothing to deserve his animosity. My hatred for him has intensified so much because of his abuse that there are no words to describe how much I'd love to hack him with an ax if he were human. Instead of giving Jesus Christ a crucifixion, the Romans should have taken him and chopped his head off. That is, after beating and torturing him. I'm not a Jihadist, but that's just how I feel about God and Jesus. They both disgust me in every inch of my skin. God and Jesus have no right to complain about misotheists, because they have made people become misotheists. They need to be on the receiving end of things and see how they like it. When Reverend Pat Robertson got all worked up about an alien healing a 10-year-old boy's bleeding finger in that 1982 movie "E.T.; the Extra-Terrestrial" inasmuch as, in his opinion, ONLY GOD HAS THE RIGHT TO HEAL, I became interested in knowing whether Reverend Pat Robertson could resist getting a painful injury healed through scientific means despite that it would go against his so-called Christian beliefs. Religions sucks. Jesus sucks. And God is an asshole and will always be one.

Well i am going to further explain my side of the story which is the real truth of all when all i ever wanted from God was for him to very much bless me with a good wife and family that i never had at all since i made this comment already back over a month ago. It is a shame that God made so many low life loser pathetic women nowadays that are certainly to really blame why there are many of us very good men out there that are still single when we really shouldn't be at all unfortunately. God really should've made women like the past since most of them were the very best of all since most of them were raised very well by their parents at that time when most of them as well had a very great personality, excellent manors, so very polite to talk too as well. Today most of them without a doubt are so very evil altogether with a very horrible personality, no manors at all, they will curse at us good men no reason at all just when we will say good morning or hello to them which i can certainly see that they have a very severe mental problem to act this way with us men since i had this happened to me already and a friend that i know had it happened to him as well. God really fucked these women up very badly when he created garbage like them in the first place which is very scary how the women are now compared to the past since they were the complete opposite of what they're now which is very sad how they turned out to be. So much for God saying that man shouldn't be alone right? Well it is the women of today that are so very badly damaged that have cause this mess to begin with since many of us good innocent men really have no reason to blame ourselves at all either. It is a very good thing that most of the women in the old days were raised very well by their parents since the times back then were completely different than today since now unfortunately it is quite a mess. It was just too very bad that God didn't create good women like the past that would've made a complete difference for many of us men today since most of us ourselves that really wanted to get married and settled down definitely would've been by now since many of us are still single with no family today as i speak. It is real fact that most of the women in the old days really did put these women today to real shame altogether.

I think the problem is you.

To Tom, Not really at all.

Yes it is.

All of these silly talking snake bearded zombie organized religions are obviously nothing more than historical fiction. In reality- we understand a/any possible creator less than ants understand us. Intelligent people understand this, brainwashed fools do not. Regardless, if something were to/does have any control over the outcome of our lives then yes, he’s a giant a-hole.

I have belived in god for nearly 19 years of my 22 year life so far, but god is not real !, do you know why because he took away someone I loved and she was the nicest person in the world ! but god took her away to heaven ( as believers would say) what the fuck are people going to do in heaven ?? read book die again of boardem ? what they are going to do jack so Heaven is stupid concept ! NEXT off my best friend for 16 years he is the most successful guy I know, he has top marks at school, topped the uni A levels and he topped university exams, but he will die soon due to a problem with his body. Also he is the nicest person ever, no joke and I am not being bias. So tell me why does god take away nice people but not all the rapist,murders and fucked up people of this world to hell ??? or unless earth is hell and he inteds to keep our prision full ?? what happened to doing bad and you will go to hell ? god can take away nice people when ever but not take all the fuckers from out prison ? because they are filling up. ( feel free to answer this riddle believers)

Dear God,

Thanks for doing literally the opposite of every single one of my prayers. Thank you for making me and my family miserable. Thank you for giving me the desire to give up when I prayed for strength. Thank you for making me feel hopeless in a time where I needed hope the most. Thank you for ignoring me in the time I needed you the most. Thank you for nothing. You call yourself "perfect" but in reality you're less perfect than all of us. You pick favorites and leave the rest of us to suffer. Fuck you and your word.

Your "child"

Well, if there is a good.. He doesn't give a sht about a lot of people who are suffering terminal illness cancer the suffering homeless or people killed in senseless shootings...if thats the plan doesn't give a sht...could he praying and still doesn't give a sht...better to think such a don't give a shit entity doesn't exist...than to plan for all these sufferings and senseless things...like Katrina and starving people around the world.


