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January 14, 2012


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What enhances sports and science shows disables the suspension of disbelief necessary for fiction...at least for now. I suspect your brain will make the required adjustment though, because the sports and science are no more "real", all of it being television.

This reminds me of the trouble George Lucas has had to endure.You may know he altered or updated the Original 3 movies SW,Empire and Jedi so much so that kids that fell in love his Universe turned against him.Perhaps he altered our escapist fantasies so much we lost them.

Audio files have similiar tastes prefering the warm vacumn tube analog signals of vinyl records and earlier recording technique over anything digital.

The technology is new and still being crafted for look and appearance right now the best eye candy is coming Pixar.But if you want something atmospheric in mood and tone.Tinker taylor might do it for ya...sans the Kung Fu

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