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May 13, 2012


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Dear Brian,

While there is some validity in your argument "that this country never has been a Christian nation[,]" it is nevertheless a fact that the predominant culture of the dwellers in the USA have been - and continue to be - Christian. But, further, "[a]n average Christian, in an average church, listening to an average Sunday sermon" likewise knows (in accordance with Rev. 22:18, for example) that Mormonism is a heretical cult which stands outside the acceptable limits of what the typical Christian accepts as being "orthodox." Even the condemnative complaints of Jeremiah Wright came from a theological position much more main-stream than anything the Mormons purport or believe.

But I do not look for any consistent response to this fact within our (so-called) "Christian" nation/culture.

Robert Paul Howard

While Blogger Brian is correct in saying that most founding fathers were skeptical of religious dogmatism, Robert Paul Howard is also correct in saying that the predominant culture of the dwellers in the USA has been Christian. I doubt that Jeremiah Wright's "God damn America" style of preaching, attended to by Ob*ma for twenty years, is more mainstream than Mormonism.(I haven't taken a poll, however.)

Blogger Brian wrote: "...Romney told the assembled believers in an imaginary God the untruths they wanted to hear."

--Are you sure their God is imaginary? Might be, but...?

And while citing negative behavior to justify negative behavior is generally poor practice, don't you think maybe just once in awile, just a teensy little bit, that Ob*ma also "sucks up" to his constituency with untruths that they want to hear?

Politics as usual. The dirtiest game in town.

That's why Jehovah's Witnesses, the Assemblies of Yahweh, and hard-core Armstrongites (and some few others) do not participate in elections/voting. (And I do regard their versions of "God" to be imaginary.)

Robert Paul Howard

Zinnia Jones offers some similar kinds of complaints:


Robert Paul Howard

Unfortunately the culture is too shallow to even imagine that Zinnia's complaints will ever be substantially resolved.

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