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January 06, 2012


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A "real Christian" never points upward because everyone knows where God lives and only fake Christians think we need to be reminded. How obnoxious! God damn them !

I don't know! "Tebowing" seems to be getting God's favor - they just beat Pittsburgh on the first play in OT!

Forget all the mumbojumbo with the Law of Attraction. "Tebowing" gets better results. Geez, I may give it a try! What the heck!


The Broncos just beat the Steelers. Tebow said: "First and foremost, I want to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ."

Hey....the NFL isn't picky.

Bob, if the Broncos win the Super Bowl, I may give Tebowing a try also. Right after I buy a lottery ticket.

"Bob, if the Broncos win the Super Bowl, I may give Tebowing a try also. Right after I buy a lottery ticket."


Ran across this looking for Tebow persecutor illustrations for my sermon sunday. Apparently few Christians read this, understandably. I thought I would try to educate the unlearned. Christians give praise to God for good things and take personal blame for the bad. Simple. Good things = point in sky. Bad things = point at self. I know this is far too much for the uninitiated ego but I just thought I would help you to understand the humility of true Christianity.

BTW for those of you who don't know, God is in heaven and heaven is above the earth. A quick look at Genesis chapter one and a Hebrew dictionary will help.

Cf. Matthew 6:6 - "But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly." (JKV)

Robert Paul Howard

Pastor, Christian theology confuses me. After reading your comment, I'm even more confused.

So God only is responsible for good things that happen in the world? Huh? What's up with that?

Is God powerless to do bad things? if so, then God isn't omnipotent. And who decides what is good and what is bad? Are humans so wise, so omniscient to be able to determine this? If so, what need is there for the Bible and other holy books, if Tim Tebow, or any other Christian, knows when to point skyward and thank god for a good thing, rather than taking personal responsibility for a bad thing.

When Tim Tebow fumbles the ball, that is a good thing for the opposing team. So shouldn't he point to the sky and thank god for doing something charitable for the other team? The guy who recovers the fumble then would point skyward and thank god, and Tebow would do the same.

That strikes me as the most theologically sound, and also most charitable/Christian thing to do. But it could slow up the game quite a bit, I suppose, since every play involves good and bad things happening. (Is a three yard gain on first down good or bad? Courses in divinity school could be devoted to such questions.)

You said that "good" and "bad" are easy to distinguish. Wow. Your congregation is lucky to have a pastor who has been able to figure out a problem that has eluded the greatest minds (and souls) in history for thousands of years.

When a gay Christian couple gets married in New York, they smile, kiss each other, and look upon their marriage vows as a very good thing. Perhaps you disagree. Perhaps you don't. Regardless, there's a lot of debate about whether gay marriage is good or bad. Should i point to the sky and thank God when I see a gay marriage happening?

Supposedly, you say, "good" and "bad" are easily distinguished. I don't think you're right. Is dying from cancer a bad thing? Is being drowned by a tsunami a bad thing? Why do you expect people to take responsibility for these bad things, and not lay the blame on God? How is a newborn drowned after the ocean rose following the Japanese earthquake responsible for her death?

Your God either is horribly cruel, or non-existent. I choose to believe in the second option.

I don't think Tebow's religious displays are a big deal. Personally, I think he overdoes it, but compared to the behaviour of many pro athletes, i.e. drugs, gambling, dog fighting, poor sportsmanship, trash talking, nightclub brawls, tax evasion, womanizing, bullying, cheating, lying, spouse abuse, etc. at rates higher than the general population... I think Tim Tebow is a better alternative and example to fans, on and off the field, even if it turns out Jesus was just some philosophical dude, God is just a concept, and Tim is just fooling himself.

I don't understand why everyone has such an issue with Tebowing, let me ask you a question, if your walking through the mall and you see a person from the middle east bowing on their knees at their stand because it is their time for worship during the work day, do you get all upset..its not like he is stopping the game to make this big show, its what he does, and yeah, actually he still thanks God when they lose too, if people would stop worrying about such trivial stuff as this, the world might actually start to be a lot better off..however, thank you for your opinion, since we are all entitled to our own.

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