I never believed in that filthy scumbag in the first place. And if the dick exists then why are many of us innocent people suffering on this rotten earth to begin with in the first place? Doesn't make any sense at all.

There is absolutely no reason for god to allow all the evil in this world. There is no free will if satan is allowed to mess with it, and there is no satan messing with our free will without god's permission. There is no testing our faith if god is all-knowing, he should already know what the outcome is going to be and last but not least, there is no fucking plan. This moron has no plan. So what's left? What other possible reason could there be for an all-powerful god allowing so much evil in the world? There is none. That's just god's way of scapegoating and hiding behind everything and everyone. Refusing to take any responsibility for fear of looking like the piece of shit we all already know he is. God is an evil, worthless, insecure fucking coward. Who I wish could/would be destroyed. God is a fake bully who hides. We were only put on earth for it's mere amusement and entertainment. Oh yeah...and to serve. Sucks for him/it because I will never serve him/it. So go ahead and send me to hell, I absolutely spit on your existence and your threats of eternal damnation faggot.

It took me far to long...but the greatest feeling I've had is telling God he is a cunt sucking piece of shit. God is such a piece of shit I almost want him to come back so we can kill his dumb ass again. Whenever some idiot says good bless or something close to that I wanna say SHUT THE FUCK UP....GOD IS A FUCKING IDIOT & YOU'RE A BIGGER FUCKING IDIOT FOR BELIEVING IN HIM. I love the way the world is going more & more people are seeing God for what he is.... A pathetic piece of shit. The one promise I've made & plan to keep is never, never, NEVER GIVING THAT FAG GOT JOKE God another prayer. It's very few people I hate but my hate for God is on another level....God is a bitch. God is a 2 face lying piece of shit & anybody who follows his wordeath is a dumb ass piece of shit

If there is a god, he's a fucking idiot and is not worthy of worship. Because IF there is a God, then fuck him. BC IT has certainly fucked this world up. Personally I think it's a pile of shit that I wasted most of life on. And I'm 47. I wasted at least 40 years of my life on religious bullshit. GODDAMNIT!

There is no god. Only you a bunch of hatefull people. When you remove god there only stays your anger and hate. But i understand you guys you need some excuse like "god" to cover your anger and hate which is in you only. You are the same as believers only you stress the hate on god but believers faith. I think you guys from last posts are disapointed believers.

Tarantacha, I assume your comment was directed at my post. Well yes I am angry. And if there is a god, then goddamn fuck him!!

Randall, your comment was just above mine, I loved your post and agreed 100%. I have several bibles. You know what I use them for? Toilet paper. That is all it;s worth in my opinion. To clean your Goddamn ass,



God is a fucking filthy scumbag the way i look at it since he has punished many of us good people for no reason at all by putting us on this fucking earth to suffer. What a dick. That filthy piece of shit should burn in hell with the Devil.

Fuck god. That bitch ass fucker. I do and go where he wants me to my whole life and all I want is a woman to love and care for and grow old with and this bitch ass can't even give me the one and only thing I've ever asked for??????? Fuck him and what ever white horse he rode in on. All I want is someone to love and love me ass whole mother fucker!!!! All he ever does is bring women into my life and they are not the ones for me because they them selves say no. And it's bullshit because he is the one making me have feelings for them I don't go fucking random I don't want to hurt woman all I want is one to love and care for. Fuck him and his shit all I want is to die and it's because of him!!!!!

Fuxo you are all just one person posting here how can you atract woman with so much anger in you. You must deal with your anger first. I would be scared dating someone like you.Today you blame god for your anger next time you will blame your lady. Take advice and deal with your anger.

Even thou i don't believe in god i don't understand that Brian allows such dirty thoughts and language here. Brian i really think this says much about you no words needed.

God fucks shit up. He despises Muslims especially, for the posters who are conflicted about their waning faith. Am I the only one who noticed that the more debauch, amoral, & corrupt people are, the better they feel & live? Why do exceptionally good people suffer? God does not welcome innocence or altruism. He is the Devil who enjoys man destroying man. That is why the evil win and the good suffer.

