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June 12, 2012


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I think there is "enlightenment" but I don't think it has anything to do with what is commonly associated with the term like egolessness, spiritual perfection and bliss... or their opposites.

All descriptions and discussions fail to touch it because it is not relative and therefore is a paradox in any reasoning or language context. You can't use mind to seek something from mind because mind and the object of its search are one.

When we try by an act of will to be in the moment, to seize the present, all we are doing is putting our attention on the more recent past. You are there when you don't know it.

Yes I LOVE that too! If I was to choose a myth--a story which reaches deep I would just the one about the son/lover of the Goddess. For this son/lover is associated also with the psychedelic vegetation which ones plucked 'sacrefices 'hirself' and then we ingest and hey presto s/he is born again as the LOVER of the Goddess, which is nature in all her depths, and where there IS no patriarchal concept of 'pure' versus 'impure' which has bred and breeds SUCH evil via ignoreance.
And from these deep ecstatic experience we integrate into day to day life, and so it goes.

I think the word "ego" is the greatest lie the people who comtrols the world has invented. I agree you don't have to get rid of your ego, if you get rid of your ego you become a sectarian (commonly, and the promise to get rid of it is what attracts people the most to sects). Why get rid of what we call "ego"? Well if we get rid of it there's no possibility left of personality traits, without personality there's no possibility of rebellion, and finally without rebellion you have the world you want, full of sheep under total control.

Live your life, don't worry, if there's something after you die you will surely find out, why are we all in such a hurry of finding that out when iti is inevitable? That's what I think, I live, love, hate, everything, because I think I will only have a chance to do it, just one life folks, just one.

Brian thank you so much for your brilliant (as usual) post.

There's almost as many definitions of ego as there are spiritual teachers.
I think Freud made a big mess introducing his version of it.
Why don't they just say it like it is. Ego is a latin word for 'I' and that's exactly what it means. Get rid of 'I' and there's no more you. *shrug*

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