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June 12, 2012


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This is pretty funny...and true.

oh my, finally someone started this.I have been thinking about writing explanations for many such questions for a long time, but then I thought that dera dacoits might take away the right to note down BS during satsang also, so far restriction was only for photos and videos.

Tara, I have lived in so many countries and was born in India, and hate to say that I haven't seen more corrupt country than India so far..People are not only morally, financially but emotionally corrupt ( and yes I have never visited neighboring countries of india :))

If US can throw away other cults from the country then why not RSSB ? Are their goons so powerful? Does anyone know how to file an official complain about a cult? :)

I think the conversation between sapient and Tara bring up another interesting question. How much of RS is spiritual and how much of it is just the Indian culture packaged into looking like a spiritual path? I agree with the above that India is an emotionally corrupt country. I think it is the corrupt emotions that allows paths like these to flourish in India. The concept of a so called true guru seems to mostly happen in India. why? Because I think it matches the culture there. People have a habit of not being responsible for their emotions. But when this same package gets introduced to the Western world it seems all pure and spiritual. When in reality even in the Western world the only people that are attracted to cults are the ones who probably never had an emotionally stable environment growing up.

Great, let's talk about this...I was born in india and lived, studied and worked there. Even when I lived there and didn't have any real exposure to any of the other cultures and systems in the rest of the world, I just knew that there had to be better people and culture than that. I can not agree more that india and Indians are perhaps the most morally bankrupt people and country. Yes there is Pakistan, Afghanistan and Africa but none of those countries claim to be spiritually, morally and socially superior to the rest of the world. Sure when you call a whole country corrupt there is some generalization and I'm sure that the original author didn't quite mean it litterelly, but it's not too far off from reality. Most people are self absorbed and as much as a common person would like to bring about the change the system as a whole doesn't support such efforts. I think Indian politics, culture, spirituality, society and economy is on a path of extreme deterioration.

The restriction is not only for photos and videos, it is strictly not permitted to takes notes of the satsangs.

If Gurinder's satsangs have so many restrictions you know that people are going in there with small, hidden recording devices. I assume the gestapo sevadars aren't going so far as to pat you down and spread your cheeks, yet. Or do they? I imagine there is/will be a thriving black market of Gurinder satsang recordings and even videos. I don't usually feel this way as I generally am indifferent about it, but at this moment I feel disgusted with RSSB and the fact that I was ever lame enough to buy into it. However, Charan was not as much of a control freak. He was just as much a deceiver and phoney but I think he was nicer about it.

Yes. Like I said, Gestapo tactics, which may technically be illegal in India and/or other countries. Someone can refute this if they know better, but in the USA no private party has the right to confiscate your goods, virtual or visceral, including recording devices and their data. You can be refused entry with such devices or you can be sued for using them without permission in certain circumstances, but some dude can't just walk up to you and demand your camera. I would not cooperate with the sevadar (henchman).

Yes, it was different in Charan's day. I remember in 1984 there were some political difficulties in the Punjab and there were some threats on Charan's life. Guards were posted at various points throughout the dera in plain view, but they were few and far between. Plus, they were armed with quaint, very old rifles which certainly could kill you but did not have the firepower to thwart a well planned and coordinated attack.

I imagine GSD has CIA-like security and surveilance.

This forum makes me laugh, Brian, the guy behind all this will approve of posts that are against RS. But an intelligent post supporting why Brian is wrong and why the guy got sacked will not be approved. There are many people I know who have questioned Brian about his sacking and his book but he never replied to them and he never approved the post. Say what you want about RS, I am not even much of a follower but when someone disapproves stuff that is true it surely signals something. Keep on blogging with your fellow bloggers, my core philosophy in life is to be honest, not hurt anyone, be a vegetarian and be positive and help other people. Regardless if your an RS or not, you will be ok after the time of death. Don't cheat, lie (yes i am looking at you Brian), commit adultery etc.

Ga, by "sacking" I assume you mean RSSB wanting me to stop being a satsang speaker -- which I'd done for more years than I can remember, along with being a secretary for more years than I can remember-- because my Church of the Churchless blogging was making some people feel "uncomfortable."

(I wrote about this in an "I've been fired" post back in 2005.)

I can't recall ever not publishing any comment that was relevant to a post. This blog's commenting policy discourages personal attacks, which naturally includes attacks on me, since i'm a person. But I always welcome debates on substantive topics, so long as they don't degenerate into extreme insults and name-calling -- which is all too common on the Internet.

