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May 23, 2012


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Sounds more to me like Symptoms of Incipient Idiocy...not that idiots aren't delightful people...

Yup, sounds like any of Jennifer Aniston's performances on the big screen. The frightening thing here is that most of the cast of friends fall into this description or symptoms.

cc and Adrian, I can't disagree with you. Also can't agree with you. Maybe I'm falling into some sort of benevolent old geezer phase of my life, but I thought these 12 signs were sort of sweet.

However, too much sweetness can be disgusting. All in the mouth of the taster, I guess.

Spiritual Awakening could look like a cow.

At least Ramana Maharshi thought so. He had Lakshmi, a cow that resided at his ashram for many years, buried next to his mother. When asked why, Maharshi replied that she was enlightened (the cow that is).

When we begin to learn that conceptual thought is the primary barrier to "Understanding", we find that animals have a distinct advantage in the matter.

Conceptual thought, though useful in human affairs, is fundamentally false because it is dualistic and based on a comparison of opposites. Sages throughout time have emphasized bypassing it.

Animals have no such burden to cast aside. It is worth considering that many of them experience 'Truth' and in fact are living AS truth...not conceptually but really.

Hmmmm. At first I really thought this list had some valid points, until Adrian pointed out that all of these characteristics can be attributed to the gang of "Friends'. Now that makes me ponder if we also have typecast what 'spirituality' is---Just trying to be this perfect blend of one of the loveable cartoon or tv characters?? Are we just running after a fantasy of perfection? I thought I had let go of 'RS sachkand perfection' but maybe I still have not let go of the fantasy image that perfection still looks like Rachel Green on friends.

OK. I'm the guy who found these 12 symptoms and included them in my new book for codependent men. I tried to find the original source...even called literature experts on from 12-step world service offices, but finally jkust had to give the reference a "part of the AA oral tradition." The comments so far say much more to me about the commentOR than they do about the validity of the concept.

Ken P., uthor, "We Codependent Men-We Mute Coyotes."


On your last comment, I couldn't agree with you more. I was surprised to read through the comments. It appears to me that most people cannot fully grasp these signs unless they have lived them, or had a spiritual awakening themselves.

Unless you have experienced the awakenings it must be hard to grasp these symptoms. However, my thanks for publishing this as one can work towards achieving : Kundalini.

Some years ago I was in situation of systematic harassment at work. This went on for 3.5 years. It took me approx. that length of time after I got out to appreciate I was better than those idiots. As a result most of the 12 Symptoms on Spiritual Awakening. Mind you walking around and perpetually smiling at people (for apparently no good reason) will give the impression you are either slightly idiot or manic or both.

The author is Saskia Davis and the original is called "Symptoms of Inner Peace".

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