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March 19, 2012


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I think there are spontaneous perceptions/intuitions that clarify Reality. These intuitions/apperceptions can result in a fundamental and permanent "spiritual" change.

I don't know how or why this occurs or what anyone can do about it. Sometimes this happens at a times of stress, exhuastion, deprivation or transition. Perhaps at these times the cocoon of our conditioning breaks down sufficiently that we see differently.

Hallucinogens can be a fast track to this, but are entirely unpredictable, imo. Might be worth a try.

"One of the strangest delusions of the Western mind is to the effect that a philosophy of profound wisdom is on tap in the East. I have read a great many expositions of it, some by native sages and the rest by Western enthusiasts, but I have found nothing in it save nonsense. It is, fundamentally, a moony transcendentalism almost as absurd as that of Emerson, Alcott and company. It bears no sort of relation to the known facts, and is full of assumptions and hypotheses that every intelligent man must laugh at. In its practical effects it seems to be as lacking in sense and as inimical to human dignity as Methodism, or even Mormonism..."
-- Minority Report, H. L. Mencken's Notebooks [48]

Jim...ooh, "even Mormonism." Waded into modern political territory there. Actually, I don't know why Mencken says "even." To me Mormonism is even more lacking in sense that traditional Christianity, and that's saying a lot.

I agree that many people who are appropriately skeptical of Western religions buy into Eastern philosophies without the same skepticism. I did that myself for many years.

Yesterday my fellow Tai Chi classmates and I had an interesting discussion of "chi/ki" when our instructor was absent because of an illness, and we self-taught the class. My attitude toward chi is that if it exists, it is a subtle natural energy, not something supernatural or transcendent.

Mostly my classmates seemed to agree, but I can tell that some have a more "mystical" understanding of chi. For example, I doubt that it's possible to transmit a seemingly physical force onto someone without touching them, but this is a common belief among some Tai Chi, Kung Fu, and other martial arts practitioners.

re: one of the linked prior articles "The universe is a paper bag turned inside out",

in the comment section, "tucson" disagrees, saying that the universe is a plastic bag.

i have to agree with tucson here. in fact, the universe plastic bag is also alive!! and here's proof:

The Majestic Plastic Bag - A Mockumentary


Hello Brian. I am half way through your book "God's Whisper," which I am enjoying. I thought I would check you out on the web and was surprised! to see the position you hold and that you left the RS movement (I am also "churchless" but was never a member of RS... I grew up in the Jewish practice and became enamoured of Jesus, but mostly to the Quaker; I also really enjoy Sufi, and Khrishnamurti was a strong influece...but so was/is Mel Brooks). But I am responding to this blog post "Mystical experiences. What's the big deal with them?" because although I agree with you about what happens to many and with your assessment of the popular interpretation of "mystical experiences," I was fortunate/cursed/blessed enough to have several which changed my life in an ethical manner..In short I had no "ground" (epistemologically) and when the "Other" reached out and "touched me", my life changed.. As you know the hallmark of Noesis is ethical change..it didn't happen overnight.. it has taken many years.. but the fountain became activated, a heart for righteousness was planted, and a new mind a new sense of my place in the universe (Reality) happened..As a result of these experience I have tried to become a better, kinder person. I wound up changing my very reactive behaviour (still working on it..I was extremely abused and had some neurological problems) and getting actively involved in trying to heal the world through action. You can look me up on the web C.D Mazoff. I acquired a hunger for knowledege and a passion for justice and this resulted in a return to university and teaching and political activism (social justice) and quite a few publications.. Anyways: I will be checking back here.. Maybe one day we can banter at each other. I'm in Victoria BC. Would be nice to see your face.

Honorable sir unable to beat natures Kung flu with vaunted Chi...so sad

Ask any dead person what it is like to be dead. They will always give you the correct answer.

That is the ultimate mystical experience.

"it has taken many years.. but the fountain became activated, a heart for righteousness was planted, and a new mind a new sense of my place in the universe (Reality) happened."

Oh god, testimony.

Self-loathing wears the clothing of self-righteousness.

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