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March 07, 2012


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These were taken when Gurinder was showing up to pay his respects to a government official and his family due to a death.

And Gurinder is also on some video of the same funeral.

Tara, no...but there's no need to. Imagine the horrible karma this poor person who took the photo has incurred. The Angels of Death will give him/her no mercy, for sure, after having disobeyed the guru's command.

Oops. I wonder what will happen to anyone who posts the photo on the Internet. Oh, well. Deed is done. And I'm already going to Hell for other reasons, like denying the Holy Spirit (documented on You Tube).

Brian, Disobeying the guru’s command is the biggest sin one can commit and that person will get birth in a lower specie to continue again the 8.4 million vicious circle.

You are totally safe, since you have been initiated by a True Master(Hazur Maharaj Charan Singh), you will not be sent lower than human brth, even if your karmas are bad, you’ll get another human form to go through all those bad karmas.

Ya what a great boon to have a human birth AND initiation into RSSB by a PLM !!!....that must be as much as GIHF can handle... because after all that work getting birthed and initiated there doesn't seem to be enough Grace left over to prove any of it is even true...lol

why is Juan so darn sure that Charan Singh was a so-called "True Master" (if such a thing even exists)?

where is there evidence, any evidence at all, that Charan Singh was a so-called "True Master"?

and what constitutes being a "True Master"... which are not merely the opinions of some babbling fool?

also, Juan claims that "disobeying the guru’s command is the biggest sin one can commit and that person will get birth in a lower specie to continue again the 8.4 million vicious circle".

but yet Juan is doing exactly that -- disobeying the RS guru's command -- by engaging in discussing and posting of blog comments about sant mat and RS, on the internet.

fyi, the current RS guru has specifically 'commanded' that RS initiates should not engage in any kind of posting of sant mat related info, or in any discussions of sant mat and RS on the internet.

that means that either Juan is a blatant hypocrite, or else it means that Juan is doomed to "get a birth in a lower specie".

i wonder how Juan feels about being doomed to a lower birth, because of his disobeying of the RS guru's command?

why does Juan warn others not to "disobey the guru's command", when Juan himself does exactly that?

i think its rather funny how most of these sant mat preachers and advocates and believers, and RS followers and disciples (like Juan and others), are such hypocrites.

its really quite amazing how these supposed spiritual people, can be so so stupid and foolish.

You got to ask yourself the real question.

Why would Gurinder even need to censor photos or audios of himself?

If he is confident in his message and has nothing to hide, then why not let people openly record his talks?

I think it's because he knows that he is saying things that are constantly changing and people would pick him up on his contradictions and ask him to clarify his real position.

Meatball wrote,

why is Juan so darn sure that Charan Singh was a so-called "True Master" (if such a thing even exists)?
where is there evidence, any evidence at all, that Charan Singh was a so-called "True Master"?
......Please read the book The Master Answers.
and what constitutes being a "True Master"... which are not merely the opinions of some babbling fool?
.......These are the words of Hazur Maharaj Charan Singh and I am sure he was not a fool.
also, Juan claims that "disobeying the guru’s command is the biggest sin one can commit and that person will get birth in a lower specie to continue again the 8.4 million vicious circle".
....... It is not me who claims this but All the RS Gurus have clearly made aware the snagat of this.
but yet Juan is doing exactly that -- disobeying the RS guru's command -- by engaging in discussing and posting of blog comments about sant mat and RS, on the internet.
fyi, the current RS guru has specifically 'commanded' that RS initiates should not engage in any kind of posting of sant mat related info, or in any discussions of sant mat and RS on the internet.
......Maharaj Charan Singh used to say that every soul has a two fold purpose, first to help ourselves and to share this treasure, the path of wisdom with others, so I don’t think I am disobeying, on the contrary I am sharing with you.
that means that either Juan is a blatant hypocrite, or else it means that Juan is doomed to "get a birth in a lower specie".
i wonder how Juan feels about being doomed to a lower birth, because of his disobeying of the RS guru's command?
......I have been initiated by Maharaj Charan Singh, even if my karmas are very bad , the question of geting a birth in lower specie does not arise for initiates, THOSE WHO ARE NOT INITIATED BY TRUE MASTER ARE AT RISK OF BEING BORN IN A LOWER SPECIE ACCORDING TO THEIR KARMAS.
i think its rather funny how most of these sant mat preachers and advocates and believers, and RS followers and disciples (like Juan and others), are such hypocrites.
.......If you feel so then at least you should not follow these saints or preachers and warn others.

its really quite amazing how these supposed spiritual people, can be so so stupid and foolish.
....... According of the Masters these people are above the level of mind and intellegence. Maybe they are,At least you can use your brain and save others from being stupid and foolish.

no Juan, i am not going to read some book. why should i? i have no interest in what Charan Singh had to say. it does not matter to me what he said. his thoughts and opinions are no more significant or valid or true, than are mine.

in fact, i am quite sure that i am far wiser and more aware about what is relevant and important for myself, than some dude from india who has already been dead for over twenty years.

so i couldn't care less about the words of Hazur Maharaj Charan Singh, or any of the RS Gurus.

and you most certainly are disobeying the current RS guru's command (issued in the latter 1990s), which prohibits initiates from engaging in any discussions or any posting about sant mat/RS on the internet.

furthermore, i am not in any need of your sharing your ideas concerning RS and its gurus with me. i am quite well versed in the RS initiation, teachings, and practice.

and since i too am an initiate of Charan Singh as well, then according to you, for me there is no possibility of any birth in lower specie.

and yes, i am not following these saints and preachers, and i do warn others as well... if such opportunity should arise.

"According of the Masters these people are above the level of mind and intellegence." -- well if thats the case, then i too must be above the level of mind and intelligence.

and yes, i am indeed using my brain... as well as helping to "save others" from being stupid and foolish.

And video of Gurinder he is the one in the middle


LOL Moongoes ;)

I found a very scary picture of Kal........ :( :( :(



I do not know how come a human being could be like God.I do not accept the Guru as God.


I don't know if I'm the one that's nuts for writing this and even bothering to write this, but for those who are writing "Radha Soami Babaji", YOU'RE IN THE WRONG PLACE! -

No, you're not the one who's nuts. You're just stating the obvious. But unfortunately, the ones who you are writing to won't understand your LOGIC. People still involved in RS are not currently able to sift thru life logically. In order to stay RS, it's a must to be illogical in your mind.