Do you really think that you are more moral than other people who aren't avid devotees of Sant Mat? If so, I wonder how you came to that conclusion. In my experience, religious people are just people like everyone else.

We've all got positive and negative aspects to us (assuming it is possible to tell the difference, because often what seems like a negative trait in one circumstance can be a positive trait in another circumstance).

Your comment made me think of something Gurinder Singh said in a meeting of people working on RSSB publications. Someone asked if it was OK to criticize a particular religion. The guru replied (to my best recollection), "We shouldn't be critical of any specific religion, but it's fine to be critical of ALL of them."

I'm doing just that. I'm an equal-opportunity dogma criticizer. I really don't spend much time, either in my Internet life or in my "real" life, thinking about RSSB or Sant Mat. Fundamentalist Christianity irritates me more, because it is so closely tied into American politics -- and not in a good way.

quote brian:
blog's commenting policy discourages personal attacks

Moon: I do not agree with you Brian... this blog is full of personal wars and vice versa attacks, try to type 'fuck' in your search field and you get many results and you remind me of RS appologists respondings with that. You would better go with me if you'd say to this Ga fellow, yes there are many attacks on this blog and many personal wars (ashy and alot of Singhs) come to my mind) but that is how life is. We are so hard to accept that we are humans and here i do not agree with Ga that he or she follows some moral code cause he or she cannot say in the same time that he or she is moral when the whole post of Ga is against Brian.And Ga you cannot say to Brian 'you and your bloggers' cause guess what you are one of those bloggers now cause you wrote a comment, i mean you cannot say you didn't rob a bank if you were just a driver, that is a pussy approach. And guess what eventhough i mentioned Ashy and others i belive that all of us here on this blog are very fine persons with fine values in ourselves and i mean that for all. Jah Rastafari,Moon

Moongoes, I just searched my blogs for "fuck" and couldn't find a single use of that word where a commenter insulted someone else. See:

Mostly I used "fuck" in my blog posts. It's a wonderful word. Do you have something against it?

Regardless, I'll admit that early on I let vituperative comment conversations go on for longer than I do now. And back then I wasn't moderating comments, so I can't be held responsible for what got put on my blog, comment-wise.

I've changed my attitude over the years. I don't mind bluntness, honesty, challenging attitudes. But insults and name-calling just for the sake of insulting and calling people names, what's the point in that?

I agree Brian i mean i read tousands of comments here and i could sureley copy and paste alot of stuff but i wont that is not my job. I just wanted to put out that there are such stuff here but we are open now we (commentators) have nothing to hide no fasade we are free.

I carefully study you Brian, you come across as someone who is intelligent but also very bitter. The way I see it, a husband and a wife get married, and then after a long time they get divorced. In most marriages, one party will make up lots of stuff or bring out lots of negative things about the other party just to make themselves feel better about themselves. Another analogy is when you have 2 friends, they have an argument, one side will be bitter and say very bad things about their friend. I'm afraid in this case Brian you are the party that is complaining, trying to find lots of faults with the RS path (not saying RS is faultless) but as soon as you see a fault, it looks like it gives you a great pleasure.

I'd acknowledge you more if you said RS taught me more about life, how to look at humans from a different perspective, how to live a clean and ethical life. But I just didn't make the progress within.
But you claimed to have been very diligent in your practice in Simran.
You come across someone who has a large ego (I don't mean to offend you), I analyse your posts and I see ego. How can one make progress on the path with an ego?
When you were sacked, you became very critical of Gurinder and the path literally overnight. What does that tell us? Ego.

No one is perfect, I still have doubts about RS.
I am an open minded satsangi however I have seen lots of people that have critiscised RS and their critisicm isn't fair.
I'm sure you are aware that most of the critiscm comes from Sikhs, there;s lots of name calling etc which is unnecessary.
But I am prepared to listen to critics.

Ga, I'm flattered that you are so interested in me. And so concerned about my ego.

Of course, the fact that you feel entitled to judge and criticize me must mean that you are ego-less, since isn't this the mark of an egoless person: judgmentalism and criticizing?

You've stimulated some ideas for today's blog post, so thanks for that.

Your comments about me suddenly being critical of RSSB in 2005, after I was asked to stop being a satsang speaker, don't make sense. Think clearly for a moment:

RSSB authorities "fired" me because they didn't like what I was saying on this blog, which I started in November 2004. So I was blogging about churchless subjects, including critical observations of RSSB, for a full year before my "firing."

