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March 03, 2012


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You are saying, I think, that although I left one belief system, organization or conceptual framework, that actually nothing fundamentally has changed. You are saying, I think, that I (and others) simply replaced that conceptual framework or belief system ('subject' as you call it) with another conceptual framework or belief system like zen or dzogchen or advaita or nihilism or solipsism or nothing at all.

That is true to the extent that this mind still produces concepts related to no longer believing in the former belief or religion (Sant Mat, Radha Soami or RSSB or whatever).

What has changed, for me anyway, is that my actual perceptions regarding Reality or God or whatever you want to call 'It' are not thoughts or beliefs in the conventional sense that most people think of these things, i.e. objectivisations. They are more like intuitive realizations, apprehensions or insights that have no particular shape or aspect that can be described in any way. Doing that only serves to diminish or limit the insight or even distort It completely. 'It' is not even an it. Yet It is. See what I mean?

I try to express what I perceive but due to the limitations of language I cannot express the actual experience of what is perceived. Saying something like "I am not but the Universe is I" does not make sense logically. But in this forum of words and letters on a screen something must be written to act as a pointer. Really, the most accurate thing I could do would be to post a blank page. Maybe I'll do that sometime which some would feel, no doubt, was my best writing yet!

"Many people think they do not have to do anything and they will get his grace. This is not correct. We need to be aware and to make every effort to purify ourselves. The naam and the shabd of the Sat Guru helps us in that respect. Use it and then see and then hear. Only the Sat Guru can take the soul to its home. Not everyone is going there in this life time as they do not want to as yet. "free will clause"

---Fascinating piece of inslavement spiritual dogma. Is 'inslavement' spelled correctly? Oh, could someone copy/paste the "free will cause" for me. Thanks Roger


a tiny piece of our RSSB experiments :

I was at that time searching and after reading Yogananda made an appointment
with the representative in my (then) country Holland
Coming there he, Piet Romein , offered us tea, was very nice his whole house full of
portraits of the past Kriya masters there, Sri Yukteswar, etc and
starting a little bit the talk about Kriya Yoga
he said
"I cannot help You !"

You have to contact Madame Keus
- She can help you

I knew a little about that Lady already because she has translated the Bhagavat Geeta in dutch
being Doctorin Sanskrit
and had been the long time secretary of Krishnamurti
So We left ( my fiance then, still my wife )
and drove 40 kM further to the village where that Lady lived
but she wasn't at home
We still thought She had also a position at the Self Realisation Felloship
of Yogananda

In the evening I phoned her and asked about what she followed and asked advise
next she said

Yes I spent my whole life searching and studying
and I have now a Master in India who gave me 5 words

When she said 5 words my whole body started to tremble
and I couldn't answer and was totally incapicitated for 15 minutes
a kind of goose bumps but tremendously exaggerated

No need to go on now - I guess this is clear - but another nice
happening did happen

My fiance and I were living 4 years together and a few month after the above
She said
You go on with all this stuff but I am to young -
I don't like to make those changements in my life - She was an atheist and also agnost
and had great difficulty with my approach

So we decided more or less to split

Then the following happened :
In Our sleeping room a man appeared with a Turban, . . a Ray-Ban in his hand a Seiko watch,
a Parker ballpoint
and because we quarrelled he said in dutch to my wife
"Don't be so upset, go a little more straight with your back and you will feel better"

It was so natural as if such "beem us over Scôtty" happened every day

Next He asked what kind of questions she had and yes she" asked a lot
and He started to explain Sant Mat
in such a way that she understood

While it happened during 90 minutes
slowly and slowly
a white light came around him,
a little like what we can see
when we have Darshan of any Holy Man
although this was mild
a kind of a beginners exposure
but so sweet and lovely that She immediately falled in love with Him.
Much more than with me :)
and adopted vegetarism etc on the spot in a second

When it happened I heard all these questions but not the answers
and I thought first she was making a fool of me

Anyway we didn't separate and are still together

I plan to tell this story and other great stories here
and elsewhere because of my rather old age
and it would be a shame if those blossoms of Sant Mat were lost
and I will do it anonymously
If by chance some satsangi recognizes me from the storyline
please respect this anonymity

Beautiful Charan was and is
the cream of creams
the love of all Loves
I'm so happy to praise Him

Cheers and lots of RS


I think you didn't understand a thing from this blog-post. Blinded by dogma. Like many of us.

The whole story (if true) is an evidence of the fallacy of Sant Mat doctrine.

It is proved by logical induction.
Here we go.

1) Sant Mat is HEAVILY FOUNDED on the "existence" of a perfecto maestro , a perfect master.

2) The unique traits of a "perfect master" are known through sant mat literature and
popular tradition.

3) The above story presents evidence of absence of those unique superhuman traits.

4) So the perfect master is not so perfect.

5) And consequently, Sant Mat dogma is invalid because the infamous master is not perfect (go to 1)

It is simple human logic. Isn't it?


There are millions of stories.

But there are just stories.

No proof. No true science.

And keep in mind that the term "Science of spirituality" is a joke by definition.

1) SOS doctrine, disciples, teachers and other players, do not use any scientific methods.