Those who are writing RADHASOAMI BABAJI, maybe this is the right place,it seems that this is the only blog viewed by the Almighty Babaji.

babaji your new photo is a kind of solace for me. i hope i donot embrace a new karma if i save it.pleeeeese forgive me.

Dear Tara,
You people never write any article about hunger, America kill thousands of people just for petrol, just visit YouTube , thousands of children lost their hand and leg in this war, but you people have no time to write about their article, I am happy people at least left to take alcohol drug, and left kill animal just for their taste , millions of people left drug after join sat sang ( or join Beas ), if I want I will write thousands of lines like you but above line is enough for understand……be donate million of dollar to politicians in election but they can’t do anything ………………….here for a minute assume baba ji can’t help to do anything in spiritual but at least people love each other after satang, at least they left alcohol, at least they left kill animals , these things enough for me to respect them…………….

It's funny how you people make fun of the messengers of death etc, you people don't know what it's like to be on your death bed. I thought i was on the verge of dying, I had a serious health problem, I couldn't breathe for hours at night. I thought it was the end of my life. A lot of thoughts come to mind, I said to myself if i survive I will thank god a hundred times and change my outlook on life. I did some negative things just like how we all do, e.g. go off on people and critiscise, I deeply regretted this when I thought I was dying. The worst thing was that I couldn't go back and change that, what had happend had happend it couldn't be changed.

You should never make fun of the devil etc, regardless if you follow RS or not.
Once you experience what its like to nearly die, just like how i did then you will feel sorry.

But everyone is going to experience this time, the time will be seconds before we die, its inevitable.

Keep on blogging, keep on making fun, keeping on fault finding and keep on disapproving posts that expose you Brian. But your time will come just like everyone else's, when that time has come there will be no turning back.It doesn't matter if you have nam or not, I know lots of people who got nam started drinking etc and they got punished severely.

Just imagine when you are on your death bed, you can't breathe, can't move, doctors can;t help you, your in severe pain, all these lies that have been created, the mocking, the dishonesty will catch up with you. That time might come tommorrow, it might come in the next 10,20 years.

So if i was you I would think carefully about what I say about anything, I don't have a problem with you having doubts abut RS. I have doubts about RS, but what I don't do is keep a narrow mind (you disapprove posts that expose you) and also i don't make fun of anything related to RS. However I do question some of the teachings.

"It doesn't matter if you have nam or not, I know lots of people who got nam started drinking etc and they got punished severely."

---It doesn't matter? What exactly is the severe punishment? And, is "nam" something that one got?

G, as noted before, I always publish comments that are related to a subject being discussed in a post. What I don't publish are (1) religious spam, where someone submits a lengthy bunch of dogma unrelated to the post, and (2) personal attacks unrelated to an impersonal subject.

Today's blog post might be on that latter theme. I don't claim to be anyone special, or know anything special. So I don't understand why some people are so interested in me, personally. That's flattering, I guess, but strange.

Consider Einstein. Or any scientist. The truth, or lack thereof, of what they're studying has nothing to do with their personal characteristics. Doesn't matter what their lifestyle is, what their sense of morality is, any of that stuff. The Theory of Relativity is true regardless of what sort of person Einstein was.

However, consider someone who is supposed to be God in Human Form. Then every personal detail should be examined closely, if you're interested in knowing what God is like. This is the case with Gurinder Singh and the other Sant Mat gurus. The claim is that they are someone very special: a god-realized being.

I appreciate your fear of death and dying. I share it. Most humans in the world today embrace religious beliefs in large part because of these fears. It's reassuring to feel that God is looking after you. But there are so many "gods." Christians believe one thing, Hindus another, Buddhists another, etc. etc.

How to choose? Or does it make more sense to not pick one god out of all the possibilities? To simply have faith that what happens in the cosmos is OK, not to be resisted, to be accepted and flowed with, managed as best we can. Your way is your way; my way is my way. Good luck with yours; just don't claim that your way is the only way, because it isn't.

What exactly is the severe punishment?
The severe punishment by the masters is beyond description and imagination.

And, is "nam" something that one got?
IMO Nam is like a sort of rope that ties the disciple to the bulldozer/tractor of his/her master and the disciple is bound to follow the master or else he or she will be dragged by the master to sachkhand

G,a real Gurmukh must never question, all he or she has to do is obey his or her master, anyhow please specify what are your questions.


quote Juan: G,a real Gurmukh must never question, all he or she has to do is obey his or her master

Moon: Do you remember the days of slavery?


I don't claim my God to be the right one, but what I do know is that we should be good human beings. For all I know, Baba Ji might not be the master/God, but it would take a lot of nerves and even drugs to deceive that many people. I look at it from a psychological perspective. If Baba Ji wasn't a God, how could they go up on stage 4 times a week (Baba Ji tours the world to give satsangs) and actually have the courage to imply this is the path and meditate etc. I personally think its humanly impossible, also observing Baba Ji carefully, Baba Ji isn't a deleterious human being. From my experience in Q&A, Baba Ji has a great deal of empathy and is very intelligent, and honest. Unless Baba Ji takes some kind of drug that helps them get through days then i think Baba Ji is maybe the master. But still there are other areas which I still have doubts.

But Brian and everyone else that doubts the path, its normal however I don't like mocking of the teachings and the messengers of death. I am not a big fan of Sikhism, however I do respect them and don't mock the teachings even though I don't believe in the GGS being the Guru. With regards to the doubting, I quote from a Q&A, Baba Ji said 'if one states that this path is the right path, they don't know what they're talking about'.
Initially, I was red faced when I heard this, then I kept on asking Baba Ji in my prayers, what did you mean by that.
Then a few weeks later, a gentleman who did a discourse at a regional centre, said exactly the same but elaborated on it to a further extent. They quoted 'if I was to be given driving directions to Birmingham, at first I am not going to be 100% sure that the driving directions will guide me until I reach my destination. So in RS terms, once you have made the full progress within then you can be sure that it;s the right path and the masters instructions were right. But until we don't make it to our destination we will be skeptical, but for initiates it's best to be diligent, consistent and implement the teachings and keep on trying. Many satsangis I know don't implement the teachings (i.e. slating one another) and the ones that do implement the teachings are the best human beings I know. I am positive they have reached a high level within, one gentleman I know can even predict the future, he predicted back in 1985 that the next Guru's name will be Gurinder. I heard this from his brother, I am only 20 years old, I have been following the path since 2005 when I was 13.