The truth to me is simply that God is the worst thing ever created by humankind. We have failed as a species in the most essential tasks of this existance. To truly love and respect one and other and our planet and to live in the peace and harmony that our highly advanced consciousness can conceive, but worse we have ripped from ourselves the mystical and spirit nature of life with this horrific concept. Truly Fuck You God!! What might have been had we not dreamed up our own nightmare. Once the human is gone so to its God, and for that, good riddance.

Thank you for allowing me to be violated and continue to be violated. I am no longer the same, my life is no longer the same. "God" you are truly a piece of shit and scum. Quite frankly I don't think you really exist. You can't possibly exist. If you do, you should be beheaded. I hate you, I really do. Fucking disgusting scum.

Who the fuck is God? Never heard of that scumbag.

Nope !
I completely agree
Read what I told about Brian
and behead your actual self

There is no God to blame , really nobody there . . ; there is only YOU

Brian theis blog, the planet the ugly ignoramous in DC
are all your products

So start the beheading but not physically
because it's always wrong to punish an innocent one, the body
It's just a carrier of the culprit : You . . Dear

Do something compassionated, have empathy
and everything will change


Fuck God in the ear. He's a whiny little faggot who's in constant need of attention.

Ignoring the insignificant motherfucker seems to work well for me.

There is a reason why the good die so young, and so soon while the scums of the earth still remain breathing air. Look at the god we're dealing with. People still want to consider this a loving god? As if dealing with bad people wasn't enough, he made sure they would live long lives. Sick. Bastard had it all planned-out. But not the kind of "plan" dumbfounded christians loving preaching about.

Fuck that filthy scum sucking fucking homo jew bastard they call God since that fucking retard never gave a very good innocent man like me a good wife and family that i should've had to begin with since that fucker gave it to Billions And Billions of other people on this fucked up planet. What the hell did i ever do Wrong you filthy scumbag? Then again which i never believed in that jew Bastard to begin with anyway.

i know there is a god. I just realized what a total asswipe he is. I see people suffering all over this shithole world. FOR WHAT FUCKNG REASON?? His amusement! That's what. I'm done with D O G .
Idgaf what he thinks about me anymore. I been on his side my whole life. And i'm old. Wish I woulda lived majority of my life not ever knowing about D O G. No insult to dogs. Dogs are mans best friend. Not god.

Hi Learned!

Everyone is suffering. Isn't this a great place?

But whether there is or isn't a God? What He /She/It thinks?

Whether I caused my fate or it was done to me?

Here I am. What else can we say?

Do I have any tools for survival?
Any skills or powers, or super powers to get through this?

Is there any help from a higher power? Some one who can actually help me?
Or help me help myself?

And can I get through this without heaping more crap upon myself?

Can I lighten anyone else's burden along the way?

I'm here. This is it. Not what I wanted, but this is my reality.

What now? What resources do I have? What can I develop?

I don't have two seconds to give to the God who did all this.... No attention at all...

But I need to attend to this situation and what I might uncover to help. I need to attend to whatever strength I can find, mine, and refine within myself. And I need to honor the promises I made to those in this place with me...

That is worth all my attention. This "God" who makes these horrors... Worth no time and no attention.

"""""This "God" who makes these horrors... Worth no time and no attention. """""

YOU Spencer are the origin of everything


Therefore RSSB meditation is so special
This realisation comes automatically
You just be the One you are calling names
Satch Khand just means that you are grabbing that , . . do some crying underway
realising that your actual 'you' is a horror , a bastard

Same for me

Hi 777

Your perspective is right, from that point of view.
But Learned 's perspective is right also.
We should escape this place. It's not a place for children.
And the ethics of letting this happen is not becoming to a Benevolent God.
You can say it's all my fault.
But if you have blindfolded me, and blindfolded, I step upon a child 's foot, that's your fault.
When a machine fails repeatedly, it is the designer who must shoulder the burden of responsibility.

One more small point, dear 777

The reason Master assumes responsibility for our Karma is because it is his to begin with. We are returning to him what He has done.

Jesus didn't die for our sins.

He was crucified for His.. This is His creation.

