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July 28, 2012


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even jesus had 12 disciples, and the disciples regarded jesus as their guru/teacher.
one of them betrayed jesus, yet the master jesus was all knowing and an enlightened soul. he did not change his bad fate or disown his disciple. which i think is the case of brian

what we can learn is that this 'guru' 'teacher' has been always around and obviously god will not be unfair to send just certain saints at certain times, they are always present....

when jesus was around, no one believed him except his 12 disciples, after he died, everyone believed him, well mostly.

the same is with guru nanak ji, when he was around, only very few disciples believed and listened to him, yet when he left this world , he has millions of followers, if guru nanak ji was to enlighten all souls after he left this world ...then why would he leave a successor to carry on his work.... he would have said just believe and pray to me and i will save u.

same with john the baptist. he initiated jesus, and he was the successor.

so i think we always need a teacher, if i passed a school exam, who would i thank? the books i studied from or the school teacher that taught me from the books???
the answer is obvious !!

thats the same with religious books, you read it and think you know it all, but when a living guide explains it properly, then you thank the living guide for clearing your doubts and helping you.

"then you thank the living guide for clearing your doubts and helping you."

Nobody can clear your doubts but you. When you doubt something, you look more closely, examine more carefully until you get to the bottom of whatever it is you're uncertain about. That's the value of doubt. Without it, you're just a follower, a sucker, a fool.

Well if i got stuck on an exam question. had doubts on my answer. needed clarification, then no amount following my self . Examining more carefully will bring the right answer. only a living teacher can point you in the right direction. and give you the right answer. then you can examine the formula. do the experiment to see if you get that result.

When we come inti this world we need a teacher straight away. our first teacher are mum and dad. no amount of self help will help the kid grow. talk or walk. only through guidance of his parents will he suceed. then through out life whatever we learn we need a teacher. driving. studying, swimming, any skill or sport u need a teacher. you can not examine or learn an art urself. very rare.

brian is a wonderful person and soul. his dislike to rssb is justified in his reasons. we can not tell him that he is wrong. all of us on here have read from books about what is right and wrong, whether god exists.etc. this is secondary knowledge. not primary experience or your own knowledge.
so how can we tell him he is wrong when we are lost ourselves.
all our knowledge is based on books. we have seen nothing ourselves!!
if were enlightened souls. then we would see god in everyone. even brian. so then tell me who is right and wrong. we would just stay quiet . especially when god is in everyone and we from our primary experience can see that he is everywhere,then our doubts would come to an end.because god himself is directing this worldly play.
all this world is a stage . we come and do our parts then depart from this earth. like shakespeare said.

"we have seen nothing ourselves!!
if were enlightened souls. then we would see god in everyone."

Huh? Help me out here. If "we have seen nothing ourselves", how do we know what we would see if "enlightened"? Or is it you that sees what we don't?

Well look at history of enlightened souls. such as jesus, the sikh gurus. , bulleh shah, kabir, and reading their scriptures will tell you what enlightenment means. and how to achieve it.

just like a littpe child says he wants to be a doctor, parents just agree with the child but not say no way u wil not be.
thats our case at the moment . we keep saying who is wrong and right based on our understanding and knowledge.

then if the child grows up and studies and takes the appropriate exams he qualifies for a doctor and reaches that stage of doctrine. the same is with enlightenment. until we dont achieve it ourselves we will carry on with worthless arguments and justify our own ego.

just like john the baptist enlightened jesus and baptised/initated him. just like guru nanak chose his successor becausr he felt that he had reached the stage of being a guru.

Just like jesus when he was preaching and achieved tue ultimate enligthment and said god is in evryone. my father has many mansions. let him cast the first stone who has never sinned in his life.
i cant say much more. because i dont want to prove anything but say that no one is wrong or correct. My only point was that a living guide is a neccessity. we have to find a guide who preaches the same as moses. jesus. guru nanak. bulleh shah. their actual writings have not been altered and tue truth is in their teachings.

harman, you're full of crap.

Thanks. i agree.
but again you are only saying that because u think u know it all.

The whole world is full of crap. because we are all dead people walking. these very bodies will be buried here.
The whole world is full of death and crap.

harman, you're a real gurmukh.

Come on Tao, don't be so narrow minded, Harman is saying some good things, just because he is RS don't shut him off. That's the problem with these so called ex RS satsangis that have supposedly meditated diligently for 30 years.

Now if someone said your full of crap to one of Brian's puppets then there would be a myriad of vengeance and even from the puppet master himself.

Oh well, you reap what you sow, believe in God, don't believe in God, there's justice in this world.

"Come on Tao, don't be so narrow minded, Harman is saying some good things"

Sorry Gaz. Tao is right. Harman - a fine fellow and an upstanding citizen - is full of crap.

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