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December 21, 2011


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I have not watched television in about 10 years. Apparently, I have not missed anything.

Willie, you've missed the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. That's something, for sure. Also, The Colbert Report.

So glad you made this the subject of your latest post...I was hoping you would!
I was so sick of all that hypocritical praying and bringing Jesus into everything. These idiots actually believe their God cares about the outcome of a reality TV show!! Sad to think there are so many people out there like this....

speaking of surviving... will we be able to "survive" this???


I think you are being pretty generous with Ozzy. Don't see anything spiritual about him at all. When he was with the tribe (before he got to spend all that time alone free diving with a cameraman and, one supposes, some extra scuba folks for safety of both the Oz and the camera guy) he spent all his time in a hammock with a former beauty queen or sulking because his tribe mates (who, with the exception of Dawn, were a bunch of head cases and mean little Heathers to boot) didn't follow his directions. This tribe of narcissists would never take responsibility for their own demise which was caused by their mistreatment of the weakest member of their tribe—Woody Allen (I mean, Cochrane). I think Coach was making it all up. There was no sign of this intense Christianity on his two previous visits to Survivor. Coach has taken on a different personna in every Survivor appearance. I liked the way the show ended with 22 yr old Sophie beating the great Oz in the final match up and taking the big money home to pay for medical school.

Wanna see some real fireworks?...watch all the LOVE being poured into your food on any network cooking show.All that fight going into making a turd...lol

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