But I plan to get initiation when I am 24, i want to implement the teachings, attend satsangs, keep a cleaner mind, and practice meditation.
I don't want to integrate teachings into this forum but you've probably heard this 100 times, it takes a lot of time to make progress on the path. There is one gentleman who attends Haynes Park and does Seva in the kitchen and he is 106 years old! I think he was initiated by Baba Jaimal Singh, and he is a very wise man from what I've heard. He is still going and in good health.

But I am not forcing anyone to follow the RS path, you're free to follow what you want. Regardless of which path we follow, we should all try to be good human beings. I'm working on it, but if you disapprove the path that's fine, I just don't like it when Baba Ji is mocked or accused of certain things. Fair enough if you don't think Baba Ji is God, but as I have stated before, there are people who implement his teachings and make this world a better place.
If you can maybe making your discussion less patronizing, and more like a University essay which examines the topic academically and make the topic honest and also being open minded to RS disciples who have something constructive to say then there wouldn't be too much problem.

But as long as we're honest, good human beings who don;t commit adultery, don't do drugs/alcohol, slate one another and don't eat meat/eggs, we should be in a safe place after death REGARDLESS of ones faith.

Juan-are you an RS or just someone who is mocking it. Please specify. Thanks

Brian u no d real reason y criticing rssb is d sole purpose of ur life and have bcom a fault finder..d time has still not gone leave these habbits and surrender to d true master friend.i no u have done alot for d organisation and things with u havent gone as expected.with a fault finding approach u can sit and find faults wid all the masters who came into this world including jesus buddha nanak etc but d fact is dey wer all a form of god whether u agree or not.think over friend its in ur interest..it is ur hurted ego which makes u do all this but in d path of spirituality d ego has to be smaller dan a needle no matter how many times its shattered.accept d truth friend u can wash away ur sins even today if u keep ur ego aside..

kabir advani, I'm confused. Why is it OK for you to criticize me, but not for me to criticize someone else? Why is it egoless for you to point out my supposed faults, but it is egotistical for me to point out supposed faults of others?

Why is it OK for you to express your opinions about how genuine certain spiritual leaders are, but it is wrong for me to do the same thing? Again, I'm confused. Help me understand what the difference is between me and you.

Why are you entitled to do things that I can't, or shouldn't? Why are you a better person than I am, or other people are? And how does feeling this way make you more egoless?

remove this pic

This picture won't be removed Raj, it's an astute way for Brian to drive more visitors to his site and make more money and discourage RS followers.
Oh well, I study Baba Ji carefully, again I'm not a 100% follower, but if one doesn't obey his commands, he gives them a second chance, if they still don't listen then the action happens which will leave the person surprised and they will beg for their forgiveness.

Dear Brian,

Yes, please tell us about all the money you get from maintaining your blog.

I was not aware of any such likelihood, but this "Gaz" seems to know much better than I do about you and your life/income.

(And I copied the pic mentioned, just so I could have a copy of "GIHF" to send to others. I'm sure some might be interested [or amused].)

Robert Paul Howard

Robert (and Gaz)... it's easy to tell you about all the money I make from this blog. Nothing. Answer completed.

Well, actually less than nothing. Because it costs me over a hundred dollars a year to pay TypePad for its blogging service. I don't have any ads.

And so far over eight years the number of unsolicited contributions have totaled, um, let me check my accounting records, ah...


But like you said, some people like Gaz think they know more about me than I know about myself. Which they don't, of course.

Absolutly right gaz...its all done on dis site for cheap publicity...its more of a money making bussiness dis site is doing..for eg if u say d world is flat one can get a lot of attention andpublicity dan saying dat d world is round..so dat is d same bussiness model adopted by this blog..great job businessman brian!no wonder y u wer sacked and dumped from d organisation businessman!

kabir, please note what I said in the comment above, I don't make any money from my blog sites. In fact, I spend money on them. The only income I get from writing is from the sale of my book, "Return to the One," which I wrote and published myself.

If I wanted to make more money from writing, I'd spend more time working on getting my first book back in print, and writing more books. But I enjoy writing blog posts, partly because it's nice to have stuff "published" immediately, and then get immediate feedback from readers.

But i somehow find ur arguments childish..u expect dat if der is god in human form he has to be as shown in fairy tales wid wings and should keep showing miracles.y cant he have alsecurity guards.common dats a ridiculous argument dat god needs no security guards no doctors coz he should never fall ill..come out of ur childhood dude...if god was here to show miracles then jesus would not have lost his life dat way he could have shown some miracle and got away and would have fallen ill and would be alive even today..people threw stones at guru nanak and he had to leave his own village and would have tackled things wid miracles.prophet mohammads teeth were broken by his enemies and even he could do miracles and saved himself..so analysing each and everthing that gurinder singj ji does and expecting dat he should have reacted how god would have in fairy tales is a very childish thinking..

Kabir, I wouldn't take a guy that plays with puppets too seriously, you should have a look at his youtube videos.

Gaz, the situation is even worse than just playing with puppets. I've started playing with a skateboard (longboard, actually)!

You're right. Don't take me too seriously. In fact, don't take anybody too seriously. Including yourself. That's sage advice from Senior Citizen Skateboarder.

Haha brian ur arguments are a joke..grow up dude..and even ur book life is fair is so kiddish with cartoons everywhere..is meant for kids under ten?grow up dude if these r d kiddish arguments u r b writing in ur latest books den time for some financial problems businessman..

Kabir, ooh, you're getting close to heresy, my man.

Don't you realize that every book published by Radha Soami Satsang Beas, including "Life is Fair," goes through an extensive review process by high-level sevadars, and then is approved by the guru himself?

(At least, that is how things worked when Life is Fair was published.)

So when you criticize the cartoons, and call the book "kiddish," you're saying that Guru Gurinder Singh Dhillon has horrible taste in books and doesn't know what he's doing.

You may be right. I'm just telling you what you're saying.

