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April 18, 2012


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Cave says:

The second step, then, is to accept "that the fear of actually being dead is nonsensical." Why? Because that fear is only present while we're alive. When we're dead, we're not conscious of anything, naturally including fear.

--That logic is useless because it is not being conscious of anything that people are afraid of. It's like saying don't be afraid of death because when you're dead, you're dead.

However, I think Cave's Three Virtues are helpful advice.

Good post.

Well, I have to say that in recent days I just open 3 web pages when I open the web browser: hotmail, facebook and church of the churchless, I identify with the topics depicted here so much. Thanks for blogging Brian.

Now regarding the topic here, I should say that Tucson has a point, speaking for myself I can say that my fear is exactly about not being conscious of anything at all.

On the other hand I had spent countless nights thinking about the horror of living forever, yes, I think it would be horrific I've even thought that being the case I would really like to sleep for a long period of time and then wake up, I feel terrified by the idea of living forever, so that's another conclusion I got after thinking about it over and over again.

I have to say that the knowing our grand grandparents life is something I always face when I see the family portraits that are hanging from the walls of my grandfather's house, I usually stop to think that I don't know anything at all about all that people and they are partially responsible for me being here alive, so, yes that's something sad but true and real, this thought has also made me move towards the nihilist point of view at times I just can't control pessimism and I usually start comparing myself with the people in the portraits and how life doesn't have any value because in a 100 years nobody will care, so this post was interesting to me because I have been thinking about that for a long time now.

The primal duality is existence and non-existence. Inasmuch as there cannot be one without the other, each state endlessly implies the other.
Everyone already knows exactly what it is like to be dead. It is the same as being alive.
I recently read a trivial blurb about how many human beings have preceded the seven billion currently decimating the planet. Ostensibly, the figure accepted (by those who actually give a toss) is 105 billion. The starting point used for mathematical extrapolation was 50,000 years ago.

Not one of them has a thing to say about being dead. Probably, because there is nothing to be said about it.

My store of (personal) memories/experiences begins at about age three. I have experienced being unconscious both in sleep and on the operating table in hospitals. I, therefore, "know" what it is to be "unconscious." (And I find it acceptable - even though it is essentially "nothing there.") In my store of memories/experiences, however, I have never been "dead." I've seen others who were (physically) "dead." I've read books/tales of what others claim they "know" about the "dead" and about "being dead." Some claim to have been "dead" and returned to life (medically/physically speaking).

I don't know the experience - whether "[i]t is the same as being alive" or not. "Alive" I am experiencing right now. The experience of being "dead" I do not personally know. I only know of the tales/claims others make.

Robert Paul Howard

Endel Tulving

"nowhere is the benign neglect of consciousness more conspicuous than
in the study of human memory"

he also discusses amnesia how folks who can't remember the past are marooned in the present, and their ability to envision their future is subsequently hazy and confused.


anyhow fear of death is all about personal memory --- anticipating the shattering of an autobiography. Hey, dogs don't hold an autobiography, thus are not afraid. (With the exception of shaking around immediate danger)


and another interesting discussion to peek in on


"The second step, then, is to accept "that the fear of actually being dead is nonsensical." Why? Because that fear is only present while we're alive. When we're dead, we're not conscious of anything, naturally including fear."

Tuscon makes an excellent point. I would like to add that our fear of death and the ensuing, supposed loss of consciousness happen because of our attachment to others, including non-humans. If I were the only woman in existence the prospect of death and eternal non-existence would become irrelevant to me. What difference would being dead or alive make?

Also, assuming that when we are dead, we are not aware of anything, is preposterously unfounded. How does Cave know this? Has he gone through death and come back to give us this wisdom?

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