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June 22, 2012


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There are too many flaws in this article, coupled with caustic cynicism, to expect a genuine conversation.

But if you place any value on sincerity and truth, consider the following:

Your response to the woman's comments amount to attacking as a form of education. Is this what you believe?

Your presumption of being right and her being wrong, buffeted by incredulous remarks and general antipathy, prove nothing.

Quoting a medieval Christian mystic and then towing that line through your argument as a core principle both presumes something you don't know whether this woman believes, and is fairly irrelevant when trying to establish a theological basis for any position on this subject.

Presuming that someone who doesn't accept all your arguments concerning global warming wants to "trash the planet" is a false premise and loaded with problems.

The idea that everything in God's universe is created with its own time and purpose does not connote God's blessing on all things. God's word and requirement to follow a path of righteousness and life, rather than sin and death, is not nullified or canceled out by God's ultimate authority in judging the affairs of both good and evil in the universe (as your argument suggests).

We have all been given an inclination to understand that there is a distinction to be made between what is good (and life affirming) and what is evil (and death affirming).

To become a preacher for amorality does not absolve you from the consequences of your choices, nor any failure to make those distinctions in your own life, heart, and mind.

Humans are not left with the same decisions, choices, and moral dilemmas regardless of whether they follow the Lord God or not.

God's will is not defined in the abstract as "whatever happens," e.g. an endorsement of sin and evil. It cannot be. God's will is that you respond morally and faithfully to what happens in the world.

It is not God's faith nor written in His scripture that whatever happens in the world is acceptable to Him. Rather, as you have plainly stated, that is your faith and religion.

Mister... of course the woman is wrong. Wake up. Global warming is real. It is being caused by human carbon pollution. The scientific consensus is clear. Invoking the Bible, a primitive document written by myth-driven prescientific people, to explain global warming is ridiculous.

The Christian woman said that God is in absolute control of his creation, not me. I don't believe God is in control of anything, because I see no evidence that God exists. But if someone does believe in an all-powerful, all-knowing God, they need to explain how God is commanding both global warming deniers and accepters to coexist, just as God obviously is fine with disease and health coexisting.

You're welcome to believe in your imaginary God. I have no problem with people engaging in any fantasies they want, so long as they don't harm other people. However, when it comes to global warming and the health of the entire planet, we can't allow ancient myths like the Bible to interfere with scientific understanding.

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