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April 12, 2012


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What a pretty psychology

Lots of people are stuck in the "rectum" chakra, it seems.

Willie R... I only wish. I think I'm at the Big Toe chakra -- or maybe a bit lower (Bottom of Sole?).

Trikuti looks like the Three Sisters in Oregon, only a short drive from Blogger Brian's house. Who knew?

Alakh looks like the heaven of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Agam looks like a screensaver...boring.

And Anaami looks like an eternity with Zorro.

(Google "Zorro TV series".)

Anaami looks kinda freaky.

Seems like the hackers "Anonymous" have infiltrated the highest dimension! lol

Hacking the Spiritual Realms! LOL

What a funny idea to combine anaami (nameless) area with the anonymous movement.

One joke for Chuck Norris.

" When Chuck Norris takes a piss, in Anaami it rains."


Where do the 5 holy names come from used in SantMat meditation? What is the Creation mentioned in this post?

Roger, this previous blog post talks about the "Five Holy Names."

Here's a site that explains some of the background of the names:

I think I'm at the Big Toe chakra -- or maybe a bit lower (Bottom of Sole?)

You're getting close... the "Dust of His Feet" beckons.

I once asked some folk at the Dera where they were from. The answer, without missing a beat, was," Bhanwar Guphar." What a beautiful impression though. I do not understand the ' Expect us' part of Anaami.

As far as I understand it there are specific colours, or "skies" which mark one Region from another. Blue is usually associated with the astral plane, and red ofcourse with Trikuti, or the Mental Planes. There are supposed to be other "colours" relating to higher planes.

There is something else I would like to say..I recall reading possibly from one of the volumes of Prem Patra that Saligram "divided" a flame (metaphorically speaking ofcourse) into sections representing the key Regions, and then their Colours...Does anyone know the exact page reference of this, or not? I would love to know...

This is obviously the counterfeit one since nothing can be said or thought or conceived about the real Anami or its intentions.

It should not be said that "they" are unforgiving but that "they" are Just, the Just Ones, the ones who dispense justice. They ARE forgiving. They give a person a chance, maybe even many chances to keep the promises made to them prior to this incarnation. Obviously these legion ones are the counterfeit Lords of Karma.


There are two implied references to the Christian Bible in this sinister Anami; We are Legion and The Apocalypse of John.

Bhanwar Gupha is depicted as the ascent out of the Milky Way to outer regions of Pind.

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