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June 02, 2012


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Blogger Brian - somehow, it seems as though you are dissatisfied with the ostensible fact that science does not have the wherewithal to displace the ancient rationalizations which pervade the human psyche.

What advantage is there to believing that humans evolved over enormous stretches of time as opposed to a separate supernatural being deliberately calling into existence a first human being, complete with all common features? I suppose that it then becomes easier to justify the huge catalog of anomalies, rather than declaring the creator to be an ignoramus, and a cruel one at that!

"Believers" in a separate "God" who created human beings for a distinct purpose cannot be convinced otherwise. There is no point in trying to change them. They go about their lives in pretty much the same way as everyone else, their only social faux pas being their propensity for boorishness. We godless folk arrange our lives so as to eschew contact with them to the extent possible.

Although only tangentially related to this topic, I (again) call attention to the excellence of Zinnia Jones' recent exercise of reason on a kindred topic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1joF39ozGm4&list=UUamaea05bOJ0q42F9iyaFMA&index=2&feature=plcp .

Robert Paul Howard

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