2) Spirituality is metaphysical entity and science is physical entity.
So they cannot interact with each other.
It is like oil and water.

Hi Pythagoras,

You are right, the whole thing is
mumbo jumbo gypsy double talk.

It is very simply a business. That's
all it has ever been.

Where are all these advanced disciples
sant mat is said to produce ?

There are none.

"It is very simply a business"

O yes, brilliantly and concisely said. There is nothing beyond that in the santmat-story.

"the perfect master, designed for the perfect slaves"

The soldiers left my head and went to enjoy freedom in my heart,moon

for you Mike,love

thank master u have given me a joy&luv.plz help at every step of lfe thanku

Comment to Supbrah: yes you are fully right, people get possessed. I have been warned, after i left, by Indian people, that these people use magic. It is a very very dangerous sect.

First: He is not God, to be asked to heal your father
Second: He is a Guru who helps you find your spiritual LIfe.
Third: Problem was not with Rajinder Singh, it was with you. You expected him to say some stuff which he didn't say and it eventually made you angry. Stop expecting and start giving. you will be given By God, not by anyone else.
Problem is with You and your thinking about others.

Hi Tanya,

I'm intrigued, specify which RS sect you left?
There were rumors in Sawan Singh's time that he was using black magic to entice followers.

Mike Williams may be able to shed some light onto this.

We have good experiences.
Our expectations should not be too much.
Favor can not be taken forcefully.
We must accept everything that happened because he is not the cause of misshappening

We will reduce our expectations.
Let us pray to God.
We have good experiences

I read the experience of one Brian who was initiated for over 3 to 4 years and when he went to seek solution for his ill father, he got only few seconds and about few mins time was given to bless other's car.

Thanks for sharing this beautiful event with the readers here.

I personally felt sad for Brian because he was not in good state of mind because of his fathers health and when he came for blessings, master said " HE WILL BE....FEEL BETTER".

do not understand what he actually meant by saying so. But one thing is sure, as said by Buddha if you can re-collect. Suffering is there and there is a way to remove suffering and the root cause is desires. If we remove desires, then sufferings wont sprout.

If we desire, its our property and we have to find a way by going deep within.

Saint' bless us by showing the way out if you have properly heard satsangs. Sat means Truth and Sang means to connect. If we do not connect with truth, we are bound to suffer. No one on this earth even can take your desires out, its our own self that helps us to remove it and we have to work hard to connect to truth.

Mr.Brian,I don't think that u r right.Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj has done the right thing.He Must have known that his father will have to die.His lifespan has to be finished soon.He has told him that he will be better soon."BETTER" means a better life.And u can understand what "BETTER" means.

There was one woman, named Gotami, whose child had just died. She was so sad that she became crazy. She went everywhere trying to bring her child back to life. Her friends felt sorry for her and said, "Gotami, you should go and see the Buddha. Perhaps he can help you."She went before Buddha still holding her child in her arms. "Please bring him back to life for me," she cried. Very gently Buddha answered her, " I can help you, Gotami, but first you must bring me something. I need one small mustard seed. However, it must come from a house where no one has ever died." Gotami quickly went out in search of a mustard seed. She asked at one home and the woman there answered, "Of course you can have a mustard seed. You can have whatever you want... But you should know that last year my husband died. ""Oh," Gotami replied, "then I must search elsewhere" and ran off to the next house. But everywhere she went, the same thing happened. Everyone wanted to help her, but someone had died in every family she visited. One person told her, "Three years ago I lost my daughter." Another said, " my bother died her yesterday." It was always the same. At the end of the day she returned to the Buddha. "What have you found, Gotami?" he asked. "Where is your mustard seed. ? And there is your son? You are not carrying him any longer." She answered, "Buddha, today I have discovered that I am not the only one who has lost a loved one. Everywhere people have died. I see how foolish I was to think I could have my son back. I have accepted his death, and this afternoon I buried him. Now I have returned to you to hear your teachings. I am ready to listen. " Then Buddha said, "Gotami, you have learned a great deal today. Death must come to everyone sooner or later. But if you learn the truth you can live and die in happiness. Come, I shall teach you." And so he taught her, and soon she found more peace and happiness than she had ever known before.

" But if you learn the truth you can live and die in happiness. Come, I shall teach you." And so he taught her, and soon she found more peace and happiness than she had ever known before."

---One can learn relative truth and find happiness. No problem with that. How much peace and happiness is relative too. No big deal.

I left Science of Spirituality ( Rajinder Singh )some years ago, and see the immense danger i escaped from. I agree with the people above who talk about black magic.

The bizarre inner events during meditation I mistook (being ignorant)for spirituality. I suspect that enitities, ghosts (black magic works with ghosts) give the strange sensations, mislead the wellmeaning but ignorant seekers. My vital life energy was exploited, my illnesses became worse and worse, i felt more and more strange and i was isolated from the other people.I got all kinds of strange sensations and illnesses. Signs of being possessed, subtle in the beginning but they got stronger and stronger. I thought meditation would help me but it was instead the cause of the problems.
Plus i grew (subtly) proud of being satsangi (yuk that word..), of being lucky enough to be initiated, such false pride always stops all real inner development and happiness.

