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June 28, 2012


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This is Matt Thornton From portland Oregon. but not the MMA Instructor, the Hardcore musician/pot head/Jesus follower/ fly fisherman/ general douche that cares about this kinda shit. gotta hand it to the other matt though. i don't believe i know absolute truth even though i do believe i know god. i think its silly to say i know what's gonna happen when i die, its also untrue. i believe god values the truth and is the truth and i think he's ok with me not fully knowing what's gonna happen. in fact im pretty sure he designed it that way. any one noticed that over the decades century, millenium, humanity seems to think we got er figured out. just about every generation thinks they got it figured out. right now every one believes in science, attaches silly words like fact to the damned thing. same folks that said the world was flat, just as vapid as the sermon i heard last sunday. no one knows, i think thats great. i got my ideas, i dont have to exclude christ just cause some folks drag his name through the mud. i dont want the latest philosophical trend. i dont think humanity is evolving. i dont want to defend or justify my faith i just want to have it. i didn't put the world with its big ugly head into place im just trying to see it for what it is. great blog brian.

(music bout my life, mellow singer songwriter stuff) Tada.bandcamp.com

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Mixed Martial Arts isn't that dangerous when it comes to the street, this might sound out of context but there is a powerful form of self defense derived from army training. This form can potentially destroy a martial artist on the street.

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