Thus the evident cause and effect relationship is that RSSB was irritated at me because of my critical writings, not that I became critical of RSSB after being asked to stop speaking at satsang.

Check the archives of this blog. Start with November 2004 and read through the "I've been fired" post. You'll see what I mean.

my request to all religeon please stop politics against each other religeon and dont
disturb any one mostly simranjit singh maan
start polition and screw some young people
against radha swamiplease stop them not good for any one

Tuscon - How can you say that Charan Singh ji was a deceiver? Did you have any personal contact with him? or any inner experiences with him or any of the other masters? How and why do you say he personally was a deceiver? Is every saint in the Roman Catholic system a deceiver? The Roman Catholic religion might be corrupt in its hierarchy but is every priest a deceiver? I don't think so.

Ga - Having an EGO is a good thing. You have an ego. If you are a human, you have an ego. An EGO is a good thing to have. It tells you who you are. It protects you when others try to screw you. If a person lives in a Group Soul consciousness, then he or she is like the animals. (Don't get me wrong, I appreciate and love animals.) They have not developed their individuality. If you have not developed your intellect and your individuality I think it will be very difficult to connect to GOD. Why because the relationship between GOD and Man is a one to one relationship. GOD/Ultimate Reality/The Creator would rather meet you as GA than as Gurinder Singh, don't you think?

Do note that there is a difference in the word EGO and the word EGOTISM.

NC - Radha Saomi Satsang Beas, is not representative of Indian Culture. It is mostly a Northern Indian phenomenon. The Tamils, the Kannadigas, the Malyalams all have their own culture and their own religious beliefs. RSSB does not even represent Punjabi culture, since there are Punjabi's who are Hindus, not Sikhs or Muslims or followers of Jaimal.

India has many good qualities. Not everyone there is crook or morally corrupt. The country has been taken over. Its not the same country of my parents and grand parents. Some bad force, call it globalization is destroying India, just like every other part of the world. Ambani is a good example.

Wow, whoever wrote that PDF sounds like an over emotional 5 year old throwing his toys out of the pram. Can we have some criticism from a mature adult?

I just stumbled across this:

Janya Barrish wrote: "Tuscon - How can you say that Charan Singh ji was a deceiver? Did you have any personal contact with him? or any inner experiences with him or any of the other masters? How and why do you say he personally was a deceiver? Is every saint in the Roman Catholic system a deceiver? The Roman Catholic religion might be corrupt in its hierarchy but is every priest a deceiver? I don't think so."

--I have been in the presence of a good number of gurus, etc. I spent a 2.5 decades in the RS cult-sect. I was in Charan Singh's presence numerous times. The guru's status is higher than a catholic saint or priest. He is supposed to be GIHF (god in human form), with all sorts of miraculous powers such as administering the disciple's karmas, instilling an astral radiant form of himself "inside" the disciple, guiding the disciple through vast inner regions of splendor and light to the highest spiritual region. It is my opinion that Charan did not possess such powers and yet let followers believe that he did. It is my personal opinion that he was a fraud who went about the business of being a fake rather nicely. I think he would have prefered early on not to have been put in that role, but he went with it because it was the family business. I could be wrong. I doubt it very much.

Yes Tucson, this appears to be the case, especially with Charan Singh himself admitting that he had no spiritual powers, and even saying that he was not even a mere good satsangi!, when he first came into the position. Its sad when this happens and people get sucked into having to proclaim the party line despite knowing better. But is it also not possible that over the years he may have gone further into these states/regions? And since you have been with him often, your perception and intuition hold value. Also, I have noticed that they never say " I will take you through these regions etc.," its always "The Master", this I see as the weasel clause.

In the book The Master Answers, Maharaj Charan Singh had admitted that he was a Saint, and the saints had power to do anything, without any restrictions, they are one with the Lord, and they have been to the inner regions, they have been sent by the Lord, but they were not here to show miracles, and they would always remain at the will of the Lord.

Maharaj Charan Singh or Don Gurinder Singh both of them were not willing to accept this role, but they had to obey the orders of their Masters. At least these were the rumors. Of course for both of them,it was much more rewarding and comfortable to burn the karmas of the disciples, in comparision to their work.

dear friends..when u will attend meditation.there will be no question/answer in ur mind...these all nonsense questions/talks r b'coz u r living ur lives by ur own thinking & not by God's thinking...

when u will attend meditation.there will be no question/answer in ur mind...

but you have to be a real GURMUKH.

