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May 05, 2012


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Excellent posting! i am fascinated by this. Slightly like Godel/Escher/Bach, sentience as a product of repetitive patterns/loops. The loops/processes are what make us "human". aka Humans are loopy, not bipolar (dualistm).

ask him what are ghosts then?

I think of it as "standing on the knife-edge between order and chaos"

Hey, first of all, I love your blog. It's the only blog I read on a regular basis.
Second, I'm not technically "disagreeing" with you, but tell me if this sounds logical:
It's not a "soul" that lives on the next life, it is ignorance. There is no self, but until you understand that completely through a perfect insight, then what will live on will be the ignorance of no self. And when you fully realize no self, that is when delusion is gone and there is "no self" to live on. I'm pretty sure this idea was more than partially fueled by Buddhist philosophy, but tell me what you think. Thanks. :)

Allen, belated reply...

Your take on what lives on does seem compatible with Buddhism. But I've never understood this aspect of Buddhism.

If there is no enduring self, then what lives on after death? The notion that this is some sort of karmic cause and effect doesn't seem reasonable or possible.

Some entity, some form of continuing consciousness seemingly has to continue existing after one dies. I recall that this is called "rebirth" rather than "reincarnation" to indicate that an actually existent self isn't the entity that continues on.

Regardless, I'm perplexed by what sort of entity could realize that it has "no self" after a succession of rebirths.

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