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June 16, 2012


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Maybe we're not able to comprehend, but maybe it's not at all that complicated, who knows?
I mean - The statement 'Who do we think we are to understand existence' obviously assumes that it must be complicated.
There is no proof for this presumption either.
What if 'is', is as simple as 'default setting of reality' and non-existence is an impossibility.
From where I see it, the statements have equal weight in terms of proof... none.
The affinity to either is therefor obviously for subjective reasons, such as appreciation for complicated things or appreciation for simple things.
Thanks for the article.

We think that the universe has infinitely vast known and unknown corners with dimensions and aspects of which we are not aware. Therefore one doubts that a puny human can comprehend all this.

I don't think comprehending the vastness in its entirety is necessarily necessary for understanding how things are...that is, the true nature of mind, reality, consciousness and what we really are. Comprehending every facet of the Universe of Universes' manifestation may be akin to missing the forest for the trees.

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