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June 10, 2012


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Blogger Brian - I surmise that you are repulsed by the phrase "God is Love" because of the common understanding of the two nouns in the sentence. When the word "God" is detected, there is some vague notion of a separate being who is in complete control of everything. "Love" creates a mental image of pro-active regard toward an object, most notably another human being. Put them together in a sentence, and you come away with the notion that behind the scenes is a primary reality that actually cares about you.

When I hear or see the sentence "God is Love", I humbly acknowledge that "God" is another word for "Reality", and "Love", for me, is the fact that absolutely anything that happens has a de-facto status of being allowed, and that whatever happens makes no difference to "God".

There is no explaining anything. No explanation is necessary. So, quite definitely - God is Love.

Tim Freke (with a "k", not a "g")would mosat likely agree.

Willie R, thanks for pointing out my "Frege" misspelling. I started out correctly with Freke, then somehow shifted to Frege halfway through my second post about his book, and continued on Frege'ing in this post (until I edited it).

Evolution is proven! Random mutations can be passed on to future generations.

I like your way of looking upon "God is love."

However, after reading a few more Freke chapters this morning, I'm pretty certain that Tim Freke finds meaning at the root of reality. He believes that so-called synchronicities point to an underlying oneness which may not exactly guide events, but has some influence upon them.

Yet Freke also says that we humans have free choice, which seems at odds with his vision of a unity underlying appearances. However, he's big on both/and rather than either/or. This may indeed reflect the nature of the cosmos.

A benefit for a writer, though, is that whatever is said, it can't really be criticized, because the opposite view is part of the stated view. "Sure, maybe that does look white, whereas I said it is black. But there can be no white without black, so all is one, dude!"

Hey, that's a good topic.

I haven't read Freke, but from what you've written, these ideas are far from unique, so I'm not sure it's appropriate to ascribe them to Freke himself. It's been said in Gita, it's been said in Bible, it's been said by Lev Tolstoj, it's been said by thousands.
Yet Freke writes about it and a person compelled to write a book must feel like they really get it and want to say it in their own words, so maybe through their view and form of expression someone will appreciate it, if they couldn't find it in their heads to appreciate it somewhere else.
Words like god and love have, through development of each individual, taken on so much balast, so many archetypes, so many meanings, that they just do not fit the descriptions. Simply for the fact that they freely go and fire up all sorts of neuron synapse clusters in human heads and bring up everything a person has linked those words to, over the years. Labels, emotions, relations, attitudes, etc.
Adyashanti says that the 'cosmic love' is something that transcends our experience of it. That's at least a good point in terms of open-mindedness. Who says we are made to be experientially capable of perceiving the ultimate reality beyond the veil of illusion.
The synchronicities give mocking hints that the world we live in may not be what it seems. It's nothing new. People have seen it for as long as the written word exists. Plato's cave for example. People (including myself at some point) derive from this observation, that everything is working according to a 'divine' plan. Hey, it's just like the holy book says, where so much of the 'sat' is. So if this is true, one must also assume that there is no free will. Who knows. What the actual fuck!
I personally like to tell myself that everything we see and do is like a movie.. or a roller coaster ride, and that our every thought and action is determined - we only have an illusion of it being a choice. What our actual free will is - is our attitude to what's going on. Isn't it so? As long as something is bothering you, you will continually be put in the situations where the thing that is bothersome, happens again and again. Murphy's law! And it will keep happening until you say 'Fuck it, let it happen, I don't care any more.'; and that's exactly the moment when it stops happening. So it may just be that this movie is somewhat interactive.
Where this insight came from for me is the same they call the higher self, but in my case that doesn't give it any validity. Subconscious is a powerful thing and lies in uncharted waters, but then again if we assume that the physical is an illusion, then the brain is an illusion along with it.
With this I'd like to conclude and quote Socrates with 'I know that I know nothing' or with other words; 'What the fuck?' A pleasant day to you fellow somethings.

"I personally like to tell myself that everything we see and do is like a movie.. or a roller coaster ride, and that our every thought and action is determined - we only have an illusion of it being a choice. What our actual free will is - is our attitude to what's going on."

--What is meant by the "determined" word? Likewise, how is the "illusion" word being interpreted? What our actual "free will" actually is, probably is still mysterious.

Hi Roger;
Determined in this case: pre-existing, agreed upon, already recorded. No word is really spot on.
Illusion interpretation: the hindu concept of 'maya'. Everything our senses tell us is not real. we do not experience the environment itself but rather a projection of it, created by us.
Or like A.Einstein said “Reality is merely an illusion, although a very persistent one.”
I purposefully included the 'I like to tell myself' sentence to say that I do not really consider it as truth, but it's something that would make sense according to observations from my perspective on this journey so far.
I spotted a similar explanation in Vadim Zeland's book 'Reality Transurfing'.
It's easier to go around life with some sort of explanations for it for some reason.

Tiger got to hunt,
Bird got to fly;
Man got to sit and wonder, "Why, why, why?"
Tiger got to sleep,
Bird got to land;
Man got to tell himself he understand.

Thanks Matjaz,

How do you absolutely(or actually) define "free" will?

"Everything our senses tell us is not real. we do not experience the environment itself but rather a projection of it, created by us."

---Everything, in absolute terms is not real. The "itself" can be relatively experienced by a projection of it, created by the mind/ego. Our senses can create an illusionary real-ness.

How do you absolutely(or actually) define "free" will?
I define it as any action based on decision, which is mind's/ego's in origin.
Is there such a thing? I don't have the faintest idea. It's funny how according to statistics, more than 60% of the population believes in insights into the future events (fortune telling, visions, prophecies), but it never occurs to them that if this is valid, it negates the possibility of free will.

Please do not confuse the definition of what 'maya' means with my world view.
I agree with what you said.
Everything we perceive is our interpretation of the world around us. We still don't know if there actually is one, or is something just convincing us that there is one.

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