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April 04, 2012


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Hi Brian, nice article you wrote.

You know, I commonly eat meat, but in recent years for some reason I'm gradually developing aversion to the taste of chicken and fish, haven't happened with cow or pork. Now I don't understand that woman you mentioned, here in Mexico more than 80% of the population is catholic, now I myself inherited catholicism althought I don't practice it anymore and I respect the 40 day thing because here at my parent's home they do not cook meat those days, but as I said catholicism is not my own conviction anymore, that being said I can tell you that here in Mexico people that doesn't want to eat meat simply don't go to places that sell meat and that's it, as simple as that, I don't understand why that woman makes it that big, I mean couldn't she simply go anywhere else, when I was living in the USA I thought I heard that Jack in The Box is soy made, am I right?
Anyway thanks again for the opportunity to post comments here.

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