Juan, so you believe that Buddhists, Christians, Muslims, Taoists, and others who meditate do so without getting any results, because they don't have a guru?

If so, and this sure seems to be the case, wow. You need to look at yourself. Every fundamentalist believes that only THEIR religion is the true one. This creates so much hatred and divisiveness in the world.

I choose to look upon myself as nothing special. Just someone meditating like countless other people do, trying to live life as best I can, like everybody else.

Good luck with your belief that you're special. Hope this makes you feel, well, SPECIAL.

Brian I have to agree with you there, especially in RS you may have noticed that some RS initiates see themselves as special etc.
I just see myself as a truth seeker, nothing special like you said, trying to enjoy life and be honest, ethical etc.

If I'm being honest I don't see any difference between an RS and any other decent human being.

in this PDF question & answers all the answers given by gurinder singh dhillon ji are PERFECT, actually you are trying to defame RSSB guru. that all.

meditation does not cause to any depression, if so then no need to worry atall, master will look after these all, I also meditate,at first I was suffering from headache, but during initiation babaji already informed us in advance if you suffer through it, no need to worry, get up & take rest and soon after go to meditation again.now I have no problem at all.
& one thing more babaji always gives excellent advice to every one. THE MAIN ADVICE IS TO "MEDITATION"


I'm Still wondering about paparazzis
and very good cameras in spectacles.

I have 50 tapes of Charans sayings, some I filmed myself, and had the idea to place them on youtube

I thought about selecting a little bit because
I don't think it s necessary to place a film where Charan makes an mathematical mistake or so
Ignorants wouldn't understand

I started with what I found an important issue
that is : where Charan very very clearly and repetitively states that Tulsi Sahib was Swami Ji's Guru

I used Mozilla , went to Youtube
selected in upload the 3 minutes file
i had created .....
BOOM Blue error page from microsoft
first time in the last 6 years

So, I thought :This is corrupted mozilla firefox
and I took The Opera Browser
did the same :
clicked and boom computer was stock
Had to restart
Lanced a program called 'WHATHAPPENED'
Did Kaperski : . . no clue

So, going to another PC under Linux, Ubuntu
First did did analogue2digital file making again
in case the file would have been was corrupted
went youtube


Says the wife
Don't you see that you would initiate a whole
range of new discussion on that fact
and how painful it is forAgra People

Cheers to all

Initiated Guys who still like Charan
You can very well do the path without GSD
and physical Darshan

But it helps !
And the poor guy while it happens
is Himself battling between his last tennis playing
and Simran
Read my lips

It's a strange world
and I understand most of the 'requests-wishes
of this shy Guy who is just an instrument
and makes his own money

I guess Being Burned on hot plates or crucified is mega OUT with the deciding power Up There

Sorry for the bad english
also my corrector does only french

Ninety-nine percent of the above fails to fairly and accurately represent the teachings espoused by the Radha Soami Society, Beas. For a truthful exposition, try www.rssb.org

dear brian,
I went through many of your posts, i have been associated with RSSB from last many years and seen everything of it from quite close.I agree with some of your points about over zealousness of most of the followers and considering themselves somewhat special our privileged...that's true and that's quite unacceptable,this faith has taught me to see everything in a clear and unbiased manner,but you seem to be so much full of bitterness..I believe when you are yourself not sure about something you shout a lot to prove your point and that's what you seem to be doing.I have gone through all your points and I am sorry to say sir many of them are either untrue or based upon very little or inane logistics and knowledge about the path as most of preachers in RSSB have...You say all this meditation is useless.actually that proves you wrong at the first instance...brother when you experience the thing nothing can move your faith all other things are mere words having no meaning at all.You just can't speak of all other people..you can't just disapprove other people's experiences just because you failed in experiencing any of those...brother believe in RSSB or not..that's immaterial,but why waste so much of your energy in a negative campaign..come out of your bitterness..this was perhaps the reason..you didn't achieve anything on this path..whereas only a basic meditation can make you experience so much more...and believe me it does...
with best wishes

DM, I'd like to correct some errors and misconceptions in your comment:

(1) I am not bitter. What makes you think I am bitter? I enjoyed my 35 + years in RSSB. I am now enjoying life without RSSB. It isn't wise to ascribe emotions or feelings to someone else without good reason. Don't you see the contradiction in your comment?

