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July 06, 2012


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Now that the "Standard Model" of particle physics has virtually transcended equivocation, we can rest assured that our physical limitations are here to stay.

We will not be leaving the planet - ever.
The planet will not sustain the existence of multiple billions of humans in comfort for very much longer.
Human-caused global warming will not cease.
Long-term sustainability of human life will require the obliteration of most of us.

The Higgs field, which consists of bosons that exist for a trillionth of a second, will not save us, and further, will provide no solace or explain Life - a game which was over before it even began.

willie R

The Standard Particle Model has been proved to be accurate, but it does not mean everything is known - far from it. It will almost almost certainly need to be refined as most theories are. However, it does mean that there is a very great possiblity that this equation is very close to being accurate if it can predict the existence of phenomena that can only be experimentally proven 40 years later.

The discovery of the higgs potentially provides us with an even more fundamental understanding of natural processes, and it probably goes along way to developing the technology necessary for space travel getting off the planet.

I believe that you are correct here though, in that the only way the human race will survive the next 100 years or so is if we develop the ability to survive and colonise space. We are becoming too successful and unsustainable - water probably being the biggest concern.

Consider what happened when the electron was discovered a 100 years ago, no-one knew what its applications were, and within a few decades its built the digital revolution and arguably the biggest advance in human progress - the higgs is potentially even more fundamental - it could be Daddy of the 21st century, as the electron was to the 20th.

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