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April 02, 2012


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Brian the Blogger wrote: "..because before my birth and after my death stretches an infinity of me-not-being-me."

--I am not being a wise guy and this is not intended as a gotcha question or an enlightenment test ala Mike Williams.

Since before the moment of your birth stretched an infinity of you-not-being-you, how did the moment of you-being-you ever arrive? After all, you believe there will be an infinity of you-not-being-you forever after you die. Was the infinity before your birth some kind of short infinity? Kind of like an infinity interrupted which wouldn't really be an infinity at all? This is not novel, but how did our moment to be here ever get here?

I don't expect an answer. I just write this as something to contemplate, because for me it is sometimes a catalyst for seeing things in a different way.

Brian, thank you, I find your post to be really touching, it somehow put things in perspective to me.

My own comforting intellectual exercise is the contemplation of "me" versus "not me".

To be honest, I have never really enjoyed being "me". Can there be a difference between "me" and "not me"? I think not. Reality is completely impersonal and cares not one whit about any "me". However, "me" sometimes gets the notion that "me"-ness is intrinsic to the nature of "not-me"-ness. One condition is not more important or relevant than the other condition. In fact, there are no conditions at all that have any relevance. Which, to "me", indicates that there is simply Reality - like it or not.

And we'll have fun, fun, fun 'til Daddy takes the T-Bird away.

Amen Brian amen

"How did you deprogram all the fundamentalism out of your brain?"

----yes, what is the mechanism of removing an attached "program" from the brain. Fascinating topic. Why is this easy and then not easy?

How can anyone be so definitely sure that when you die there is nothing more?

Doesn't make sense to swing from one kind of fundamentalism of believing in a guru and reincarnation/karma and so forth to now absolutely believing in what science tells you when science is solely fixated on the physical universe.

Dan Hurley writes in April 2012 Discover magazine "Where memory lives" pretty current stuff.

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