You say that I shouldn't speak about what other people may have experienced in their meditation. Yet you claim to know what I am experiencing in my own mind. Huh?

(2) What makes you say that I think meditation is useless? Please show me where I have stated that. I'm pretty sure I haven't. Rather, if you do a search on "meditation" via the Google box in the right sidebar, you'll find lots of posts about how to meditate, benefits of meditation, and such. Again, you claim to know something about me that you really don't.

(3) I am happy to believe that you have benefitted from meditation. Join the club. So have I. I continue to meditate every day, just as I have since 1970. But there are many kinds of meditation, with many different sorts of benefits. Open your mind to this fact, and you'll realize that there isn't just one way. There are many ways.

I look at posts to find if worthwhile to attend my first rssb Satsang. Decided not. Reason: I have deep unbounded experiences in meditation last 40 yrs. bliss bubbles over into daily life with mental practices. But while I no longer affiliate with any org (advantages abound -- no obligations or politics) yet would have loved shared experiences with similar others. Then realize we are all similar others when I am in that expanded awareness. And when not there, no outside ego nor my own ego can take me to that expanded place. Unconditional love comes not from without but from within. Requires no thing, not money, not recognition, not similar others. As some bloggers say, that expanded place is all. Into the everything. Thank you dearly for blogging and reaching out with your hearts through words. Each blogger speaks a side of my inner thoughts and wrestling about with yes or no rssb. But here is my point: yes or no does not matter. Be in That and either way is same. Thank you so much dear blogging friends.

The main thing for inviting a being of high value in your innermost place is being compassionate ( vegetarian )

Next ask for a sign
You can go for info
Myself and my wife are so blessed by the RSSB Saints
that there are no words
but you might have read a comment of mine .

Nothing has changed since Jesus

Bliss to you

Try to hear the tiny 24/7 Sweet Sound at the right side
You don't need any initiation for that
Only compassion without agenda


"The main thing for inviting a being of high value in your innermost place is being compassionate ( vegetarian)"

---How does one compare a "main" thing to a common thing? How do I compare a being of "high value" to a low value person, such as myself? Is your "innermost" place very far from Las Vegas? Please be a compassionate vegetarian when responding to my questions. Thanks Roger

"The main thing for inviting a being of high value in your innermost place is being compassionate ( vegetarian )"

---Like Roger, I find this comment interesting and I share curiosity about the same points he raised.

Also, it sounds like you mean that a high value person values vegetarianism above other compassionate behaviors. Are there not other high value compassionate behaviors a high value person would value in lieu of a person being a vegetarian? I mean, would I be rejected by a high value person if I ate a little meat once in a awhile? I'm nice to people most of the time. I never kick my dog and I don't plan to eat her, even if there is a food shortage and I'm really, really hungry. Recently, I held a door open for a woman in a wheelchair. Would this at least be a good start for getting on the good side of a high value person?


That was a wonderful comment from you and thanks for sharing your own personal experiences and your own evaluation and interpretations on the subject.

In my opinion:

In one line: Yes, being vegetarian is the first and essentially required step to be considered (by others or yourself) as leading the life with high values.

"Being nice to people most of the time" Great

"I never kick my dog and I don't plan to eat her, even if there is a food shortage and I'm really, really hungry" Great

"Recently, I held a door open for a woman in a wheelchair. Would this at least be a good start for getting on the good side of a high value person?" Awesome

"would I be rejected by a high value person if I ate a little meat once in a awhile?" Absolutely, Yes.

Obviously, the case we won't consider at all:
If someone is not eating the non-veg but doesn't have any compassion for mankind or animals, plants and birds etc.

We are considering:
1) Vegetarian and a Compassionate person
2) Non-vegetarian (even if once in a year) and a Compassionate person

And I think each one of us needs to think within ourselves about being Compassionate. If we are consuming meat, why don't we just once try visiting the butherhouse and try to witness the death of the animals that we consume. If we are really compassionate and feel the pain of others' inside our heart... should we then really have guts to consume the animal who has been killed brutally?

Can't we see their faces scared of seeing their death coming?
Can't we listen to their painful and loud requests to spare them from this heinous act of murdering them?

They are being killed only because we eat them!

