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July 28, 2012


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I watched this a couple of nights ago. I must say it was a good watch!

Sitting watching it and thinking 'how can these people be so gullible?'
Then the penny dropped - I could see myself in a way having done the same thing and still capable of doing so. It certainly puts things in a different light how we are 'seeking' or 'searching' for something or some place better and find someone or some group to hang our projections and meanings onto. Back to how we give things meanings and build false lives/selves on these meanings and then look for solutions.

I have been reading UG Krishnamurti as well.....which is putting a spanner in these works.

Kumare is a well done movie - if you are ready to let go of your comfort zone! Lessons to be learned. I'd imagine you would enjoy it Brian.

Thoroughly enjoyed it!


Marina, Kumare is in our Netflix queue. I'm looking forward to seeing it. Good to hear that you enjoyed it. I'll likely also like it.

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