Why I joined? Internet did not exist yet so i could not get information though i did look for it. I had the feeling of finding a spiritual family (i had major problems in life, am orphan and felt alone - most members have major life problems or even severe mental problems) - to meditate and pray with.
Thank goodness i mainly slept through the meditations and i have bad eyes, lucky for me as the socalled Master also exerts his black power by looking people during speeches in the eyes.
I tried the meditation for years (and failed thanks goodness), i helped organising, and liked the other meditators, but in the course of years sign after sign came that things were not right, and i left.
Now i notice that now i see through many sects or manipulation at first glance, which i could not in the past before the sect, i sure learned from it but it was a narrow escape especially as i am vulnerable due to the life problems. They prey on the vulnerable people esp. those with low selfconfidence (THE characteristic of the sect members).

All the positive results i thought i saw in the meditation happened not because of the sect but in spite of it, and could have come easier and more safe in another way.

Being possessed is very dangerous. Just google on it, or on being possessed by djinns devils etc. I was isolated by something unknown from other people, i felt totally drained and my body felt more and more alienated all of which stopped immediately after renouncing this devilish institution and eating a healthier diet. (the diet takes away your basic vital strength so that you can be easier possessed).

This is a dangerous criminal family sect with a LOT of money. My life now is simple, i am human among the humans, life is not perfect but it is my life, I am fully cured.
Stay away from this sect.

Most of people initiates and non initiates have tried to shake the pillars of sant mat ... Considering this to be a folly is craziness....

Brian trust me whatever is happening with you or happened with you or will happen with you is for good....it is the Karmas which have to be cleansed from your soul.

The Black magic version of Roger is kind of quite funny, it is said in sant mat and most of the holy scriptures that confusion shall prevail in this kalyuga. Only thing was that you should have read more about meditation which is being followed by most of the people within Sant mat or outside sant mat.....

Get life people.....

origional godman after sant kirpal singh ji was sant thakar singh ji maharaj and now present godman is param sant baljit singh ji maharaj.please beware from fake masters which do only acting and posing.

hey everybody :-)

after reading all the posts i still cant believe what some people wrote...where does all this negativity come from?where does all this hatred come from?

there is a guy who never talked bad about anybody,never hurt anybody,talks always about love and spirituality and happiness and ecstasy and peace and unity etc etc etc never asks anything in return,doesnt pressurize any1 2 do anything,and STILL there r people who talk very very bad about him!!!is he a godman or not,WHO KNOWS?!!maybe he is,maybe he aint...but WHAT IN THE WORLD DID HE DO 2 U THAT U TALK TRASH ABOUT HIM,SWEAR AT HIM,LIE ABOUT HIM and all the other 'nice stuff'???!!!!
u dont believe in him,fine,move on and find some1 or something better...

and it also really amazes me that people believe the guy who wrote the initial article...m i the ONLY 1 who realized he is a liar?and i can even prove it,coz he is SOO intelligent that he wrote 1st " PATHETIC waste of about 7 minutes"
and then "My personal Jesus devoted 10 minutes blessing the German car" !!!!!
what will he write next?20minutes?!
1st of all when master rajinder goes through the rows he never stops and talks 2 people,he just gives them darshan and maybe touches them,and in very rare cases maybe answers a quick question,but 7 minutes,or even 10???!!!!for a car??!!SERIOUSLY??!! and u guys believe that??!!!his talks r usually 30-45 minutes long and then he talks 10 minutes with those guys??!!lol
there r hundreds of people in those halls,he doesnt have the time 2 do that!!!

and then he gets angry at master for what?for not saving his father?
say that master rajinder is the godman,this means he would b omniscient,which would mean that he knew that his father's time was up,and he also knew for what reason this person came 2 c him,which is for a miracle or 2 ask which treatment his father should do in order 2 get better...
so what should rajinder do in that moment?tell him 'my dear friend,ur father will die in 6 months' ??
would the guy b happy with that answer?he came for a miracle,for his desire 2 b fulfilled and NOT for the truth!!

this guy claims 2 follow sant mat for 30 years and being initiated by master rajinder for ca 3 years = 33 in total!!!!
so u follow a path for 33 years and then curse ur master,call him a jerk and what not coz he didnt do a miracle?or give u some solace?
so if rajinder would have said something nice so that he would b satisfied (which by the way would never happen coz the only reason he came was 2 save his father),then everything would b ok and rajinder would continue 2 b the godman??!!!!is this how u 'measure' a godman??!!

