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May 01, 2012


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This reminds me of a Woody Allen movie (i forget which one) where a groupie girl sees a Guru who she takes to be a god-man, and Woody then says in passing, "I think I just saw God leave the bathroom"

I am sure I am butchering Woody's joke, but I remember thinking it was spot on when I saw it.

"What's the last thing you want to hear while blowing Willie Nelson? "I'm not Willie Nelson."

--The first thing I want to hear while blowing Willie Nelson(or anyone)is "Wake up, wake up!"...Whew! It was only a nightmare. Praise the Lord.

So, for this gay humorist, as long as it really is Willie Nelson he's blowing it's OK. Those bandanas really turn some people on I guess, even if it's wrapped around a prune with a stem on it.

"I do share Nelson's short gray beard."

Sounds even more intimate than blowing him

tucson, yes... a gay guy telling the joke has a different vibe than a straight guy telling it.

It's difficult for me to imagine what it would take for me to blow Willie Nelson. Maybe if I could get a lifetime supply of the "herbs" he carries around with him on his bus?

Hmmmm. Even that doesn't seem enough. I'm sure there's a price high enough for me to engage in the act, but don't know what it is.

cc, now I'm creeped out. See above.

A funny joke but a really great essay. Nicely done.

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