Also, and I'm being more serious here: I was asked to write Life is Fair by the head of the RSSB Publications Department, who works under the direction of the RSSB guru.

I was told that Charan Singh, who initiated me in 1971, wanted to have a small book that he could hand out which explained the karmic rationale for being a vegetarian. He died before the book could be written.

So, in effect, by writing the book I'd be carrying out one of the unfulfilled wishes of Charan Singh. At the time I was deeply devoted to Charan Singh. I still think fondly of the man. He was a great guy. I just no longer believe he was God in human form.

Thus when you insult that book, I don't mind that you're trying to insult me. That goes with being a blogger. But understand that you're also insulting Charan Singh, since it was his wish for a book like this that caused it to be written.

I'm assuming you're a supporter of RSSB/Sant Mat. If not, keep on insulting what the RSSB gurus have brought into being. However, if you are, you might give some thought to where your insults are being directed.

high-level sevadars????????


Uptown top ranking

@tara dat is d explanation given by every person who is sacked by every company also...even when corrupt miniisters are sacked and dumped by a political party they say the same..so ur monotonous argument is nothing new to me .ya v can go head on for a debate...and yeah let me point out as always u always have ur facts false disguiseful and manipulated.its ur old habit to twist facts to suceed in ur evil intention to malign innocent people..u have mentioned in ur blog that gurinder is spending too much money whereas prakash has argued dat it is mandatory for a charitable trust to use its money within a time limit..that is d reasoan y rssb is buying land in many places whereas ignorant people who r absolutely illleterate of indian laws critice rssb for spending money in buying land...and tara who is illeterate about indian laws has said dat d argument is wrong...tara u r gonna teach me who is an indian chartered accountant about taxation...haha u r a joke tara...here is d section dat i am quoting from d income tax act 1961..section 11-85% of the income of a trust is required to be applied for the approved purpses..section 11(1) and 11(1B)-Wherein any previous yeara trust fails to apply 85% of its incomethe trust has the option to apply such income in the year immediately following the year in which the income is derived..u still want to debate tara...ur evil intentions have been Exposed..u still have something to say?so next time tara pls get ur facts right and stop trying to mislead people on this blog..

@no wonder maharaj charan singh expired before approving ur book im sure he would have outrightly rejected it..and how do u know dat d people who approved it did so for children under 10?and how do u no it is in accordance with how charan singh ji expected it to be?

kabir, you obviously aren't a devotee of Radha Soami Satsang Beas, since you have so many doubts about the Sant Mat teachings. Sorry for the mistaken identity.

Initiates of RSSB, like me, know that the RSSB guru is considered to be god in human form, and doesn't make mistakes. Each guru also is one with the other; there is no real difference between them, because each is an emanation, a wave, of the divine shabd, which is god in action.

So Gurinder Singh is one with Charan Singh. Gurinder Singh approved my book. The first printing was 20-25,000 copies (can't recall exactly). Thus I did god's will in writing the book. And I may still be, for all I know. Aren't we all god in human form?

As to being "sacked," I was appointed secretary numerous times by the guru. I was a speaker at local, regional, and (once) a national satsang meeting. Never got any criticism about my talks or my performance as secretary.

About a year after I started this blog, I was told that it was making some people "uncomfortable." So I was asked to stop speaking at satsang. That's my "sacking."

But Brian you were mildly critical of the RS teachings BEFORE THE SACKING. After the sacking you immediately became severely critical of Gurinder and RS and eventually evolved into a RS hater.
Even Baba Ji say's its right to be critical of the path. Even when Guru Nanak and Jesus were around, not everyone thought they were god's, one of the Gurus had to go to jail, a lot of people would be quick to the point and say any so called Guru that serves time in jail isn't God.
So even if there is a master, there are still going to be critics, if there weren't critics and there was 'quick' progress with minimal effort, don't you think everyone would run to the path just like how a kid runs towards candy.
I think there is a reason for critics and for people not experiencing progress within for many years.

Brian, don't think that just because you were appointed secretary by the Guru and have wrote books and done satsangs, it doesn't make you an advanced RS.
You obviously didn't practice what you preach.
Even I can do Satsangs and write books, it doesn't really prove anything.
Let's take a Granthi for example, he reads the GGS all day long, it doesn't make him enlightened until he PRACTICES what he preaches.

".......,it doesn't make him enlightened until he PRACTICES what he preaches."

----what kind of practicing/preaching does an "enlightened" person do?

Roger, great question. Since I don't "preach" anything, in the sense of demanding that anyone believe some dogma, practicing what I preach would have me doing...


Which, indeed, is my favorite activity. I nap like an expert! Because I am one.


I like the NOTHING......however, one day you will become a "senior citizen skateboarder" expert too.

Roger, absolutely -- mostly because the "expert" standard/norm is damn low. It's sort of like how it is in senior tennis. I have a friend who plays in the 70 and over leagues. He says that if you can tennis on until you're 90, or so, it's pretty much like "Top 10 National Award" please, just because the guy can get out on a court at all.

60+ skateboarders/longboarders are pretty rare, surely rarer than old geezer tennis players. I'm going to practice some more today. I can see that getting going and turning is the easy part. Stopping while going downhill is something that'll be harder to master. Details, though... stopping. Who needs it? (Well, me, eventually.)

Oh I forgot to mention, remember those guys that tried to kill Gurinder Singh in Austria, they are now sevadars. A family friend visited the area and found out. Once they were caught, they begged Gurinder for their forgiveness, they are now sevadars.
Funny old world we live in.

Hah tara u r seriously a joke..dont understand whether to get pisswd at ur comment or feep sorry for the lack of understanding...i knew you would divert from the topic when u realise that u have been proved to be blatantly wrong...if u do not know d ground realities in india do u make nonsensical comments about how rssb is using d funds...if v arent supposed to discuss about any tax laws den how have u in this blog climed that there is no such law of spending 85% of d money in 2 yrs with mr prakash vazirani...and when i have quoted d section u r hiddind away from this topic...u wanted a debate and now u r running away from it when ur lies have been openly exposed!!!common tara prove that my facts are wrong and what u told prakash vazirani was right...y r u hiding ur face now that it has been blackened!!!!eiither prove me wrong or appoligise for ur false allegations against rssb for spending money in buying land...u dont have a third option this time for diverting d topic dat u urself had started and now wants to hide away from it...

