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July 04, 2012


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Just don't hurt yourself following God's will.... *wink*

For me, I decided 2 days ago, running along a bike path in Dillon CO, that the people who go to work and take care of business are as enlightened as any guru, they just have no need to talk about it.

I love skateboarding. I have an electric skateboard that can go up to 23 miles an hour and is an absolute blast. I got it from Altered electric skateboards and it is a game changer..... very stable and very easy to use.... though at first a bit scary for us old codgers!!!

David, I note from your Wikipedia page that you're eight years younger than I am. So if an electric skateboard is scary for you, as an old codger, it would be much scarier for me.

Especially since I've never skateboarded at all. If I jump into longboarding, it'll be with an unpowered board. I'm attracted to the "carving" side of longboarding, since we live in a hilly (but not mountainous) rural area with lightly travelled roads.

Also, I've always wanted to learn how to surf and snowboard. But surfing requires ocean waves, and snowboarding requires mountain snow. It struck me that "surfing" on a longboard would provide some of the feel of surfing/boarding on other surfaces -- albeit softer ones.

Still, with the right protective gear, I don't see longboarding as being inherently much more dangerous than surfing or snowboarding. And it's got to be less dangerous than the scootering I've been doing on my Burgman 650.

A few scrapes and bruises from falling off a longboard at a fairly low speed are nothing like being falling off a motorcycle or scooter at 50-60 mph.

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