33 years on the path and he didnt know the basic teachings of sant mat?
that the ONLY reason perfect masters come 2 this world is 2 bring the souls who r ready back 2 god!!!2 know that this body and world r a jail and we should detach ourselves from it and attach ourselves 2 god,that every1 comes here with a certain amount of breaths,and when those r used up its time 2 go,and that death is a reason 2 B HAPPY coz we will unite with god again,our ETERNAL father and go back home....

where was all this?if u r 33 years on the path and u STILL dont have inner experiences which certify the power of ur master,then my friend u r either on the wrong path or follow a fake master or u just dont do even the BASICS 2 b able 2 have inner/spiritual experiences,which r a vegetarian diet,the absence of any drugs,and a minimum of 2.5 hrs meditation every day... which 1 is it?

as u surely guessed i m also a disciple of rajinder...
and i heard about him after spending almost 2 years reading more than 300 books about anything 'supernatural' ,starting from ghost,supernatural powers,hatha yoga,all religions etc etc etc

in the end i was no smarter than before!!!yes i read all this info,my horizon got widened,but there was NO1 who could tell me STEP BY STEP how 2 reach a certain goal...all just philosophy and THEORY!!!
i never liked 2 follow any1 or any group,i built my own philosophy with parts of different groups or saints i liked...

and then i read the 1st book of rajinder...(inner and outer peace through meditation)
and he talked about all those nice things,peace/love/ecstasy,and said that u can have all that by going within and connect with ur soul through meditation...
u can get initiated,will have proof by getting some light and sound,and from there u can develop it further,as much as u want...

so i said 'ok,its for free,so what do i have 2 loose??!!'

so i got initiation,i saw light,heard sound,and m working on it for almost 15 years now...

my life changed IMMENSELY!!

do i believe that master rajinder is the present living godman?yes,i do!!
can i prove it?NO!!!!

but if i ask u how 2 reach a certain street,and u tell me 'go this way,then that way,then u will c this building,then u turn right' etc etc etc
and after the 1st checkpoints i c that everything u said i true,then i have no reason 2 doubt u...

i DONT KNOW if rajinder is the living godman,coz 2 know that i have 2 b on a very high spiritual level,or even have become 1 with god 2 b able 2 make that statement...
but i DO KNOW that there is light and sound within me,that by connecting with that power of god i get immense peace and happiness,that there r other worlds above this physical 1--- simply coz i EXPERIENCED all that 1st hand!!!so i have no reason 2 doubt everything else he says about higher planes...m i 100% sure? NOPE...
maybe in the end i find out that he is not the godman,but WHAT DOES IT MATTER??!!!

did i pay anything?NOT EVEN A SINGLE CENT IN 14 YEARS!!!my mom and sis went 2 months 2 india and lived for free there in the ashram,they just paid the tikets!
did he pressurize me 2 do anything?NO
did i gain something out of it?YES!!!!VERY MUCH!!!!
so even if he is not the godman...
i look at my life how it changed,meditation gave me LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of positive things,and for all those who talk all the time about 'science',u should know that its scientifically proven that meditation has many many benefits!!psychologists r using it all around the world coz it helps reduce stress and helps them also deal better with their patients,in hospitals they r using it coz it helps regeneration,sport teams do it(i think even the lakers or another big basketball team used it)coz it helps energize u and clear/pump up ur concentration,ur heart beat and pulls slow down and relax u...and those r just physical things,for all those who believe that all inner/spiritual experiences r just imagination and mumbo jumbo...

i became a vegetarian,which also is proven by now that its MUCH healthier than eating meat...
i became a better person,calmer,more loving,more forgiving,respecting all life-humans or animals alike,i dont kill even a mosquito..
my IQ went from 135 to 166...
i can concentrate much better and therefor m much more efficient in what i do and more successful (i m a professional athlete and coach),i need less sleep coz of the energy i get through meditation etc etc etc

so even if he is not the living godman,i still got a LOT out of that journey and i will/would continue it coz it MADE MY LIFE BETTER!!!!MUCH BETTER!!!!

and all those haters and negative people,i bet my ass that they dont do any or very very little meditation,coz otherwise they wouldnt talk like that....

and even if jesus is the 1,or mohammed,or buddha,or any other saint,i m cool with all of them coz the life i live fits in ALL categories!!!

and if the science brothers r right,that all is just smoke and mirrors and we r just dust and after death iTs all over,i STILL m cool with it coz of the many benefits i received through meditation...

so WHATEVER way,its a win/win situation for me...

and for all those who say 'aaaah,broke my self-confidence,like a sheep' etc etc etc
NO TRUE MASTER makes u feel like that,they even support u in getting better and better in ur worldly jobs,they say 'do ur best in everything u do,fight,learn,develop,do the best u can,and then leave the rest 2 god'
also hazur baba sawan said something 'look,the only way up is through the 3rd eye,there is no other way,thats the gate...u must collect there,and then enter the spiritual reasons...so go on,try it urself if u like,and if u r successful all is fine,but if i cant do it on ur own u can come back and i will help u' >>> no pressure or commanding and all that stuff...

and i cant understand y this is bothering people so much 'aaaaah,i wanna do it on my own,independent,no teacher,no master,just ME!'
so my question 2 all of them is 'sister/brother,when did u EVER learn something on ur OWN???!!!!!!from the time we r born we need some1 2 teach us different thing,walk,eat,even shit at the right time and place AND NOT EAT IT!!!LOL!!!!in school,in university,driving license,ANYTHING we wanna learn,we go 2 some1 who knows,an expert if possible,and btw,books r also some1!!!so y do u get all worked up when it comes 2 spirituality,which by the way is THE MOST DIFFICULT THING OF ALL???!!!!not every teacher is good,ok...TRY THEM,TEST THEM,AND DONT BELIEVE THEM IF U DONT C PROOF ABOUT WHAT THEY SAY WITH UR OWN EYES!!!if u c,ok,continue..if u dont,then just pack ur things and go 2 the next 1 til u find the 1 who will satisfy ur needs and ur search and thirst for the truth-IF U R A TRUE SEEKER!!!!'