See d simple logic for not spending d money on charity and spending it on d dera infrastructure is dat by giving chaeity u can help someone for a few months or years but if u help someone wid spirituality u can change his life for 8400000 lives...d people who wanna argue can endlessly do so but d reality wont change..

So by ur logic all spiritual organisations should convert into charitable organisations..u seem to be confused tara..even dbasic meaning of spirituality says that it is something which helps in afterlife and d world beyond...can u expain how will giving food or clothes to someone will help him after dis life or d world beyond this..charity can only help someone in d present life but spiritualiy can help in future lives..besides even guru granth sahib says dat d biggest donation is d donation of gods name...daano ka daan naamdaan....and for doing naamdaan and satsangs spending money on infrastructure heps more than givin it in charity...

but d reality wont change.. and the reality is that ALMIGHTY Babaji Don Gurinder Singh will go on buying properties, spending money on infrastructure of Dera and other centers and go on initiating more and more souls to finally take them to sachkand.

Where is Sach Khand?

Juan, I've got a lovely story to tell you, it's not a Faqir Chand mind projection.
Basically there was a satsangi, he worked at the twin towers, but he got sacked and took it badly (just like you Brian, just kidding). He didn't know why he got the sack, he got the sack 3 weeks before 9/11. Also he got a job quickly in the end.
So I don't think its a coincidence he got sacked 3 weeks before 9/11, I firmly believe there is a positive power up there.

Hey Guys,

Why are you wasting your precious time in debates, if you don't like him then don't follow him but you still have the following big question, so try to answer these:

Who Am I?
Where I have come from?
Where I am supposed to go?
How would I control the things happening with me after my death?

So try to do that, this is what make God happy and leads to ultimate libration...

Thanks All,

Tucson, all I know is that Sachkhand is a region where one can have access only by the grace of Almighty Baba Gurinder Singh.

Gaz, thanks for the lovely story, how almighty babaji took care of the satsangi, these saints work in mysterious ways, maybe it was karmas of the others who died in these attacks.

Btw do you know the name and whereabouts of that satsangi, normally it is the Hukum of Babaji not to leak out these secrets of his grace.

Guys whai is ur take on rituals and black magic...here in india des r very common..what does rssb say about it...

Well, I live in the UK, and I heard the story from a sevador. I don't know the name or the whereabouts of that person, I just know that they are based in the US.
But that person is lucky, the 9/11 tragedy is the worst way to die.
I've got more stories, some are direct from the receptors of the experience. There are some stories which I shouldn't mention as they are too extreme which involve a deleterious force.


You said:

"Tucson, all I know is that Sachkhand is a region where one can have access only by the grace of Almighty Baba Gurinder Singh."

--How do you know that?

why do i need access to that region? ....i'm turned on to grace from one that is almighty....

Poor Brian. Your life purpose is to criticise and only criticise. And through many ids.

All those RS people, please let him do that. This makes him happier in life. Isnt it good to let someone feels happy about something?

He has full right to demonstrate his intellect. After all he is the one out of only few on this world betrayed by RS.

ha ha Poor Soul.

Jesus is the name above all names Jesus is lord of lords king of kings sitting on the right hand side of the throne of god he shed his precious blood on the cross for the sins of us all salvation is only through his name rest is all mumbo jumbo hot air people all over the world been led away by false teachers and gurus Satan deceives the whole world read ur bible daily and be saved

radha swami baba ji


Karan this is some scary shit yo do.


The pursuit of happiness is universal and valid. In one way or another, we are all seeking peace and happiness. We search for it in relationships, work, food, alcohol, movies, sex, shopping, money, and what not. But, although these things, if we achieve them, give us some type of happiness, it is only a second-class type of happiness, which doesn’t last and usually ends in frustration or sorrow. That is because all things of the world are perishable; they have a beginning and an end.
Human beings have physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects with which they search for peace and happiness. Our physical, mental and emotional selves are only capable of connecting with these things of the world that change and die. Because they are impermanent, the happiness they provide is impermanent. Only by developing our spiritual nature can we find a source of peace and happiness that is permanent. People refer to this fountainhead of permanent joy and peace by many names, such as God, Universal Consciousness, Tao, Shabd, Word, and so on. One way to make conscious contact with this infinite source of peace and happiness is taught by the masters who teach Surat Shabd Yoga, the method of uniting our spiritual self with the inner sound current. Their teachings are known as Sant Mat, an Indian phrase meaning the teachings of the saints. These masters teach a practical way of developing our spiritual nature so that we can achieve lasting peace and happiness.
As we begin to put the teachings into practice, we start to develop our spiritual nature and come to understand more and more that our suffering is rooted in our distorted or unclear way of perceiving the world and ourselves. But when we achieve peace through the practice of meditation, our minds become settled and clear. We then begin to see life as it really is. We see events and people for what they are, rather than for what we have always projected on them. The resulting light-heartedness we experience enables us to go deeper into our meditation practice. The deeper we go, the more clearly we understand the true nature of the mind. We are able to watch how the mind creates infinite scenarios and then dissolves them again. We start to recognize that the source of our problems lies in the deceptive nature of our mental creations, and in our yearning for permanent or lasting solutions in an ever-changing world. As we continue with our meditation practice, our mind becomes still until eventually our soul is left unencumbered and we can contact directly the Source of all peace and happiness: the Tao, the Shabd, Buddha Nature, or God.
These teaching don’t belong to any race, nation or community. Sant Mat cannot be considered a religion, because it does not have any of the elements common to religions, such as rituals, holy books, churches, holy images, clergy, and sacraments. Yet the fundamental concern of Sant Mat is the same as all the world religions--reuniting the soul with the ultimate Source of everlasting peace and happiness.

Hey Sandeep, tell me one thing - no ego on your side if you type - after your initiation, and now, which spiritual planes, regions, sounds have you reached? and every time you meditate how long does it take for you to reach where u left off from the night before? What do you see, feel, smell, you seem to be talking dogma, text book stuff you have read.. How many hours and years have you practise this surat shabad yoga..? What have you achieved in this science

Yet the fundamental concern of Sant Mat is the same as all the world religions--reuniting the soul with the ultimate Source of everlasting peace and happiness....