Dear lovely Spencer,

""" But if you have blindfolded me, and blindfolded, I step upon a child 's foot, that's your fault. """

First I like very much respond on All you 3 reasonable feelings here.
on which I agree were it not that I have also realised this 'it's not happening"
what happens on this planet.
Even the 1/7 time_space overlaps so much the horror/sadness
acknowledged by most Near Death Experiences of people who never heard of any philosophy
Let alone imagine what happens successively in 2, 3, 4, 5,6 & 7/7 conditions of consciousness

An important point here is also "Everything is relative"
It's so amazing how victims later tell about the feel of Grace in the midst of hardships
Also again: non-philosophic all kind of people

But I do not underestimate war and suffering - don't think that
I asked this question 2 times personally to my Master when he was in the flesh

The third time i got the answer what I try to verbalize here and it s not possible

You really must go in a little ( like the NDE-ers ) to understand

Without the amnesia, you complain about, . . the scheme you planned at the start cannot happen
However there are innumerable other kinds of schemes without this "ignorance" temporally
But ou subscribed to a kind of master class happening :-)

It's not explainable to a cancer patient, a couple with 3 invalid children
that one was breaking bones in a year long ago
the second burned out eyes and so on
and then the parents asked "what did we wrong to deserve this"
and Edgar Cayce answering : YOU WERE THE JUDGES and CONDEMNERS

Please consider also that these kind of solutions to learn compassion can only be engraved in a character by experiencing the samehorror
If it could be learned more lightly it would be done

Furher - it is not that we were blindfolded as you describe
You were a Deity, A Proctor a King , a Sheikh during so many innumerable "millenia"
and so many times , . .. degrading yourself
How did we arrive in this disgusting place in total ignorance?

ALL started by deceitfully and 999 _IQ clever and as Buddha claims as the greatest sin EVER , modifying our conscience ( le petit voix in French - they have no - utterly_clever even no word for it in their dictionary ), . . a tiny, tiny little bit
Yes You and me did that in High Heavens already and after our consequences still do

Hitler believed he was honest when he speeched to his army: "of course you must kill Jewish babies, . . just think about that they develop to be full grown Jews and what they will do to our German nation. "
That stand comes from many times repeating what Buddha referred to.

Feeling abhorred, please think about the splendour of NDE at the entrance of 1/7

Next God descends and we mostly don 't want Him until we are really sad


Hi 777
I very much appreciate your help comments.

They are the comments of a mystic. And from that perspective, entirely understandable.

You may say that once long ago we did something bad and now suffer for it. Even our blindness is a result.

But from the position of ethics it doesn't hold up.

Allowing harm to come to anyone for any reason, when we can prevent it, is absolutely wrong. There is no justification on ethical grounds for that. All the saints teach us to give our lives to help our fellow human beings as we pursue that finer reality at their feet. And this has been their model.

But for One powerful and omniscient enough to prevent such things there is no excuse.

We must take our case directly to God. And in the very basis of His own teachings, He is utterly condemned.

Karma is a fine operational explanation. But it is immoral and grievously unethical on the grounds of simple right and wrong and personal responsibility.

The creator made the rules and must account for all that happens as a result. Otherwise He is no creator.

Because if we love Him and follow His rules there can be no exceptions, certainly not for the One who made and owns every second of this reality.

This takes nothing away from your explanation or the perfection of the Path. But it also acknowledges the legitimacy and honor that belongs to every Atheist who is rightly appalled at what takes place under God's watch.

The book of Job memorializes the sacred Truth of this complaint. If there is a God this complaint is equally Holy and worthy of respect. Nothing of any religion or spiritual practice will ever reduce the Truth of this complaint, and the burden of responsibility on the Creator for the ethics of what happens here.

Dear Spencer Tepper

I ll try to find a better answer with words

The best answer is listening to the Sound and the DOER is forgiven

But this is not the best forum to proclaim that
What might appeal to some is that realizing YOU are the Anahabad Shabd Sound
ITSELF and while listening you know all complaints towards your self are melting away

Even in that Situ and realizing you could really change the destinations of all


With words it's so difficult - Mystics use words but it's between the words that we find Truth AND in their Gaze ( Dhyan )-Also the 5 wonderful words are powerstations; not words

Here is also the importance and superbness of a Master, ° ° ° say somebody fully and constantly ( though I don't know for sure - it(s complicated )
He is there for people like me, - to lazy , to undiciplined , can only be good in vegetarism wow& hihi, . . . but seeing the Master in physical or otherwise - HE GIVES CADEAUX ALL THE TIME
and even that , I cannot explain

My own phrase I like so much on this subject of the erring God
"HE is just an eternal Love Generator "
Tesla would have liked

If It could be explained with mind IQ words, . . . It would not exist

I have no more at the moment
I guess non (ex)-rssb initiates here will shout : fake news , ....


again my almost eternal question to Brian :
Imaging Y'r God having it all - : What would you like to receive for your birthday

Maybe a few words from Charan Singh regarding Karma might bring some Grace.