I am curious about your comments of jinns? Are you saying that SRS is some sort of possessed demon? What I don't get is if this is actually an evil cult then why do they teach love, peace, compassion, God's love? Are these not all characteristics of God loving people? How is one suppossed to tell the difference between good and evil if evil is posing as good? What then is evil? What benefit would SRS get from deceiving so many people? What would his purpose be?

Of the many times I have been there, most people there seem to be very good, intelligent people, not crazy. Maybe I haven't seen enough to know.

I would never have written the Secret History
of RS Beas if it were not for Kirpal.

What I saw in this group shocked me.


By Demonic spirits, aka the collective
unconscious of Freud. Archetypes of
the inner world.

All the people I met claiming to be spiritually advanced, were in fact borderline insane.

This is not he only group contacting
spiritual guides. There are hundreds
of them.

Todays youngsters practice this crap on a big scale.

Only to end up worse off from the little
devils they channel.

Mike, have you read or heard of Dave Hunt? He's a Christian that says that meditation, aliens/UFOs, séances, spirit guides, etc are all demons.

That kundalini is actually a demon spirit attached to the body that can make it shake, tremor, spaz, move about and even vocalise odd, guttural sounds. Some people call this "automatic yoga" and actually believe it is purifying them. Mediums in trance will experience similar things and even have the "spirits" (whom they consider to be dead relatives etc) speak through them using their vocal chords.

Possession can cause many strange physical symptoms, pains and aches in the body that cannot be medically explained, strange smells like rotten eggs or sulphur, and even suffocation and even the person's own hand trying to strangle themselves, insomnia, headaches, etc etc.

Some people use black magic to get these demon spirits to harm other people through "hauntings". I have personally experienced this.

The last thing you want to do if any of these symptoms are occurring is to chalk it down to the kundalini and the need for purification by continuing to meditate.

I don't believe in the Jesus rapture thing, I am not religious and I simply cannot accept the notion of eternal hell.

Some gurus get possessed by deities like Kali. Their eye colour can change and they can access the akashic records in these trance states.

I hate to say it but I agree with the Christians - yoga and meditation attract possession states. Drugs can also lead to this.

According to the book "Love, Light and Life" written by Sant Kirpal Singh's companions and disciples, Sant Kirpal Singh did not declare his successor before this death and during his lifetime he specifically mentioned that nobody from his family will be a successor.
So whether Sant Rajinder Singh was a true successor or not is to be questioned. Just like Baba Sawan Singh's family is not considered to be true successors by Kirpal Singh - the Guru of Sant Darshan Singh who was the Guru of Sant Rajinder Singh.

I found this site www.kirpalsingh-falsesuccessors.org. And like to know your opinions please. Is it true?

Three principles are important when you seek :

Compassion , that means Strickt vegetarism
The Guru lives from his own income-monies
No disciple is asked to make publicity - neither the Guru does
No money obligation, ever

No need to know further - I think : stay as long as He makes you happy
Leave , when he makes you miserable

Sorry for my bad english
Speaking 6 languages but writing is less


I was lightning struck at seeing Charan Singh the first time
I still am - my wife too but I wrote already much here about that

A friend of mine had 4 gurus in his life
The first was Ramana Maharshi, his last was Charan
and he learned a lot from all of them

My dear brothers and sisters...

The commissioned souls that are sent to us to aid connecting with the returning spiritual current have NOT come
to save the world from politics or war
to heal the ill
to help with financial crisis
to perform miracles for the fasinated public.

These day to day matters are of the world and belong in the world.

The work these precious few do is to help those ready to return to the ocean of stillness, where the wheels of give and take do not turn. They have come simply to help each one connect, each one overpower their mind and each one surpass their worldly passions... and merge back into the Creator of Love, Consciousness and Bliss.

It is a path of Surrender... to stillness... to non-judgement... to non-attachment... to self denial (not the best word - perhaps self control is better)

I plant my flag with this one. Even in the most ackward situations Sant Rajinder Singh is calm, loving and giving.

The first work must be done alone in the labratory of the body and mind. Overcome them... you are neither.

Love another.

Bruce almighty

@ ji - i read your posts about you being initiated early on and close to the family of RS. IF you dont mind, i need some help and info from you, could you please write to me on my email address [email protected]

All of you defending rajinder are wasting your time on this site. These people are devoted to godlessness. You can't change their opinion, spend your energy with likeminded people and ignore this trash talk.

Interesting stuff, but many are missing the point.

A guru is a guide; someone who has gone before and knows the path; a teacher of mystical ways; who also lives in the world; and so, is of the world.

Each person must find their own way and their own guru.

When the student is truly ready for the guru - the guru appears.

There are many gurus and many paths. Every person is on the way home to Heaven/Hell/God/the eternal sound/Anami/whatever you wish to call it. The name given is immaterial - there is only one and that one is LOVE.

Many can tell you about it, but only your Guru can show you it so that you never have any more questions. That is what a Guru is supposed to do - take you to a higher plane.

