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December 01, 2011


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What is so wonderful, easy and inviting about beleiving that this life is a test and preparation for the next? What is so welcoming about knowing that one will be tested vigourously, that he has to work hard and earnestly for his salvation or else he will be damned for eternity?
I'm sorry to say that compared to this view, it is secularists view, that it's only this life so live it as fully as you can caring only for your happiness, that is the the story that is very good to be true.

Why does God need us to be tested vigorously? Why does God care? What does God get out of all this jumping through hoops? Giggles and grins? If God is kind and merciful why would he not let everyone into heaven so that they can exist in peace for eternity? What does God get out of damning those who fail vigorous tests to eternal damnation? So a person screws up for a few years. Does it make sense that they would be damned for endless trillions of eons writhing in agony and misery? What kind of sadistic God is that? Sounds more like a lunatic human concept to me, designed to control populations for temporal power. Besides, what aspect of us that was tested vigorously would survive bodily death anyway? You're talking crazy shit man, imo.

First, thanks for your reply.
Second, I don't want and didn't mean to get in metaphysical discussions for several reasons not least of which is that reason and common sense have no grasp of the subject. Remember it's called METAphysics for this reason. May be that's a wayof agreeing with Kant on his critique.

I was just pointing to the fact that considering both world views, the secular is the one that is too good to be true in disagreement with the post.

"You're talking crazy shit man, imo."

---tucson, i gotta luv ya. keep up the good stuff

Mohamed, what are you talking about when you say the secular worldview is "the one that is too good to be true"? That doesn't make any sense.

Religions claim that it is possible to live forever, that God loves and looks after us if we worship Him/Her/It, that heaven, paradise, nirvana or whatever exists and we can enjoy its pleasures.

A secular worldview can be, and is, deeply meaningful. But it requires hard work, because the human brain is prone to embrace pleasant stories with happy endings. Reality is much more difficult to grasp than our personal imaginings.

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