More About Karma from the late Guru, Charan Singh
The Law of Karma

The world is a place in which we learn. Is that called karma? What do we learn in this world? To feel unhappy? To be a part of this agony? What are we learning? What advantage are we taking now from our experiences in our previous births? Do we remem­ber them? Are we not repeating the same mistakes which we repeated in our last birth?

How much have we learned from these mistakes? Nothing. So how are we learning?
We are just reaping the fruit of what we have sown. We even do not learn from the mistakes in this life, what to say of our past lives. This world is a field of karmas. Whatever we have sown, we reap, and whatever we sow now, we reap here in the future.

We have come here again and again to fulfil those desires, to reap the fruit of the seeds that we have sown in our previ­ous births, and while reaping we also sow for the next birth, and the excess also increases our stored lot. That is karma.

Question from a Desciple: "Master, if a man acts like a beast will he have to come back as a beast?"

Ans: " He may have been a beast in his last life and is still carrying all those instincts in him. Or he may come back again as a beast. Our own karma decides that. According to the karma theory, man can merge back into his Source, the Lord from whom he originally came, and he can also go back into a lower species such as an animal or even below that, to which he may have descended in a previ­ous life and come up to the status of a human being again.

The Lord does not find excuses to send us back. He gives us opportunity after opportunity to improve, to go ahead. But if we refuse to make use of this opportunity, we can go back.
Our attachments, our unfulfilled desires, our karmas can pull us down. We do not like to think so, but that is a fact."

Question: " Maharaj Ji, is it possible to have unconscious attachments without really realizing it?"

Ans: "Sometimes we are not aware of our attachments. We feel that we are detached, but when the situation arises, we realize how much we are attached. Our present attachments as well as our previous attachments can bring us back to this earth, because unless all our karmas, unless all our attachments are loosened, we cannot go up. We may have some previous attachments of past births which may still be strong and for which we still have to give an account. They may even pull us back to this world. " Ques: "Even if we do make progress?"
Anns: "Even if we do make progress. But we will, of course, go ahead, not backwards. We will be born in much better circumstances where we can clear our karmic accounts in a much better way. Once we make a start, we will always go ahead, not back­wards at all. There are no failures in Sant Mat. But unless our attachments are loosened, we cannot go back Home. And all this meditation takes care of our previous attachments also. When we think that we are not making progress, we do not know actually what progress we are making, how much we have to pierce through in order to get to the light."

"We all have a store of karmas from previous births, and unless we clear those karmas from previous births, as well as our fate karma and do not sow for the future, how can we go back?
Meditation takes care of all those stores of karmas. By meditating we are loosening those attachments, and when they are being cleared, sometimes in meditation we see many types of faces coming before us of gents and ladies, moving about."

" We do not know who they are. Those are our previous re­lations, our previous attachments. We are not to pay any atten­tion to them. We are just to keep ourself in meditation. Automatically they will cease to come before us. Their accounts with us are being cleared in this way. Only if we still have very strong attachments left at the time of death, then we are brought back into this world to clear them."

Ques: " Astrologers claim that when one is born in a certain month of the year, one is given a certain type of life and guaranteed a certain way of living. Is this true or not?"

Ans: " If you know what is going to happen to you, what difference will it make? Nothing can be changed. We will have to face what is in our destiny. So why add to our agony by knowing beforehand what we are going to face? If one is told that he is going to have an accident two years before it is to happen, one is living in that anxiety and agony for two years. Whereas if he did not know in advance, it may have bothered him for perhaps only two or three hours.
What is the use of it all? Astrology is a definite science, which very few have mastered, so mostly these predictions are not correct. One should not dabble in these things. Whatever has to come, will come, so why bother about it?"

Ques: "If we do something for someone and it turns out badly, and we find out that we were wrong and were truly sorry, does that rectify anything?"

Ans: " We should honestly, with the best of intentions, try always to do good. Then if it turns out differently, we should not worry. We should take it as our pralabdh karma, fate or destiny.
There is nothing to rectify. The thing that had to happen, has happened. Our conscience is clear. We have not done it knowingly. But we should not try to justify such weaknesses. When we are honest in our efforts to do good, then it is up to the Lord. W e cannot help it if it takes another shape."