"Daadu koi kahu jeev ki, karey aatma ghaat |"
"Saach kahun sansa nahin, so prani dojagi jaat ||"

- Sant. Daadu Dayal Ji

Anyone who consumes the non-vegetarian and hurts the other living being; I am telling the truth and there is not a trace of doubt, those will have to face the hell.

May God bless every single person.
May everyone feels the compassion in their hearts.
May everyone feels the Love within.

One Initiated

I was writing to a person with a specific question.

But I will answer clearly on "in general"

The Source of us all and the zillions of universes
is only interested in and a big collector of Love.
Not in knowledge , enlightenment, awareness, advaita

The target of all evolutions is Love
He cannot have enough of Love.

Love in humans cases is not what most think and pretend and no need to explain with Dr Phil at hand

Love in humans case is non aggression and empathy vs all living, :
entities where the Source has also a dominion in.

Not to attack, torture God present in them is an essential !

For this reason there is this FIREWALL from God,
the Uric acid coming from the victims not-inhibited adrenaline which is consumed together with their flesh.
It slows down chakra rotations ( all seven )
We are not our body - we are a kind of nailed on this 7 chakra system and when they slow down the function less
and we become sick
and about my point above : the 6th and 7th chakra
cannot open enough

Yes, a meat eater is automatically even physically blocked from passing through the chakra tunnels, we also used to be born, we used the chakra tunnels of our mother in the same way as other entities, even galaxies do.
In the same way as ending life at the end - going back through this system of 90% invisible (dark) energies of the cosmos

God wants only Love and evolutions too.
Everything in the univers is pointed to Love/Compassion and I said before
few places can invite more towards empathy than where we are now , . . . in the midst of horror where souls come to use their only possibility to learn not to repeat the anti-love.

This compassion that we might generate towards them ( humans animals ) is easier towards animals because the aspect of NO SECOND THOUGHTS is much easier

Love is Compassion without agenda

Love is the only stuff in the universes that multiplies itself, . . even exponentially when you give it away.

This love cleans also your chakra system which
brings us to the attention of people of value, I mean here value for you because they can help
to bring your love-package to the most innermost
lovely phenomenon which isd The Holy Ghost, a Giant Stream of Love packages -so to say- going up.
Every human WITHOUT THE FIREWALL can hear that stream , in the beginning as a tiny tiny sweet sweet high frequency tone
which is very relaxing to attend to

Next those elder brothers of high value because they have power and understanding to assist us
they can give us some part of their energy ( Simran - any repition coming from them a Saint will do )
enabling us to integrate in that Sound - it will grow - it start to modulate - it is cyclic , really LIVING - we start to recognize that we are THAT just THAT
much more than our sense of physical presence
and this is very difficult to explain
you only can experience the phenomenon

but when you grep it physical Death is no more
which is a kind of collateral advantage

No need to say that all this gives a lot of bliss
this integration is fabulous
no orgasm or drug like cocaine can compare
as an ex-cocaine user satsangi, recently initiated confirmed

This is Heaven on Earth and also proof to those willing to exercise compassion without second thoughts
and it is also very reasonable, this system

There are no Laws other than avoid Hate
and when we steal , .. we have just to give back
but in this group the karma system is well known
There is no split second of injustice in the universes

Simran of the 5 energy words, done in Las Vegas
or any brothel
which I read now for the 5th time
is also very fruitful but not the boasting about it
and making others jealous & miserable


I am vegetarian by nature, I don't like the taste, but to equate it with being compassionate entirely is very misleading..Some of the meanest uptight people I know are Vegan..They are so obsessed with what goes into the mouths that they forget about what comes out..Lets not forget Hitler was one...One other thing do we truly believe the voortrekkers, pioneers, sailors etc could have explored the new world on a vegan diet.

I was a strict lacto-vegetarian for about 29 years...no flesh or eggs at all.

In short, I eventually discovered my health was better with some flesh in my diet. The synergistic combination of nutrients in meat is a tonic for my body, reduces cravings, balances hormones and supports a healthy insulin response. My stepfather was right. It is the potatoes and not the meat that makes you fat. He politely bore my dietary idealism and arrogance.

Does God want me to be as healthy as I can be? Why did God give me this body that thrives on flesh if God didn't want me to eat it so that I might be suitable company for his/her "high value" emissaries?

Besides, what is high and what is low in the homogenous sea of infinity? It is all one consciousness, one life, in my view. High and low are just concepts like bubbles arising and bursting from a seething firmament. God is the ant and the ant is God.

