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February 28, 2012


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Churchless one - what can I say?

Of some things, I am utterly certain. But while I lack no evidence whatsoever, it's mine alone, and you must find your own or do without.

There are some things in life that brook no fence-straddling, amigo!

Hey Brians,

I suspect you've watched the ultimate Christian and revolutionary movie parody, Life of Brian, by Monty Python, but I post it here just in case you missed it.



Careful jimbot, the People's Judean Front own the copyrights on those.

"Careful jimbot, the People's Judean Front own the copyrights on those."

Haha, I know, those bastards!

As for "Doubt is good. Certainty is bad.", I disagree.
I wrote about the ego here:


I think that there is a strong connection between ego-certainty and humility-uncertainty, in that the more certain people are, the more egoistic they are, and the more uncertain, the more humble. Therefore what I said about ego, hold for certainty as well.

For example, had Newton not been certain in the scientific method, in that mathematics could describe the physical laws of motion, in that there was a force governing free fall, he would never had discovered gravity and we would still be living in the Dark Ages. But there is more. It is this certainty, this blind faith in science and in himself, that made him uncertain, made him doubt everything, made him produce results.

Speaking of Newton, Newton's Third Law states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The stronger the action, the stronger the reaction. How true. This seems to be the case for materialistic forces of nature, as well as for anything else. And from the autocracy, absolutism and religious dogmatic beliefs of the Dark Ages, Enlightenment was born. Would Enlightenment exist had it not been for the cruelty, the attrocities, the certainty of the Church? I doubt it.

Although certainty led scientists, inventors, philosophers into discovering new knowledge and thus improving life conditions for everyone, this was not always the case. Hitler is an example of a man imbued with certainty. He was certain that Jews were responsible for all world's problems and was determined to exterminate them all. He was certain for other things as well, such as German nationalism, the Aryan race, distrust in capitalism and communism. These certainties resulted in the Second World War. How he managed to convince the german people to follow him is something worth of great attention. In contrast, Che Guevara was yet another example of a "certain" man. He was certain that imperialism was to blame for everything, vowed to destroy it at all costs, decided that the only solution would be "world revolution" and devoted his whole life in bringing about this revolution. Without asking. He wouldn't stop at anything, as he stated, he would fire nuclear missiles towards the US without the slightest hesitation, if he had the chance. He believed that the death and suffering of millions of people were necessary and a small price to pay for world peace. Imperialism was an evil that needed to be rooted out. He had absolute faith in an egalitarian society. However, it is this society that he personally failed to build in Cuba, after the cuban revolution. How angry, how desperate he must have felt then. He set off to organize other revolutions elsewhere. How better was he than Hitler? Why is he so much revered? Why people are so certain that he was 'good'? Were people manipulated to think that way? Does all this have anything to do with religious dogmatic beliefs?

Bottom line: Just be certain to be uncertain, and vice versa.

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