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May 23, 2012


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As I have been saying, no need of meditation and cave retreats and all that hard work the east meditation based religions talk about, western religions are wrong too, but the key as you mentioned is that there's nothing to realize, for me, if enlightenment exists (whatever that is) it will be reached through education, not through terribly boring meditation techniques that will destroy your knees or cause you to sit and enroll on a pointless quest.

"if enlightenment exists (whatever that is) it will be reached through education"

What do you mean by "education"?

cc, Adrian can answer for himself, but here's my take on what "education" means.

For a long time I thought enlightenment necessarily was achieved through non-cognitive, non-rational, non-intellectual means. Increasingly, I now see enlightenment as "right knowledge" or "right understanding."

Meaning, the way reality is (so far as we humans know it), rather than how we would like reality to be.

If there is no thing as a Self, which neuroscience suggests in the case, this understanding doesn't require years of back-breaking meditation in a Zen monastery, or being hit over the head with a stick by a Zen master.

It just requires realization of what is science considers to be true. This realization can be instigated intellectually, through reading of neuroscience books and such. Then, it becomes more and more an integral part of us as we recognize the selflessness of our own self.

It's sort of like understanding that the Earth revolves around the Sun, even though everyday experience argues otherwise. No amount of contemplating the Sun will reveal the truth. It takes scientific knowledge to gain that understanding.

Then, when we see a sunset, we can mentally translate "the sun is going down" into "the earth is rotating." Enlightenment!

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