We are afforded the luxury of dietary idealism by technology and our modern food distribution system. Put yourself naked in the woods, swamp, jungle, desert or savannah for an extended period of time with nothing but a sharp stick or maybe a knife and you will find out what your body requires and what sort of animal you really are and your natural, "spiritual" role in the scheme of things.

Life feeds on life, forever transforming from one form to another. One day the eater will be the eaten and the eaten will be the eater in the endless cycle of life..whole galaxies absorbing other galaxies while new galaxies are simultaneously being spawned. Energy is never lost, only transformed. Our destiny is grand and eternal, miniscule and finite. All in a momentless moment.

Right June

That shit happens too

Hitler 's stomach was damaged by the nerve-gasses
in WW1
Could not stand meat
There is a book from his doctor

Brain was damaged too


Karma is rather broad :
The fact that one is not educated or born
in aa cannibal family is karma too

I read somewhere here or from david lane
that Santmat is discriminating

Jeevas are not equal
Souls are

Dear Tucson
Our destiny is grand and eternal, miniscule and finite. All in a momentless moment.

Yes this is advaita : unification with Brahma
takes lot s of ascese to realize
y'r Brahma too.
Next you go where he goes

The Saints Sound path is easier and sweet
and you don't have to be perfect
like : the last = the first

Isn't that a relief ?



I was initiated by Charan when I was very young and very naive. Never spoke to him, so he was always a very remote figure in my life. Visited Dera once and didn't have an interview with Gurinda.

My question is, how do we know that this line of gurus is genuine, that this path of the sound current is not just another trap like all religions?

Hi Observer,
We don't know as long as we desire physical proof.

I have read a lot in my life and I m a good googler
but I never came across a real physical objectif proof
other than that only checkable one, I told in the :

google : hinessight+777+vivaldi

when a newpaper landed in my lap without wind on the beach ( a kind of David Land's Miracle theory in thousand fold )

But real certainity we also can have by doing meditation
and all things marvellous ( predicted in the books ) are starting to occur inside & outside

Wouldn't it be a point of NO POWER if SHe was proof provable by science for instance.
Approachable even with 999² IQ

And if you cannot do meditation which was my case for years, . . .
I definitely could do SIMRAN which has terrific power

You are initiated by the best ever SatGuru ever, . . and Gurinder will agree, . .

so you have the 5 words charged like an Excalibur Sword
( not the shallow words given by poor Mr Williams in this group )

the Giver is the secret - a Saint can also give to repeat
Pepsi Cola Rank Xerox, et and the mantram will be equally charged

So, you can easily re-start from the beginning
even when doing your business and it also might make you a physical millionair underway
but also a spiritual Xillionair
Your Master CHARAN is still present, as are ALL His predecessors - I explained that here somewhere:

google hinessight+777+Tulsi will probably do

You might read "The way of a pelgrim" - it is in books.google .com
about Simran, - even perhaps lesser charged

Yes, the first word contains all the power of Brahma, meaning "where he , brahma seeks/sucks the power"
but is NOT Brahma

Same for the other words
Same for the Sounds

You can go to the movies, the bathroom and even to Rogers Vegas and do the words, do the anahabd Shabd 24/7

It's a terrific Path
and if you honestly start with an imitator, faker,
of the Beas Line, it is just karma
and you learn probably a lot there

There is for instance a lady, 'Suprememaster",
herself "initiated" by 'poor' Kirpal Singh
but doing great work on vegetarism in the whole world
She does a great job, so to see anyway and has her own place in the scheme of ascending

You just go where your heart is.

Back to the topic
I don't think Gurinder changed a iota of
fine Seth Shiv Dayal's, . . Buddha's or Jesus teachings


777 wrote:

"I don't think Gurinder changed a iota of
fine Seth Shiv Dayal's, . . Buddha's or Jesus teachings"

---As I understand it, Buddha denied the reality of objectivity but not the existence of it, a subtle but profound distinction.

There is a lot of objectivity in Radha Soami (Gurinder's) teachings... soul, Sat Purush, path, journey, destination, etc.

This is not to make a value judgement of either teaching. It is just that they seem quite different to me.

"There is a lot of objectivity in Radha Soami (Gurinder's) teachings... soul, Sat Purush, path, journey, destination, etc."

