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April 06, 2012


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I read one of Blackmore's books, can't recall title, something that took off on Dawkin's idea of memes. Was really enthralled with it for a while. Any way, she seems to be one of those people who is really on the cutting edge of the modern discussion of existentialism. I totally agree with this concept that the self is a wispy, transitory construct, a thing that can be momentarily self aware or in thought and not self aware (as when working a Sudoku or doing anything) or off (as when asleep) or shut down (when in a coma). When one is in the zone, playing basketball or pingpong, one is focused on the activity to the exclusion of self. This state of being without self consciousness is generally a good state. Self consciousness is generally not so good a state, as it generates various undesireable side effects, gloating, over-confidence, egotism, or alternatively shyness, insecurity, worry. However, to be the master of one's fate one must be self aware; one must have a manager self who writes the to-do list for the actor self.

THe self and the soul. Nearly identical ideas. I suppose the soul is the immortal self, a god child, a dissembodied spirit. make believe stuff like that.

Me-ness, identity, what is it? Well, the brain, stupid. A necessary part of an organism with a nervous system.

Ergo, I think therefore I am, therefore Cartsian Duality? No! Ergo, I think therefore I am an amimal. Ha! I like that.

I think therefore I have animalistic brain existence (ABE) aka self. A thing also possessed by a nematodes, but not a fungus and not a computer. Or so it seems to me at this moment as I type this, now that I am being self aware and no longer in the thinking zone.

Loved your post Brian.... I think Gerald Edelman's notion of first nature (just awareness) and second nature (self awareness) dovetails nicely with Blackmore here.

Her book the Meme Machine memed me when I read it and I like your summation here.

The Saints are Egotists

Saints make a big deal out of humility.

They suppress their vanity, like pushing
down on a spring. After awhile, their arms
get tired and the spring pops back up.

Their egos are whitewashed. They use
all types of methods to still the mind.
Temporary effect does not last long.

Those who realize they have no self, can
think as fast and as much as they want.
The mind can fly.

Yet, they cannot be vain.

Stilling the mind for the jnani is not

Because the mind will no longer act
to wax the false idea of a self.

Why wax a self that doesn't exist ?

So, the jnani laughs at the Saints
false humility.

Only a Saint can be called great, or hazur,
or sant, or maharaj. Because only the Saint
believes he has accomplished something.

The jnani knows he has accomplished nothing
and is nobody for a fact.

The Saint fights the self. The jnani laughs
and toys with it, like a cat with a mouse.

taken from post by zakk mar 27
rs studies



Can you just please explain the difference between a guru and a jnani again?

thank you kindly in advance.

Hi George,
A Guru is one whom suppresses desires and the self vanity.
The Guru has a coat of whitewash and has not changed.

The jnani has realized the state of no self. With no
self, the jnani cannot have vanity, or selfishness.
The jnani is harmless to other people. Except
if the jnani is uninformed of some fact,
or has been tricked. The jnani is still human.

Enlightenment means the person has no self.
But, that does not mean the enlightened are
always right, if they have faulty knowledge.
They can be doing things far worse then the
unenlightened if they have substandard
knowledge. But, they do it by honest mistake.

There is a state of Being above enlightenment
which takes care of the knowledge problem,
but I don't want to talk about it here.

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