Ques: "Regarding animals and our relations to them, is it detrimen­tal to our own progress to have affection for an individual animal?"

Ans: " It depends upon the attachment. If you are attached to an animal, naturally it will pull you down. If the animal is at­tached to you and you are not attached to the animal, but you are attached to something much better than the animal, then you may pull that animal up.
If we are meditating, we are attached to that Sound so strongly that it is pulling us, and if the animal is attached to us, we will also pull him along with us."

Ques: Is it possible to rise to some level where you can negotiate with the mind and these attachments and balance them without actually having to live through the karma?"

Ans: " We can always burn our karmas. They can always be des­troyed. That is the purpose of meditation. Otherwise we would have taken hundreds of lives to fulfil those karmas. But by meditation it can be done in one, or two, or three lives, and four at the most. The object of meditation is to destroy those karmas, to clear those karmas. Kabir says that if you have a big stack of hay, it takes only one matchstick to burn the whole lot. Similarly, one little portion of Shabd, an atom of it, burns thousands and millions of our karmas. We actually burn or destroy and rise above them, and do not make new ones in the process. These old karmas have relations with our mind. When with the help of Shabd our mind goes back to its origin, these karmas just drop down. However rusty a knife may be, if you hold it against a revolving grindstone, all the rust is removed. The knife again shines like new. It becomes pure. That is the condition of the soul when it leaves the mind after coming in touch with the Shabd."

Ques: "What is the reason for not remembering what has happened?"

Ans: "If you remember what has happened, what has brought you back into this world, you will not repeat those mistakes. That means you will never come back to this earth again, but will go back to the Lord. In that case, eventually everyone would do so, and the crea­tion would come to an end. If we all know why we are here, which bad habits or which bad karmas have brought us here, we will stop doing those bad karmas. Kal ( The negative power) has received certain boons, prerogatives, certain advan­tages. That is why this whole universe is going on.
One of the boons granted to him was that all creatures for­get their past. Those boons are essential for the continuance of this universe. Since the Lord wants this universe to go on, naturally we have to forget all that has happened in our pre­vious lives, for which we are here now. "

Ques:" Why would the soul want to come back here from the superior planes, knowing how much suffering and misery is here?"

A ns: "Even now, we do not want to go back. We see suffering all around us. If anyone tells you to prepare yourself, you are going to die, are you prepared to die at once? We say, "No, we have so many things to do yet." So even now we are not prepared to leave in spite of all the suffering in this world. We may think we are prepared to die, but realize that we are not when faced with the situation. Knowing that we are weeping and suffering, knowing that we are so miserable and unhappy, still we are not doing any­thing to get rid of this condition. We are doing the same things again and again. We are not taking lessons from that deed we have done in the past birth for which we are suffering now. We are victims of the senses, just the same as we used tobe. We are not taking any lessons from the past. Nobody does.When the situation arises we do the same thing, and we are again sorry. We have forgotten the reason why we are unhappy."

Ques: "Do I understand correctly that at a certain point in the unfoldment we are able to review all the past karmas? If so, is it necessary, and is it of any advantage?"

Ans: " We do know about our whole past when we go beyond Trikuti, the second stage. When the soul gets released from the mind, your past will be crystal-clear to you, as if you are look­ing in a glass. This is possible only when you go beyond the second stage, and then perhaps you will not be interested in knowing your past. You are not interested at all. You are rather looking ahead, and not at the back. You do not feel inclined to see what sins you have been committing, nor what you have had to go through. You are not concerned. Only those who reach their True Home obtain everlasting joy and peace. They break out of the cycle of birth and death forever, and return at last to the Father, thereby escaping the repeated torture of the Messenger of Death."

Ques: "With whose grace do we gain admission to the Court of the Lord? Surely not by our own efforts. Alone we can do nothing. We can never, by ourselves, traverse the uncharted terrain of the inner path. We owe everything to the immeasurable grace of the Master. He showers his blessings on us by joining us with the Shabd and Nam, removing all our doubts, and pulling us out of this quagmire of illusion. It is our Master who puts us on the right Path and awakens in our mind abiding love and devotion for the Lord. Blessed with his infinite grace, through meditation, we seek, we find, and we knock. All beings in the world are helpless puppets in the hands of destiny. There is nothing that they can accomplish by their own efforts."