So many seekers and so much pain in the responses above.

I pray that you all find that which you seek.

Peace and Love to all.

From a Very Thankful, Doubtless, and humble disciple of Sant Darshan Singh Ji Maharaj

Any conversation about Rajinder Singh is a good one.

So it's good if a say that Rajinder Singh is fullashit?

Many are missing the point.
…….Without the grace of True Master nobody can get to the point.
A guru is a guide; someone who has gone before and knows the path; a teacher of mystical ways; who also lives in the world; and so, is of the world, And the Guru is supposed to take you to a higher plane.
…… Guru… It’s like a perfect experienced Pilot who can fly the passengers from one place to another safely.
Each person must find their own way and their own guru.
…..But in modern times the Gurus have made it very easy for the disciples/seekers and out of love and compassion they travel a lot to reach them to show the way to their disciples.
From a Very Thankful, Doubtless, and humble disciple of Sant Darshan Singh Ji Maharaj.
…..This is a clear proof that Sant Darshan Singh ji Maharaj is a True Master. Only Perfect Masters have thankful, doubtless and humble disciples.

Without the grace of True Master nobody can get to the point...A guru is a guide; someone who has gone before and knows the path; a teacher of mystical ways...Guru… It’s like a perfect experienced Pilot who can fly the passengers from one place to another safely...This is a clear proof that Sant Darshan Singh ji Maharaj is a True Master

The most effective deterrent to religiosity is the published expression of a believer.

I just decided to write this because I think is so important that people know how dangerous this sect could be.. I was initiated more than 20 years ago..I just want you to know that this sect is all about demonic possession and black magic..I was a victim. I'm a professional engineer and all i can say is this was the worst experience of my life..RAJINDER SINGH ISN'T GOD!! please people wake up..real wake up!!you are in a serious DANGER!! HOPE THIS PAGE COULD HELP SOMEONE TO REALIZE THE DANGER!!

Sant Rajinder Singh is physical son and successor of Sant Darshan Singh - physical son and successor of Sant Kirpal Singh

Here is a site that provides documented facts that Sant Darshan Singh is False successor of Sant Kirpal Singh
and is not Authentic Supreme Master.

We understand that the truths herein set out could bother some people. We are sorry,
but they must keep in mind that the truth ends up doing good for everybody.

Sant Rajinder Singh is physical son and successor of Sant Darshan Singh - physical son and successor of Sant Kirpal Singh.

Here is a site that provides documented facts that Sant Darshan Singh is False successor of Sant Kirpal Singh.
and is not Authentic Supreme Master.


We understand that the truths herein set out could bother some people. We are sorry,
but they must keep in mind that the truth ends up doing good for everybody.


"As you set out for Ithaka
hope the voyage is a long one,
full of adventure, full of discovery.
Laistrygonians and Cyclops,
angry Poseidon—don’t be afraid of them:
you’ll never find things like that on your way
as long as you keep your thoughts raised high,
as long as a rare excitement
stirs your spirit and your body.
Laistrygonians and Cyclops,
wild Poseidon—you won’t encounter them
unless you bring them along inside your soul,
unless your soul sets them up in front of you.

Hope the voyage is a long one.
May there be many a summer morning when,
with what pleasure, what joy,
you come into harbors seen for the first time;
may you stop at Phoenician trading stations
to buy fine things,
mother of pearl and coral, amber and ebony,
sensual perfume of every kind—
as many sensual perfumes as you can;
and may you visit many Egyptian cities
to gather stores of knowledge from their scholars.

Keep Ithaka always in your mind.
Arriving there is what you are destined for.
But do not hurry the journey at all.
Better if it lasts for years,
so you are old by the time you reach the island,
wealthy with all you have gained on the way,
not expecting Ithaka to make you rich.

Ithaka gave you the marvelous journey.
Without her you would not have set out.
She has nothing left to give you now.

And if you find her poor, Ithaka won’t have fooled you.
Wise as you will have become, so full of experience,
you will have understood by then what these Ithakas mean". -Kavafis

I fully agree with all the warnings AGAINST this evil sect. I was an (inside) member for years myself, and know what i am talking about. i especially agree with the comments of Ji. Thank you for posting them.

I can just say one thing to everyone on here. We are no one to judge anyone, and only the one who has done no wrong can call out on someone for being 'wrong'.

Brian's father passed away, and that is really sad because it's not nice to lose a parent at any stage of life, due to any reason or illness.

But to blame His Holiness Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj for all of that? Not only that, to use such language and come to such judgements? If that wasn't enough, talking and saying all those things about Bawa Ji? And then even mentioning about the fake successor or whatever from the times of Beloved master Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj?

All I can say is that - good luck to all those who decided to use such language and feelings on this blog.

And I am very proud of the ones who talked about the path of Sant Mat.

May we all be Blessed with the Light & Sound of God!

Love you Maharaj Ji.

Anyone who has been "given the experience that this Guru has to offer would just laugh at all of this,I have never had another question since I was put into meditation by his father and went to that place beyond descrioption that makes you realise this world is just a dream...