AND the only way to unite the soul with the ultimate source is to get initiated by the Perfect Living Master Almighty Babaji Don Gurinder Singh Dhillon.

Juan, you've just demonstrated that Sant Mat is a religion exactly like any other. Christians also believe that Jesus is the ONLY way. Just as Muslims believe that the Koran/Allah is the ONLY way. You believe that initiation by a guru is the ONLY way.

So what's the difference between you and any other religious fundamentalist? How do you know that you are right, and all the others are wrong? How do you know that you aren't ALL wrong?

To follow in Blogger B's train of thought..

Juan believes Gurinder Singh is a "perfect master". How does he know? What if GS is not a perfect master? That is a possibility. If that is not a possibility, why?

To be a follower of RS I would have to KNOW that GS is a perfect master. Who knows that? How do you know they know?

Yes, RS is a matter of faith just like any other religion. No difference.

If that suits you, fine, but I think one should be honest with themselves about that if they are going to devote their life to this religion.

This is it. This is your life. It could be that swimming in a wide Sargasso sea is the answer. Or?

Radha Soami Dera Beas is now a business enterprise under the guise of spirituality. Gurinder used to be in Spain and was clean shaven. He was a low life minion and would do every thing that a spiritual person is supposed to avoid . This group is now run by Indian Intelligence agencies and more that thousand Indian agents including high officials of IB and RAW are embedded in this Dera with the sole purpose of ethnic cleansing of Sikhs. Entire Punjab state machinery is at the beck and call of this gang which has also made huge investments in corporations. The daughter of one of the gang members who was society girl has now even managed to marry Bikram Singh Majitha the brother in law of the deputy Chief Minister of Punjab. They are looting and plundering innocent and poor Sikh farmers and grabbing their lands with the help of the administration. In this photo also you can see Bikram Majitha now a Punjab Minister with Gurinder.

radha soami
we are very hunger of your one smile.we are your childrens.we belive that you are "GOD"

Thank you Satnaam Kaur for finally covering some facts that a lot of people are unaware of.

May I also point out that the whole of RS (as innocent it tries to be) is all based on contradictions. For instance, they say you must have a Guru but if you look at the history, the supposed originator, Soami Shiv Dayal, had no Guru, as supported in his biography, written by his younger brother.

Secondly, they say you must stay away from intoxicants and what not but little do people know that Soami Shiv Dayal used to smoke the pipe (hooka/tobacco) after he gave Satsangs as well as other occasions.

Thirdly, they say a true saint never has anyone prostrate/bow infront of them. Well, Soami ji used to get his toe sucked by his disciple Bukki and told people to bow/prostrate at the other foot.

Fourthly, RS people need to know the origin of where the word 'RS' came from. Radha was the nickname of Soami ji's wife ( a.k.a Nariani Devi) used by Soami ji's younger brother and Rai Saligram. It's common in India to say the wife's name first before the husband's, when one wants to refer to the Husband, hence Radha Soami was a reference to Soami ji. Nothing spiritual about it whatsoever.

LOVE lovE and love is the only way to all spirituality and all happiness, even when you suffer in the process of giving love to some one, it gives even more satisfaction.
As buddha says "make me one with everything".Thats what RS aims at, to be one with the lord who is omnipresent. so if he is omnipresent and we want to be one with him, then there is no way we can afford to hate even a single spec of dust, because if we hate even that small a thing our oneness can never be complete.
and the question about charity.
well its relaly good to help people in any possible way.
but just think about it which is better.
-to make a place where people are dependent on food and other needs.and they get it for free everyday.
-a school where they learn to earn their own living. which will make them capable of helping even more.

cherity is good to the extent of fulfilling someone's basic requirement, but what will actually make someone's life beautiful is when they learn to know how to be satisfied.
and satisfaction can not be donated it has to be learnt from the people who are satisfied around.
so, the purpose of building stsang plots is just to remind people again and again of how to look at worldly things and pleasures and achivements and build a nurturing environment.
and i know as satsangis we should be ideal examples of the same teachings but we are actully the struggling individuals who want to achive that so we should always be apologetic when we are not able to be one, as we are still learning.

the point is not to hurt anyone's belief in doing good, but just trying to explain the what is the focus which RS faith keeps in mind. its not that they don't do any charity they do it too to some extent.
well, also its said again and again in satsangs to not to talk bad about anyone, but u know there are stages in the learning process, and I know many people want to be like that, but it takes time to actually reach a stage where u don't hate anyone. and this is not only for RS believers but also a non believer who is trying to to become a good man. god's grace is on each and every person who want to get dissolved in the realms of love.
AS jesus says" love is god and god is love".

but one thing i would like to request all weather the believers or the non believers, that acceptance is the biggest force which can help us in being good. we should always look of the good out of the worst of worsts weather people or system, and never force things on anyone.
our focus should always be on the good and never on the bad of anything. because finding bads brings hatred.
and a constant effort of accepting will automatically make you taste spirituality, and point will come when you will feel the spirituality in the physical sense in side yourself. its all about the love and the grace of love. love is the remedy of all the lackings in life and love is also the remedy for the lack of love.
and we should always try to clean our own house before cleaning the street or telling other people that their house is not clean. because if u clean the street first then cleaning you own house will again dirty the street.

I think Satnam Kaur needs to reads the news and ask Simranjit Singh Mann about RS. She is obviously a jealous Sikh.

