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December 23, 2011


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That first photo you posted looks more like a chem-trail, than a vapor-trail... and especially since you said that it was long lasting.

Regular vapor-trails (aka contrails) dissipate relatively rapidly, and they do not widen or spread out or linger for more than five to ten minutes.

Chem-trails, on the other hand, do not dissipate rapidly. chem-trails linger for quite a long time - anywhere from a half-hour to several hours. chem-trails start out thin and narrow, but they gradually grow wider and spread. chem-trails do not evaporate within a few minutes.

The first photo you presented looks very suspiciously like a chem-trail (white, thick and fluffy). I have seen & watched many many hundreds of chem-trails in the skies over California during the past 14 years. I have seen them in all stages of development... from the instant they are sprayed, until hours later when they merge with other chem-trils and blanket the sky.

So have thousands of other people all over the US and a number of other countries. There are also many hundreds of photos of chemtrails (in all stages) available on internet. there is no longer any question or doubt about the existence of chem-trails.

As chem-trails persist and spread-out, they eventually cover large portions of the sky, especially if there are many, which is usually the case.

Vapor-trails (regular contrails) do not persist or widen and spread, they dissipate (evaporate) within minutes.

Again, chem-trails are not regular vapor-trails. they are chemical and other substances being sprayed into the atmosphere.

The US government routinely denied the existence of chem-trails for over 10 years, but they have now finally admitted (within the last couple of years) that they indeed have been spraying chem-trails, supposedly for purposes of weather modification. no doubt that is not the whole story though.

Both barium and aluminium compounds have been found in the chem-tails, as well as other odd substances, such as biological matter and nano-particles. fyi, barium and aluminum are toxic to humans. also, there is some research and evidence that indicates that morgellons disease may be linked to chem-trails.

tAo, conspiracy theories like this one usually aren't true. Just as with God, extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence, and with chemtrails the evidence is lacking. Here's some other views on this subject:


I'm not really interested in this subject, so don't want to get into a debate about it. Just wanted to point out some good reasons not to worry about vapor trails in the sky.

you are wrong, and you are obviously uninformed and in denial.

the government has already officially admitted to the spraying of chem-trails. so your use of the old "conspiracy theory" nonsense just doesn't work in this case.

there is an abundance of hard evidence, and the government has even admitted that chemicals (chem-trails) are indeed being sprayed over large areas of the US and a number of other countries. so please get informed before trying to so foolishly deny what is already an established fact.

and those wikis and some other webpage you gave links for are nothing more than out-of-date or conintelpro bullshit. don't bother giving me any more of that crap, because i have studied this for more than ten years. I have seen all the denial bullshit, and i have seen the mountain of evidence and facts and photos and films... and i have my own eyewitnessing of it too.

i find it terribly blind and ignorant when people (like you) won't even look at the overwhelming mass of solid evidence, not to mention the government's own (fairly recent) admission.

if the government says that they have been and are spraying chem-trails, then you have to be pretty damn stupid to continue denying that chemtrails exist.

i am sorry to see that you can't open your eyes, especially when its no longer any question. your denial must be because you are still uninformed and unwilling to look at the evidence, and you refuse to admit that you were wrong. thats not very intelligent, especially when it comes to toxins the air you breath.

if you are not willing to look at the overwhelming evidence and reality of chem-trails, then i have nothing more to say to you. and under these circumstances, i can no longer remain friends with you. i can't, in good conscience, remain friends with someone who blindly refuses to accept the government's own admission that the spraying of chem-trails (not vapor-trails) is a reality.

there is no debate here. there is nothing to debate. you can "not worry" about it if you like, but for myself, i know better. if you are not intersted in whats in the air you breath, then thats your problem. i have no interest in debating this with you, or with anyone. if anyone wants to know, then the facts are readily available. just open your eyes and look.

chem-trails are real, chem-trails have been (and are still being) sprayed for the past approx 15 years, and the government has now recently finally admitted this.

so i just hope that someday (soon) you will wake up and realize just how wrong you are about chem-trails.


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