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July 08, 2012


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Thanks Brian. Good stuff. Check out Ram Dass "Be Love Now" (2010) for devotional approach. "Where there is love no other thought will enter." Kirpal Singh "Guru bhakti leads to Nam bhakti." Charan Singh
It appears to me that Nam consumes thoughts. "The heart speaks. The mind does not know."

I too like her.I have the ''book everyday Zen''

"If from morning to night we just took care of one thing after another, thoroughly and completely and without accompanying thoughts, such as "I'm a good person for doing this" or "Isn't it wonderful that I can take care of everything?," then that would be sufficient."

Yes, no thoughts are better than self-aggrandizing thoughts, but entertaining and interesting thoughts are better than "sufficient".

Practice is Practice. Look up the definition. So, Zen "pracice" sounds gimmicky. That said, the basic message from the book is spot on, however what is the proper word for non-practice?

"...Practice is not about having experiences, not about having giant realizations, not about getting somewhere or becoming something. We are perfect as we are. By "perfect" I mean simply that this is it. Practice is simply maintaining awareness -- of our activities and also of our thoughts that separate us from our activities."

----This isn't a big deal, but one could just take out the word "practice" from the above statement. And, throw out the "Zen" word too. I'm chopping some wood, anyone in need?

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