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February 01, 2012


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I was feeling a little hung over this morning. But after reading this post, that pulled-down hat has lifted off! Brian, Wishing you plenty of Eudaimonia. What a word!

I suppose that I have no such concerns with respect to happiness. I happen to be one of the most miserable bastards on the planet. I always have been, and will continue to be.

My practice is to keep my misery to myself. There is a time-worn adage that states "misery loves company", but I may be an exception to that particular rule.

Gautama is alleged to have uttered some final words from his deathbed that went something like this: "Monks - work out your salvation with diligence."

Happiness seems to be the most difficult subject to get a grip on. It could be because the word covers too much territory. Is euphoria happiness? Merriment? Eager anticipation? Amusement? Relief? Satisfaction? Is happiness a feeling, a state of mind, a persuasion, a condition?

Feelings change as events unfold, so if the range of change is not too drastic, you could call that "happiness", I suppose, because you're not unduly stressed, never "out of your mind" or "worried sick", or "mad as Hell" or "bored to tears" or...

Happiness, shmappiness. Why does everyone need to be so slap-happy all the time? Life is EVERYTHING. Sometimes happy - sometimes not. And may we all take great care to reach a non-conclusion! Best conclusion of all.

"Best conclusion of all."

Don't be modest.

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