I'm trying to get in touch with Ji about the allegations made above about Mac Duggal. If Ji or anyone else has more information about possible crimes committed by Mac Duggal and abetted by Rajinder Singh I would appreciate them contacting me. I'm currently investigating this topic and am seeking any additional information.

My email:
[email protected]

The Letter From DARSHAN SINGH to Russell Perkins of September 30, 1974, And the Reply



A letter written by Darshan Singh, the son of Sant Kirpal Singh Ji (1894-1974), in which he makes the claim that he is the spiritual successor to his father in the Sant Mat line of Masters coming down through Jaimal Singh, Sawan Singh and Kirpal Singh.

As usual with things like this we have the opinion of one man which according to the author outways the hundreds of thousands of other people whose experience has been a positive onbe in their lives....I was initiated by his Father Sant DARSHAN Singh Ji and all I need say is that thru his touch I was taken to a world beyond which makes this world seem like a dream! I know for a fact he is the living Christ but thats my experience and as far as Im concerned you can publish a billion negative letters it wont influence me one way or the other!

Cheers and Good Luck on your own Journey!
Rob Lang.......Content as Always!!

Maybe he should try Hare Krsna.
Sadgurunath Maharaj ki jay!

My philosophy teacher followed Surat Shabd Yoga led by Kirpal Singh and he met Kirpal Singh in the year, I think that Kirpal died. Rajinder's grandfather and spiritual influence. I understand the synonym of the Guru and Christ. Actually Christ and Word. Shabd means sound and they teach the yoga of the sound current. There have been splits in the tradition with others laying claim to the title of Guru. Rajinder's father was Darshan Singh who in turn was Kirpal's son however another teacher claimed the power of the Guru was invested in him.I have forgotten who that is but I read of it many years ago. These traditions teach the doctrine of reincarnation which makes them different from Christianity. Both believe in faith. You have to have faith. I have read many books that emphasize belief, that God appears to you in the form of your faith, "according to your faith, be it done unto you." It is most unfortunate about your beloved father. I suppose you would not be prone to believe the master meant in his next life or in the life beyond this one. If you are just looking for a miracle of health and Shri Rajinder could not bestow one upon you then certainly there are numerous other spiritual traditions. You might be interested to learn that Jesus did not do many miracles attributed to him. He did not walk on water. He was not born of a virgin and he did not rise from the gave in body, corporeally. That's interesting isn't it. It says that in a book that calls itself a revelation but others just call bullshit. It's up to you. It's all inside you, that's what one of my teachers tell me, D. R. Butler. I invite you to take a look at his lessons in living in the truth of the present moment. They are online. If you are open to it I will tell you it is all subjective. This universe, God and all are within you. D. R. followed Baba Muktananda and Gurumayi Chidvilasananda, Baba's disciple. There had been much criticism and outright lying about them, so beware, the ego is not the Self but many people confuse it for that.

Three years is not really a long time.

It's hard to believe any American could see these Gurus as Jesus. It takes a lot of work, a lot of devotion, prayer and satsang. You have after all been programmed all your life to worship Jesus. He is the Christmas and the Easter. There was one person in the Bible story that Jesus rejected. He told him to go and sell all that he had if he wanted to follow him. If you did not have the story of his miracles you might call Jesus ordinary. The fellow's name was Matadormous according to the revelation I mentioned previously. He could not give up all that he had for Jesus.
I suppose everyone who has read the Bible knows that story. Who is the key figure of the Bible but Jesus? I have read that the Bible is the best selling book in the world. It beats the Quoran, the Bhagavad Gita and all Buddhist texts. Very well known. How could some Guru compare to him? Of course, Jesus isn't just famous, he is Holy.
In India they have this thing called karma. What can anyone do about karma, they say of Jesus that he bore the karma of those that helped him. Karma works over many lives. My revelation doesn't endorse karma. I guess it is because it doesn't believe Jesus taught the doctrine of reincarnation, but it does speak of Jesus not having the desire for miracles but that spiritual entities attending his ministry caused miracles to happen out of their respect for the Master whom they knew as Creator of the universe. The miracle in Cana is one of those. The revelation I have been speaking of is named The Urantia Book. It is another dimension on this man called Jesus.

If you want to find God or whatever name you call this concept,

A v o i d --- a l l -- d o g m a s --- (o r -- c a t m a s ) -- a t -- a l l -- c o s t.

If you want to enjoy the Esoteric Truths,

HEAL yourself, psychotherapeutically speaking.

Ask to find excellent psychotherapists and be open to the mystery.
The majority of humanity is sick. The shock/ traumas and bad mind programming are the absolute ruler of our species, through the eons.

All this blind devotion, and Indian bullshit are constructed for retards or uncultured 3rd world people, for emotionally immature people. Child-morphism at its best.
Looking for food/ salvation from outside, like a child/ follower.
Coming from a father/ spiritual master. See the analogy?
And this pathological bond stays for a lifetime.. (or many lifetimes I should say ;-) )

Let me tell you a secret. OK?

Gurus, holy fathers, dogmas, systems and religions = Spirituality of first grade.

First grade of what?
First grade of elementary school,ofcourse.

and a little closing poem on the fly:

"If you don't want to see your life pervaded,
have your method, ASAP, upgraded,
and if you want trully to find God,
finally one thing is left to do,

Grow up ! Grow up! Nothing to add! "

PS. Should write a book.