Greetings Earthlings. I have read half the comments on this and had to stop midway because I felt compelled to put something across. Firstly; Kabir:- for a man who is a big shot chartered accountant your ability to type correct English is deplorable and makes you appear to be a chav in sheep's clothing.
Secondly:- Brian:- I have empathy for you. This Kabir dude and Gaz come across as vindictive bullies. What happened to turning the other cheek and humility....oh wait...that was Jesus...Mohammed was more about stern confrontation from my studies....perhaps Sant Mat is somewhere in the middle.
I believe Brian is the leading authority on ex-satsangi's....I have read Life is Fair and quite liked the artwork...it's witty and yet inoffensively innocent with a great message. Brian has walked both paths from my understanding so I think his word holds some merit.
Gaz and Kabir...we all have our standards in regards to what it takes for us to commit wholeheartedly to something...I am sure you have your criteria for the type of woman you'd be willing to wed and not wed...as truly falling in love is a big life changing deal....likewise.....giving one's heart and mind to a particular belief system is a massive deal. One can not underestimate the physical, mental and emotional investment involved (let's not get into the financial investment right now)...my point being...it seems that if people like Brian and I were to give our all to a particular Guru; our standards/expectations would be higher because we obviously value our time and lives and would implore on conclusive evidence and not blind faith to make the big leap. We need to know that the investment will be fruitful and the "Sach Khand" that is promised to us is in a fact a possible reality not some pseudo ramblings created by a shrewd businessman who is playing to our fantasies. For the two of you Baba Ji's (or big G as I used to call him) word is enough, being with the boys at Haynes and playing football with Big G and telling bedtime stories about mystical happenings is enough and gives you a sense of belonging....I respect that....I think I can speak for Brian when I say we require more....Science of the Soul goes into much "esoteric" detail about what one should experience and yet after initiation one is given a leaflet on meditation that states that a satsangi should expect nothing and be content with the bliss of seeing nothing....now that is a tease no woman could ever match!

To whom it may concern,especially Brian and The9thGate,

I consider myself a truthseeker, my attitude has evolved over the last few years, before i was one of those people who was narrow minded. If I heard a bedtime story etc about RS it would be enough to convince me that RS is the right path. But Faqir Chand has broadened my perspective, therefore most of those bedtime stories are not credible to me now as they were a few years ago.
Also this present master doesn't like it if someone says that this path is right etc, I don't know what Charan's thoughts were regarding this if someone asked how do we know if this is the right path.
I don't consider myself an RS anymore, but I still adhere to the vows of being a lacto vegetarian, being ethical and honest.

My reasons for leaving RS is personal, contrary to ex satsangis, I still consider that there is a supreme power but no longer consider GIHF.

I'm not going to go on a rant about RS, if it works for some, I recommend continuing it, even though Faqir Chand condemned RS he did say that meditation and contemplation is important hence RS will help. But I am not going to look at it as I did a few years ago, I have a different perspective.

But there is a lot of false information out there regarding RS, from Osho to Mike.

I'm very disappointed, it feels like I have lost something, for me RS was like a wall i used to lean against, if I had any troubles/problems I had that wall.
The notion of Sachkhand used to excite me when i was a kid, i thought i was special one because of my association with the path.

But I am not going to debunk RS to great extents, if RS works for you then continue it, i don't want to dictate anyone, this is just my experience.
If Gurinder appears to me via radiant form and talks to me and answers my questions, then who knows I might be back. But for now I am no longer an RS.


Gaz aka G and Truthseeker2012

To Gaz:- Respect and understanding towards you regarding your last post. I can appreciate your feelings. I suppose it's like any thing in life we have faith in....once something breaks the withdrawal can be quite painful. Sant Mat on paper sounds like such a great path to follow....the idea that someone can go "inside" and experience regions as tangible as these qwerty keys are on my laptop and what's more; one has a guide...it's all very magical and that can play on the idyllic notions of most....it certainly did to me. I am still searching for "something" and the experience with Sant Mat has only made me raise the bar....perhaps it is pointless to search and one should just embrace reality....I have dabbled in this too but there is always something missing I feel...perhaps I am just insatiable....hmmm...something for me to mediate on (pardon the pun).
I sincerely wish you the best and if you do find "something" please do feel you can share it with the rest of us who are still searching for that something we may never find.

To The9thGate,

Thank you for your empathy.

It's hard, no one can say I haven't tried or say I have x,y,z is a barrier, I'll be honest, I've read all the Sant Mat books, listened to a vast number of discourses both on CD and in the centres since i was 4! So for the last 16 years I've been very adherent, it hurts more when you have a family that follow RS, I look at them and think they're following a path that is maybe not authentic. Every day when they're going through some pain, they'll say we've met GIHF we're safe, it's hard to witness that.
A few years ago, I used to say to myself in my head, my family is 'safe', and they will be safe at the time of death because they're RS initiates, it felt very assuring. Whenever I was having a bad time in life, i used to think well, this is temporary, Sach Khand will await me after death and I will enjoy that so much. But now that's gone, it hurts so much! I can't describe the pain.

But here in the UK, Baba Ji is coming in April, there will be 3 satsangs of his. I will go to that even though I am not an RS.
The rationale behind this is that I actually find the q&a interesting and the food is pretty tasty too lol.

But you can never say never in this world, I'm still open to a return, but first and foremost, I need answers to my questions via the radiant form.

By the way, are you from the UK? I haven't met many ex/current UK satsangis here.

I'm just going to try to enjoy life, if I do find something I will share.

Science of the Soul goes into much "esoteric" detail about what one should experience and yet after initiation one is given a leaflet on meditation that states that a satsangi should expect nothing and be content with the bliss of seeing nothing....now that is a tease no woman could ever match!

I've just read this, initiation and meditation is compared to an Open University, it's open to all regardless of background, all you need is to be ethical,honest and be a vegetarian. This is fair, but when I hear that you should expect nothing and be content with the bliss of seeing nothing it sounds crass.
It's like putting alot of effort in/doing the assignments and the tutors telling you that you shouldn't expect to receive a degree. What the hell?
I don't know, maybe by being content to seeing nothing we actually make progress. But it sounds crass when you compare the statement with the Uni.

To Gaz:- well buddy it takes alot of courage to say what you did so respect to you. I really do understand your pain. It must be very hard for you being from a Satsang family. And yes; the food at Haynes is very good.
Like you; I have studied the books extensively. I even read the Anurag Sagar of Kabir which I am sure you have heard of. To a young mind with zest for truth it is easy to see why people like you and I would want to go "within" and meet the radiant form. I have quizzed Baba Ji himself on some of these matters but he is very good at reversing the direction and responsibility back to the seeker. Is astral travelling possible? I have yet to hear of one satsangi to come forward and claim that they have experienced what the books speak of...granted; one is generally told not to speak about their experiences as a sign of humility or the fear that their "powers" may diminish due to an influx of pride. Kind of a catch 22 situation because most scientists are quite keen to share their discoveries with fellow seekers of truth.
I am from the U.K. in the West Midlands so feel free to keep in touch if you wish. I think there needs to be more support for ex-satsangi's. It's something I feel strongly about for anybody who decides to walk away from a particular belief system which they have followed for what seems an eternity. When I walked away from Sant Mat the pain and guilt was overwhelming. I was in a real bad way because I could not find anything to top the stuff I read in the books. It was like using a Play Station and then going back to my Commodore 64...but wait...a new XBOX is being unveiled next year so there is always hope due to technological advancement. Seriously though...we should be thankful to Brian for providing us with a platform to voice ourselves. Yes; it can get heated and that's because it is a subject matter which carries much emotion but overall...it must have taken guts for Brian to make a stance and so that is something that we should forget in haste.
I almost thought about starting a meet up group in my city because I am sure there are more like us from all walks of religions.