"Those on whom the Lord wishes to shower his mercy and grace are given the gift of the human form. Out of these fortunate souls, he draws the attention of the marked ones( Marked Elect) to himself. These are the souls whom he, in his supreme bounty, wishes to deliver from doubt and delusion, whom he wishes to call back to his Mansion by joining them with the Light and Sound. It is the Lord's will which is supreme. It is His will that is "done on earth as it is in heaven". Man is helpless. Not till he himself takes us into his fold are we redeemed through the Master's grace. And that grace is showered on us through his gift of devotion and love, which eventually tunes us to him and draws us to our home to merge with the Lord forever..
- "Die to Live" by Maharaj Charan Singh

777, a question for you.

All the books I have read whose authors speak of magical, spiritual, mystical, transcendental, multi-dimensional experiences (call it whatever) the majority of them have taken mind altering drugs.

I'm wondering if you have experienced taking mind altering drugs which have triggered neurochemicals in your brain which is why you are more open to these so called 'mystical' experiences.


"Life in the human body is designed to be a blissful experience. Our evolutionary biology insures that everything necessary for our survival makes us feel good. Therefore, our brain has a wellspring of self-produced neurochemicals that turn the pursuits and struggles of life into pleasure and make us feel happy when we achieve them. This biological design is generous, BUT LAYS DORMANT IN MANY."

Jen, Spiritist Mediums do not use Drugs or intoxicants to Channel Disincarnate spirits. Mystics have contacts with spirits of many different categories, with some seen, in dreams and meditation, with others not seen, but heard Audibly.

They say that spirits that leave human bodies at death, retain the same image, as Astral Forms, and some times continue communicating with incsrnate humans, as they please, to thode who are receptive to their comu icstion. They continue in their Astral Forms until they either reincarnate, or move on to Higher Spiritual Realms as the Sant Mst Master teach.

Charan Singh's Radiant Form appearing to me, looking exactly as he did in his later years before he died, occurred 26 years after his physical death! He was touching my shoulder, 6 inches away from me, having a private discussion with me, alerting me to do some thing simple to remain in my physicsl body awile longer. He called me " Brother", as one on one, not inferior to him.

This corraborates what many spirits told Allan Kardec thru the spirit Mediums. It also indicates that Master Charan Singh has not yet, reincarnated, nor left his Astral Form completely, because he came to me while I was in the Void of Samadhi, not even contemplating on his form!

It never happened in my brain. It happened in the Astral Plane.

I am just a no body, in RSSB or Sant Mat. I never even visited the Dera, carried sand on my head, ( mitta seva ) , broke bricks , wiped bird shit off the Dera leaves, or never saw Master Charan Singh's physical body in person, other than on Video.

Brian Hines and most of the other RSSB skeptic Exers in Brian's Church are all RSSB Appostles, and Saints, as compared to me, a no body American Mystic that has ZERO RSSB experience, yet was contacted by Charan Singh's Radiant Astral Form. Why me? Why not you, who carried dirt on your heads for weeks, broke bricks, gave your money, ran to the Dera every chance you got, yet, from the beginning, when I was initiated by Charan 4 months before he died, I never was interested in his physicsl form. But I have ALWAYS been intetested, and infatuated, with his Astral Radiant Form! And I always knew where to travel, if I ever expected to see him. And that was at my Third Eye, where he promised he would be, any time I meditated and traveled there.

If skeptics refuse to believe India exists, then they will never attempt to obtain directions to visit there, Same applies to refusing to believe that the Radiant Form of the Master resides at the Third Eye, so never attempt to follow the directions given at Initiation to find him there.

The spirits that communicated to Allan Kardec in The Spirits Book, answered his prepared questions thru thousands of different Mediums corroborating each other.

These Messeges came thru in the mid 1800s, before the Radhasoami Philosophy was even brought forth by Swamiji.

Exers here and Atheist might consider broadening their Metaphysical reasearch.


God and Jesus are totally fucked up altogether.

Dear Reality Check
Who is fit to judge God?
Why shout at the darkness?
Light a candle.
If you can make the case for what is wrong you also have the power to do something right. The same brilliant insight that shows you horror, also knows the opposite. If it did not, horror would not be horrible. And then neither would God.

So, do something right.
Do that.
What can substitute for that?

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