Well, Real guru or fake, but there is a philosophy that if any one worships God, Guru or a fake guru too with a true heart, the true almighty has to come for his rescue too... for he is following something whole heartily in seeking of God, and God has to appear !

A post on manav kendra

Rajinder singh has superpowers . I WAS his disciple. And i have experienced his superpowers. He has not one, but many superpowers. Reason why i’m no longer is disciple cause i had a first hand experience of his superpowers and it was too much for me to handle. So, here’s a list of his powers which each one of you here will agree.
1- Not ‘God’man but ‘Con’man ! - it needs some great skills to fool people over all these years. Or may be, we are too easy to get fooled by this loser rajinder.
2- do super cars count as a superpower too? - it’s okay to buy big cars if you gotta big butt like him, and a whole lot of charity money by your blind followers.
3- Oh yes, marketing is in his blood- just see how his spiritual organisation has evolved into a big fat company of a chain of aashrams, schools, etc..across the globe, with obviously, my cute rajinder being the owner.
4- Rajinder always wins the race against time- no matter how early you make to his ‘sat’sangs..you’re eventually going to get late. If you know what i mean..
5- rajinder loves to color his facial hair, forhead hair, eyebrows etc..And then he preaches about our attachement with this body.
Okay, i’m already feeling too lowlife. I have wasted about a couple of years over rajinder, and now, 5 more minutes. No rajinder, you can’t let me fall for you again.
Not sorry.
P.s. oh rajinder, you bloody coriander.

Why do we even need to follow any "person"? when we do have our holy books with us which can teach us everything. Holy books contain answers to all of our questions then why do we join our hands and pray in front of some "godmen" to give us some sense of inner peace? Just read them thoroughly and find peace through them.
This is just my point of view.

Can someone please explain what's the deal with SOS and sexuality for married couples?

A number of former members commented & made reference to it, but didn't explain.

Believing or not is a subject of choice and experience. But using such abusive overtones, abusive words and language is very shameful act. Those who are using such insulting and objectionable words are intentionally doing this act for money (paid by their organisation) to defame him. No fees is charged in his programs. Simply He teaches Surat Shabd Yog for God realisation. Basically no one had anything to say anything about him. None. So they are using such shameless language. Who is forcing you to go there or believe him. You believe in Christ or Krishna or Muhammad or None, its ur choice or belief. No one is forcing you to do that.

My heart aches to the fact of how immature this conversation was, if we have any opinion on any subject... is this the way normal adults will communicate? I laugh at how immaturely the questions have been put up. Let’s Not forget to first have a little love for each other, that’s the basics of humanity. It’s funny how I’m pretty young, but reading all this makes me feel like In a much better place by the grace of God and Sant Rajinder Singh Ji

All I would say is rather than falling into pointless discussions full of hatred , close your eyes and pray to god with any name you use... and you might get your answers that moment! Rather than spreading the hate try to find some love within, so that you might spread something better than what I have read until now.

As far as the path of science of spirituality is concerned, not everyone is capable of understanding the truth as everyone is on a different stage. This is the reason if you read any comment of our dear brother and sisters from disciples of Sant Rajinder Singh Ji you’ll see how humble they are compared to all other people abusing and sharing their own disturbed thoughts creating nothing but more disturbance. I am proud to say that none of us lost patience but in fact felt pity on how kal plays his role, and how blessed we are to be taken in our dear master’s fold forever- till eternity!

As far as experience is concerned, many including myself have had inner experiences that worldy people cannot have a slight knowledge of until God himself wants us to have.

I genuinely pray for everyone’s wellness and may all the right things flourish for you at the right time. May everyone be forgiven for the hatred and false message that has been spread here, God shall take care! May you be able to see the truth in it’s true light and become more loving, that’s the first step to even think or talk of spirituality (A humble warning).

This is a battle ground of ideas and ignorance.

I don't think God wants peace here. God wants progress. And if it takes a pitched battle, so be it.

As for blind obedience to a teacher and smug self satisfaction of feeling superior to other people, that is for children and dogs. Not adults.

My dear friend,
A thing that you have to understand is the theory of "Karma". It says according to our karmas our Date of Birth and Date of Death is already decided. If On the same day Sant Rajinder Singh Ji would have told you that your dad will leave this world after 3 years than you would have been more tensed than now. Life and death are already fixed and these things can not be changed by anyone.

Hi My Dear friends,
It's really heavy to hear about the loss of the loved one,but judging someone whom you don't know completely is not correct!! Whatever happens, happens for our highest good.
And H.H Sant Rajinder Singh is a Perfect Master helping humanity by spreading Luv & Compassion.
Only those who met Him in person know,How Great He is.My dear friend why don't you come to visit Him at the meditation centre for His glance & Blessings.You will be honoured as our special guest there!!!!!

In God's Luv,

Oh, for Heaven's Sake! Master Rajinder is clearly a very high soul and is also a rare example of a Spiritual Teacher who is understanding and supportive of those of us caught up in a controversial personality scenario. (I think you know what I mean.) What more is needed in life!? Go to work!

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