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June 08, 2012


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I've found that my nose for religiosity is extremely sensitive these days too. The slightest whiff sets off alarm bells in my head.

And yes, I so badly WANTED TO KNOW!! It drove me just about nuts. But now mystery is fine. Just exploring life as it is, as it presents itself, is enough. Peace at last.

I don't think Frege is saying anything too outrageous. I mean, I've never read one of his books, but by the examples you give, I don't think he's spewing religiosity.

In my opinion, and totally take it with a grain of salt, a lot of people who jump the fence from super religious to non-religious end up having this idea that anything that is "feel good" or uses language that reminds us of "spirituality or mysticism" is inherently bad. I think Frege is just talking about non-duality -- which is a contradiction automatically if you use language. (Then again, what else are you going to use?) I'm not going to sit here and type the "words are sign posts" speech that everyone's heard a thousand times, but I do think it's good to remember that it is a contradiction to talk about it.

(And now I'm going to contradict myself) Life and death are two parts of a whole. They aren't one but they aren't two. Thinking of them as one thing is wrong and thinking of them as two things is also wrong. They're both one thing and two things. I also think viewing them as either one of the extremes (Absolute Annihilation and Eternal Life) is what gets us into trouble.

Also, a lil' bit more off topic but still on topic, why is there an inherent grab towards life? People like to talk about the non-duality in a "positive way." They say things like, "When good and bad disappear, you'll be absorbed into eternal bliss." Last time I checked, bliss is noted as a "positive" attribute, which is why people are attracted to it because it's "good". That's not non-duality. That's a positive favored duality.


Good points made.

When one is blogging(a dualistic activity) about non-duality, one is using dualistic wordage. Wordage can be very satisfying and produce pleasure within the mind. That said, the mind/ego has some sort of need to blog, maybe and maybe not.

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