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June 14, 2012


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You raised my reading appetite. I think I'll check it out. Good review.
Have you ever come across Gevin Giorbran's Everything forever?
I wonder what your take would be on that.

ahaaaaa, I love your article! We are very alike. The clue where Freke is coming from is where he says ""My deep love affair is with God as the ground of being and Goddess as the appearances of being." This exposes his patriarchal assumptions which denigrates the Goddess whose body IS nature, who is source of BOTH dark and light.
I am currently re-reading Robert Graves, a section of his book online, and he tells of two esoteric streams which he terms "solar esotericism" and "chthonic esotericism" The latter is far more ancient than the former, and if you are familiar with women who reveal of very ancient Goddess religion of the Earth, you will know that it is claimed male-dominated solar cults imposed their divisive mythologies over indigenous peoples who were more connected with the msyeries of nature, and thus the Goddess. So out of this solar invasion arise the solar mystery cults which believe the body and nature are traps of the 'pure spirit' which seeks the 'pure realms above', and this is where reality becomes divided into conflicting opposites like male and female, light and dark, spirit and nature, life and death, etc etc, and this STILL goes on even in so-called secular society which has grown OUT of this divided sense of reality.

So Freke betrays his intitial insights and becomes caught up in solar mysticism, the 'looking BEHIND' the manifest changing world to the 'ground'.
many people, in the 1960s, after their psychedelic experiences, went running to the East for some spiritual answers, but were and many still are of the 'hidden' and pernicious dualism in the beliefs. the guru system for example where the --nearly always male--is SUPPOSED to be 'egoless', and 'fully aware'. BUT look what they are doing, they have just created a division between self-centred and selflessness, and between unconscious and conscious, and from there all manner of tom foolery occurs with gullible people becoming hooked to a dude with a beard and flshing eyes they LOOK UP TO, and forgive any funny business beeecause 'he is soooo enlightened' and think the sun shines out of his arse.

So right ON for you insights man! I feel you :)))

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