---Tucson, are you saying the "objectivity" is when two or more minds come together to form an agreed upon truth? Such as, RS teachings of soul, path, journey, etc.


Well, yes. That too.

Such as an agreement between two minds that the location of a strategically placed beer can is pleasing to the eye.

777, I like your positive attitude. For some time now I have been examining my beliefs, deep seated programming and conditioning. I am now becoming aware of how we create our reality according to our belief system.

For example the person who wrote "Really Stupid Shitty Bullshit" (this post about GSD's teachings) was focussing on anything negative GSD had said which could be used with a negative connotation which matched the author of the article's own mindset.

I started questioning Sant Mat when I realised the worst belief I had taken on board was that we are trapped in a system by a negative power, and then of course there is the Master, the saviour who is a guide to help us transcend this matrix of deceit we find ourselves in.

Now I realise that belief I have bought into is creating my trepidation in trusting anyone. I hear again and again that our true essence is love and joy. I don't see this in the world.

Now, its up to me to make a huge shift in consciousness to have positive beliefs which will work for me instead of the negative feeling of being trapped and separate.


May the nicest win - :-)


or Dr Phil's :
"Do you want to be right or happy !"

When jesus was crucified, HE said "forgive them GOD, for they don't know what they are doing".
If you can not praise HIM STOP disrespecting, for HELL might become short for the sins you are committing.
Stop creating a propaganda and stop spreading your ill beliefs for the one who disrespects the GOD or his Messengers, I tell you HELL is waiting for you.
I once again request you with folded hands follow the GOD and not disrespect and GURU.

There is this tale about the differnce s of Heaven & Hell

In hell the table wa&s filled with all delicious foods
but nobody was eating
and people looked were skeletons

Their arms were so long that that whatever they tried , . . . they couldn't reach their mouth

Next heaven and behold : no differences at all
the table contained the same and the arms were also very long


However, these table guests were feeding each other
which was pure delight
So easy to reach the mouth of the neighbours

This is the whole set-up of the universes and the spheres

Compassion is the only value

If not we are and end as a meschjogge solopist
very alone and very hungry

Even if you have a nanogram - give it away


God is a Love ( collector )

its the faith which e very one is been given the path ,how to do right to your best
D o you know God?
Only a prayer away.
6th may 2014

I'm surprised GSD says anything at all because obviously he will be criticised whatever he says. Like the comments here, we all have opinions and like to express them. These are our own personal judgments which come from our experiences and seeing as we all are experiencing very different lives in different cultures these opinions can be interesting - as long as we can see that they are just points of view and personal judgments and basically most of us know absolutely nothing about anything... lol

".... - as long as we can see that they are just points of view and personal judgments and basically most of us know absolutely nothing about anything... lol"

---We know absolutely nothing about non-things. True, we have personal points of view and judgments. However, in our relative world, we can know some things and many other anythings.

Ok now, I am not sure an article defining RSSB as Really Stupid Shitty Bullshit would really be a "logical look", would it? I didn't even open the PDF. We want to take you seriously, but you're not making it easy.

Was so very long a follower of the radha soami teachings. Charan Singh was a big idol for me, but all the time i asked me, why this relationship to the former master and than ... comes ... here we comes:

"Baba Ji"!


And ..., it is not a joke! I was surprised. Wow, a wonder. So this family must be blessed. Three GiHF in one family and this is not a joke ...

So you can be sure. The next master must be a son of Baba Ji. Why not! It is logical!

So the reason is, there is not a master alone, the whole family teach us what is right and was is wrong. Like a family from Siciliy oder a italian gangster family clan of new york. They deal not with drugs, they deal with out credulity and with our money that we give them voluntary!

Hahahaha. That's so crazy ...

Whoever the author is I'm sure that he/she don't even a 1% knowledge of meditation, otherwise he/she would have not uploaded this by using his/her fucking childish mind.

There is no difference of opinion

The RSSB Method is that anybody of compassion can hear the sweet Sound
It's even strange when S/He doesn't

Simran of 5 words ( doesn't matter which words but they must be given by a Saint and cover the 5 first levels,. . Thât Simran makes your brain sufficiently strong to GO in that sweetness that will become a terrific hurricane
when you dive in it,
If U love your deep Self . . . Do the Interference

Only 7 chakra beings of compassion can do this

The 'apple' story from Eve : It was a Steak
Kain was a good man - Abel was the killer of the lambs
Don't believe so many religious lies



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