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February 24, 2012


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You realize, of course, that "reasoning and explanations" are pretty much antithetical to Taoism.

Nobodi! What you said isn't true. You need to read this Taoism book. Reasoning, language, speech and such are natural, being aspects of human nature. This is explained well in The Idiots Guide.

To be Taoist do I have share my home with rats, mosquitoes, flies, fleas, wasps, etc.? Can I even have a "home", for that matter? I love nature, but if insisting on the "artificiality" of my pest-free domicile is not flowing with the Tao, Taoism is for homeless, lousy, stinky, offensive "fools" whose insights I might enjoy reading, but whose presence might be too much.

Blogger Brian wrote: "Nature is it. Which makes Taoism highly compatible with modern science."

--Today's science will be superseded by tomorrow's science.

Tao transcends the limitations of structured objective knowing (science). Isn't Tao just Being without a second?

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