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May 23, 2012


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One day, long ago, G-d appeared to a group of Mongolians. Introducing Himself, He posed a question to the leader of the group: How would you like a Commandment?
The group leader responded: "What kind of Commandment?
G-d: How about "Thou shalt not kill"?
Group leader: "That would never work. We are angry and mean by nature, and everyone else tries to kill us. Such as commandment would mean nothing."

Not much later, G-d encountered a group of Syrians and posed the same question: How would you like a Commandment? The Syrian leader replied: What kind of Commandment?
G-d: How about "Thou shalt not steal"?
The Syrian explained that pilferage was built into their economic system and was actually expected. Such a commandment would mean nothing.

Finally, G-d encountered a group of Jews. Once again, He posed the question to the group leader: How would you like a Commandment?
The Jewish group leader responded: "How much would a Commandment cost"?
G-d: "A Commandment costs nothing. They are free."
Jewish group leader: "Fine. We'll take ten."

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