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June 04, 2012


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life is really a mystery.. it wont happen on how we supposed to go, it is full of suspense's and thrills. and good article too

I really hate to be a spoil sport about this whole "mystery" thing, but the longer I live, I find that the only mystery is when and how I am going to die.

Other than that, it's the same old same old every day. That's no mystery at all.

dear brother
God is mysterious and all are puppets in His hands.See,He used you to preach for him directly(though you may say that you did it ofyour own wish and wisdom)
and then He pushed you out to preach for him indirectly.( though you may say that you are out of your own wish and wisdom).
Yes,you are preaching for Him indirectly.Criticism acts as a security guard for the saints and it helps them to keep away the ingenuine and time -passing seekers. Thus everybody inckuding you in this universe is puppet in His hand.
So,carry on.be happy.God bless you
Warm regards

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