I agree, Brian has guts like you say, the guy gives his real name and face. Brian and Chand broadened my perspective, initially it hurt when I read Brians blogs, but i started to question, if Gurinder was God why would he allow this? Maybe to broaden satsangis minds. Or he is simply not aware of this because he doesn't have the power.
For the past year or so I had a little hope that this present master would tell us about Chand etc, I thought he had the powers etc therefore would release a book on Chand. Also just on stuff in general, I look at q&a with Charan and other books, that stuff was very relevant in the 70s and 80s, but today in 2012, the world has evolved, those books can help only to an extent.
But by the looks of things, no 'new' book will ever come out, last year I was excited to hear that there were new satsang cd's, but discovered they were english translations of Charans satsangs.

I am also from the west midlands, so I'm assuming you used to go to the Birmingham centre when you were a follower.

You are correct. I went to the centre in West Bromwich. Not sure if it is still there. Your knowledge on Faqir Chand would be extensive to mines. I am assuming RSSB never published a book on him. It's funny because just as I left RSSB I was to discover that my family in America had found a Radha Soami master by the name of Rajinder Singh....a relative of Kirpal Singh who is like the Sith Emperor to the Beas organisation. I wonder if Brian is considered Darth Vader...I'm just a lowly Storm Trooper I'm afraid.
It would be cool to meet for a coffee and chat someday if you wish. It's hard trying to convey the RSSB story to most people. I remember once trying to tell my ex-girlfriend about RSSB...I'd go as far as saying that it freaked her out and she thought I was insane to believe that a man can be God. Maybe she was right. Maybe God is simply Alanis Morisette.

You're quite mistaken.

Most definitely, and without a doubt, it is Alannah Myles who is a goddess:

Alannah Myles - Black Velvet

And of course Lita Ford, another goddess:

Lita Ford - Kiss Me Deadly

And let's not forget goddess Doro:

Doro - Unholy Love

As for the great God [in human form] himself... that would surely be Lemmy:


Yes the West Bromwich centre is still there, I went there this year for Baba Ji's satsang.

RSSB have never said anything about Faqir Chand.

With RSSB is have 5% hope that it still might be the path, but with Rajinder Singh, that guy is not real.
It's funny because Rajinder Singh promotes himself as the 'living christ', he has posters everywhere in the US and has TV commercials.
There are so many Sant Mat movements, i'm not sure if you are familiar with Ram Rasilla, that is located in Birmingham. It's very similar and the leader looks like Charan.

It would be cool to meet up, you're not far from me, send me your email add.

I am also adding a holy man here he he,


Everything on inner experiences


To tAo:- thank you for the fond memories. Lemmy is man! I was listening to Metropolis earlier on today; one of Motorheads more obscure tracks.
Alannah Myles...hubba hubba! Personally....If I had to choose I would want God to be Kate Bush!
To Gaz:- I love the university analogy. I will show you the meditation leaflet given after initiation. Maybe you'd like to read it. Regarding Science of the Soul...I was told that the earlier prints mentioned U.F.O's and that this was omitted from later editions. Again this could all be Haynes Park gossip. It's funny...talking about RSSB after so many years has bought back lots of memories...God I was so ignorant!
To Brian:- not sure how to do this but if it's no trouble could you please pass my email address onto Gaz so I can contact him? I don't want to display my email address on here for others but Gaz and I have discussed meeting. I've never actually met an ex-satsangi in person so that would be quite an experience.

The9thGate, no problem. Did the deed.

I wish everybody ever wrote here a nice and trip on this planet earth, peace to ya all! Moon

Thank you Brian. Much appreciated.


you missed the best one of them all


Jaimal has turned Satan loose
on the earth.

Love the video... Love The Verve - Bitter Sweet Symphony... Love the Brits..

Mike, your Satan comment - blaming Jaimal ! What the !

Radha Soami Satsang Beas accepts sewa; to construct Gurdwara as well maintain it
Friday, November, 30 2012 - 21:47
By Abhijit Prashar-

CHANDIGARH: The recent acrimony between Radha Soami Satsang Beas (RSSB) and certain Panthic organizations over the construction of a Gurudwara appears to have been amicably resolved with the Satsang reiterating its resolve to hold and continue to hold all Guru Sahibans and Shri Guru Granth Sahib in the highest esteem.

A statement issued on Friday by the Satsang said, “We believe in the saying of the Gurubani that ‘Sabhe Sanjhiwal Sadayaen, koi na dise bahra jio.’ Still due to certain occurrences at village Waraich, different views were projected and honouring these, highest seat of MiriPiri Shri Akal Takht Sahib got the matter examined and discharging their obligation gave their verdict, which was subsequently endorsed by Shiromani Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee.”

The statement read, “Inspite of this, some of Panthak Sikh Jathebandi’s expressed their disagreement on certain principles. RSSB does honour their sentiments also. Being a peaceful organisation which prefers to keep away from the controversies of any kind, we strongly believe that every matter can be settled amicably by peaceful interactions.

Therefore, Radha Soami Satsang Beas acting upon the sayings of Guru Sahiban that ‘ho ikatar millo mere bhai, dubidha dur karo liv lai,’ and decided to accept the sewa of constructing a Gurudwara as well as its upkeep. For this purpose a panel shall be established and the construction shall be done under its guidance. RSSB has taken this decision to elevate the principle that ‘ek pita ekas ke hum barik’ from level of saying to the level of action. For this purpose all the Panthic Jathebandi’s have also rendered their cooperation so as to keep the Panth in ‘Chardi Kala’. We hope that with this joint decision all the Panthic Jathebandi’s will work together for the service as well as the welfare of humanity.”


radha soami baba ji, i like you as real god .

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